ClearChoice Dental Implant Center Review: How Does It Work?

When it comes to getting dental implants, it’s difficult to choose whom to go to and what type of implant to get.

Well, ClearChoice thinks they are the clear choice. But why? What makes them stand out from all the other dental implant centers.

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About ClearChoice

Over the last 10 years, ClearChoice has helped tens of thousands of people correct their oral health issues. They’ve given people back their smiles and their lives.

But so have many other dental implant centers. So what’s different about ClearChoice?

ClearChoice All-In-One Center

The cool thing about ClearChoice is that you are assigned to your own personal care team that walks you through every stage of the implant process. And it’s all done in one place, one location with all the doctors, equipment, and appointments.

Not only is this super convenient, but it also build trust between the patient and the dental professionals.

The first thing that happens when you go to a ClearChoice location is a free initial consultation. Before each and every procedure, a team of doctors will make a customized treatment plan personalized for you. You’ll also discuss the cost of the dental implants so you know what to expect.

Once you’re ready to get the implant procedure, you’ll have a pre-procedure exam. This is where you’ll meet with a prosthodontist who will begin the treatment plan by preparing the things you’ll need for the actual procedure. You will also talk with the prosthodontist about your preferred look of your new set of teeth, deciding on the size, shape, and color of what will be your new smile.

Then you’ll schedule your one-day dental implant procedure. This is the day you get your new smile. Dental surgeries — or any type of surgery for that matter — are not comfortable. So the ClearChoice staff will try to make the process as comfortable as they possibly can. You’ll get anesthesia or they’ll put you to sleep.

The teeth you’ll get during this procedure are temporary and you’ll get your custom teeth once the tissues and bone heal.

Following this surgery, you’ll visit the office for post-procedure checkups. During this time, which usually lasts many weeks to several months, your implants will fuse to the bone and the tissue will heal. The checkups are to make sure everything is adapting properly. You’ll get to try on the customized crowns (the part that looks like a real tooth) and have the folks at ClearChoice make adjustments so your new teeth will look great and feel comfortable.

Then finally, after your mouth is completely healed and your implants are stable, you’ll get your custom teeth. This is when they will remove the temporary crowns and replace them with the customized permanent crowns.

Nationwide Network With Great Experience

Thanks to their national network of top-notch, world-class dental professionals — including oral surgeons, prosthodontists, dental assistants, and dental lab technicians — they have impressive collective expertise.

And this experience with dental implants means patients will have much better procedures and longer-lasting implants.

ClearChoice offers dental implants with every associated service and cost happening under one roof with one team of dental professionals. And they have office locations across the country.

Affordable Clear Choice alternative

Clear Choice is the answer if you want implants. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, make sure to check InstaSmile.

InstaSmile is a tooth replacement solution for those who want, as the name suggests, an instant smile. It is a clip-on veneers solution, completely customized to your mouth. It does have to be taken out for cleaning, but covers gaps and stained, chipped, or crooked teeth. The process takes place online. You can receive yours in a few weeks.

ClearChoice vs. Traditional Dental Implant Process

The main difference between ClearChoice’s dental implant process and the traditional way is the idea of “One Team. One Cost. One Location.”

The traditional way to get dental implants looks something like this:

  1. Get a consultation from your dentist
  2. Go to a CT scan facility for pictures of your teeth
  3. The oral surgeon’s office reviews the scans
  4. The oral surgeon’s office and dentist’s office work out a plan for you
  5. A dental lab creates your new teeth
  6. The procedure is done at the oral surgeon’s office
  7. Follow-up appointments are with your dentist

So you end up having several appointments at different locations with different teams of people. And each place — the dentist’s office, CT scan facility, oral surgeon’s office, and the dental lab — all have separate costs for you to pay.

On the flipside, ClearChoice does all of that under one roof where the staff can easily and clearly communicate with each other. You get one bill with no surprise fees. And because you go to one office location for all of the appointments, you do less traveling and have more time in your life.

Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

ClearChoice offers a more convenient and less costly process of getting dental implants versus the traditional process.

ClearChoice Dental Implant Cost

ClearChoice doesn’t say outright what the cost of their services are. But, as we know from our article on the cost of dental implants, one implant can cost between $3,500 and $6,700. Chances are, ClearChoice will charge something in this range.

In order to figure out how much your implants will cost, you’ll need to schedule a free consultation at one of their locations. You can schedule an appointment on their website.

But the good news is that the consultation is free, and they tell you the exact cost — fee in all — upfront before they start the procedure. They make sure each patient fully understands what they’ll be paying.

Financing Options

One thing is for sure — the total cost won’t be friendly to your wallet. So are there any financing options to help bring down the cost?

Fortunately, ClearChoice works with third-party financing companies for healthcare reasons. They offer payment plans to qualifying patients. A member of the team you get if you decide to work with ClearChoice will review the financing options with you. They’ll help you figure out which option could work for you.

Sadly, dental implants are not usually covered by general health or dental insurance.

In general, getting dental implants is expensive, and ClearChoice is no exception. But there are financing options available, like third-party payment plans.

ClearChoice Locations

You might be wondering if ClearChoice has an office in your area. The answer to that is “most likely.”

ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers Near Me

If you check out their Locations page, it will automatically find the nearest office near you depending on the IP address of your computer or phone. Also, they list every office location on this page, so you can find your state, then find a location near you.

They don’t have an office in every state, but they have offices in many of the United States’ biggest cities.

There’s a good chance that a ClearChoice office is located within reasonable traveling distance from you.

ClearChoice Reviews

What do real patients of ClearChoice have to say about their experiences? This is the clearest picture of what it might be like for you if you choose to work with them.

Patients Opinions

Nearly 9 out of 10 patients of ClearChoice were happy with their experience and would recommend it to a friend. That’s a pretty good overall score.

“The Drs and staff were so professional and helped me feel comfortable throughout the whole process,” says one 66-year-old patient. “I have my smile back thanks to those professionals. I wish I could give each one an individual hug to let them know how much I appreciate them.”

As is expected, some patients were not too happy about the price.

“If ClearChoice were to offer me my money back right now, I’d take it as I feel my life can’t handle the disruption this will cause for a long time,” says one patient, adding, “I’m very pleased with how they look!”

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And, hey, you may end up getting a nice discount if you check out any of the options we mentioned under the “Financing Options” section.

Overall, people who have gotten dental implants through ClearChoice have been happy with the results, despite the typical and expected high cost.


  • ClearChoice provides dental implants and does every associated service under one roof with one team of dental professionals. This means all of the appointments are in one location and you get one bill from one party.
  • ClearChoice is generally a more convenient way to get dental implants than the traditional way.
  • In general, dental implants are expensive, and that’s the case with ClearChoice. Fortunately, there are financing options available, including third-party payment plans.
  • You can probably find a ClearChoice office near you or within a reasonable distance.
  • Overall, ClearChoice customers are happy with the end results of their dental implants.