What Is ClearCorrect? Reviews, Process & Cost

Braces, usually, are for teenagers. Most people would agree with that.

But many times, adults also need to straighten their teeth. And more often than not, they don’t want unsightly and uncomfortable braces. They don’t want to look like a teenager again.

That’s why ClearCorrect exists.

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ClearCorrect – What Is It?

ClearCorrect offers clear teeth aligners involving no metal, making them nearly invisible, similar to services like SmileDirectClub.

You can choose from three different options: Unlimited, Limited 12, and Limited 6. Unlimited give patients as many aligners as they need to straighten their teeth. Limit 12 gives you 12 sets of aligners, and Limited 6 gives you six aligners. Unlimited is the most expensive while Limited 6 is the most affordable.

With a ClearCorrect treatment, you’ll go through four phases of alignment, each phase involving a new set of clear aligners. Each period lasts three weeks and the you would wear them 24/7 except when eating, drinking, or during oral hygiene care.

When you transition from one step to the next, you should notice results in the alignment of your teeth. You’ll also need to have checkups with your dentist throughout the process to ensure everything is going as planned.

Who Can Use Clear Correct Aligners?

Right now, ClearCorrect is meant for teenagers and adults, although kids who don’t have all of their molars, or senior citizens who have more complicated dental situations could be candidates. In any case, you should consult with your dentist before getting invisible teeth aligners.

Anyone who has the below conditions may be good candidates for ClearCorrect:

Obviously, the length of treatment varies depending on each individual case. But typically, treatment takes between a couple months and a few years. When you meet with your dental professional about your specific plan, they should be able to give you a more precise estimate.

Clear Correct vs. Invisalign

ClearCorrect is very similar to its more famous sibling, Invisalign. They’re both teeth aligners made of clear material that correct your smile over time. However, there are some key differences.

The first difference is that ClearCorrect offers those three different options, which give you an idea of how involved the process will be: Unlimited, Limited 12, and Limited 6.

Another big difference is the cost between the two options, which we’ll discuss in more depth below.

ClearCorrect is slightly more affordable and simpler than Invisalign.

ClearCorrect Reviews

With any dental product, there are those who love ClearCorrect and those who hate it. Although most users are happy with their experience.

“I’m on my last tray and Clear Correct has been a nightmare,” one user says. Although they go onto to talk about the inefficiency of their dentist — this is why it’s so important to select a good dental professional.

On the other end of the spectrum, some folks are very happy with the results.

“Less than a year later,” one person writes, “I’ve got the smile I’ve dreamed about for year.”

Roughly 70% of ClearCorrect users say they’ve had a good experience with the process.

Overall, about seven out of 10 people reported a positive experience using ClearCorrect.

ClearCorrect makes nearly invisible teeth alignment products, for issues ranging from crowded teeth to overbites, to spaces.

ClearCorrect Before And After Pictures

To see ClearCorrect before and after photos, check out video below.

How To Get ClearCorrect Aligners?

The very first thing to do before getting ClearCorrect is to speak with your dentist. They will be able to tell if you need your teeth to be aligned and, if so, if ClearCorrect is right for you.

Once they’ve approved of you getting ClearCorrect, you would simply visit ClearCorrect’s website and hit “Find A Provider.” Then you’ll be prompted to enter your zip code so you can see what ClearCorrect providers are in your area offer.

Then you’ll need to go through an evaluation. If you’re a good candidate for these aligners, the dental professional will take X-rays of your mouth or get impressions of your teeth, then submit a prescription for you.

As for the payment, you would work that out with the professional who submits the prescription. Often, dentists offer monthly payment plans as opposed to making you pay everything up front. Plus, you can ask them to run it through insurance to see if anything is covered, and you can even use your FSA or HSA.

Then finally, you’ll start wearing your clear retainers and follow the plan as instructed until your smile is perfectly where you want it.

First, speak with your dentist about ClearCorrect. Then you can find a provider on ClearCorrect’s website, complete the evaluation, and visit your local provider.

ClearCorrect Cost

ClearCorrect says the total cost of a full alignment treatment ranges from $2,000 to $8,000, but usually it ends up costing between $4,000 and $5,500 (this is before insurance). Compare this with Invisalign or conventional braces, which can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $13,000.

A lot of dental insurance policies will cover orthodontic care, which is the category these clear aligners fall into. So your insurance company may cover some of it up to a lifetime maximum, which is often $1,000 to $3,000. Your dentist and your insurance company should be able to give you more info on this.

ClearCorrect is similar in price to Invisalign, but it can often be cheaper.

Dental Discount Plans

Whether or not your dental insurance helps pay for ClearCorrect, you should consider checking out a dental discount plan. These plans come at an affordable yearly fee and can offer up to 60% off on almost any dental service.

A dental discount plan can help you save money on any dental service, including teeth alignment from ClearCorrect.


ClearCorrect is a reliable option for teeth alignment because you first get approval from your dentist and then get the aligners set by a local dental professional. Even though it can be somewhat expensive, the process ensures your safety and good oral health.

Plus, you can give yourself a more confident smile without wearing braces that make you look like a 14-year-old again.