How The Clip Mirror Is Changing The Dental Hygiene Industry?

Whenever an inventor creates something so simple that changes their industry, the rest of us wonder why we didn’t think of it first.

That’s the case with The Clip Mirror. It’s such an obvious idea now that someone invented it, but it was thanks to one person who had the idea and the guts to make it happen.

So let’s dive into this little tool that’s changing the dental hygiene industries.

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What Is Clip Mirror?

The Clip Mirror is built specifically for dental hygienists. It’s a mirror clip that attaches to a saliva ejector (the tube that sucks spit out of the patient’s mouth). And it’s electron-beam welded to a size-5 dental mirror, so it’s a complete unit. And as of recently, it’s available in size-4 too.

The creator of this device is Patricia Blundon, a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) who’s been in this career for more than 25 years.

“…I know how hard it is to juggle an ultrasonic, saliva ejector and mirror,” Blundon says. “I’ve felt the kinks that pop up from contorting to get a clear line of vision when your patient can’t fully recline. Or been too afraid to ask my boss to invest in new equipment.”

After struggling with the inadequate tools she had, she started experiencing chronic pain due to this. She says she always felt like she needed a third hand, so she created the Clip Mirror.

Benefits of Clip Mirror For Dental Hygienists

Here’s a quick list of the benefits of Clip Mirror:

  • Easily snaps on and off of the saliva ejector
  • It’s slip proof so it won’t fall into the patient’s mouth
  • It’s durable and rust-resistant so it should last a long time
  • Helps the hygienist see the mouth better
  • Speeds up the cleaning process
  • Secure the mirror with floss to ensure it doesn’t fall off the ejector

Basically, the Clip Mirror is built to stay put, easy to sterilize, and will not corrode or rust. Because you can continually eject the saliva, it’s easier to keep the mouth dry and have better vision.

Plus, the RDH doesn’t have to juggle three tools between two hands. This speeds up the process of cleaning teeth and it keeps the saliva production at bay. All of these things make the experience safer and faster — good for both the RDH and the patient.

And maybe most importantly, this tool helps the hygienist’s ergonomics.

“As the population ages, dental clinicians may find themselves using a less than ideal posture while craning their necks and contorting their bodies to complete the necessary treatment,” Blundon tells Dental Tribune. “I would encourage dental care providers to try various products to find what works best for them to help maintain proper posture, as we all know dentistry can take a huge toll on one’s body.”

It’s difficult to see a downside to the Clip Mirror for dental hygienists.

Clip Mirror Users Reviews

Fellow dental hygienists seem to love the idea of the Clip Mirror. Most of the RDH’s who buy it are already suffering physically from their day-to-day tasks.

“Dental hygienists have been asking about the Clip Mirror, stating they wish their employers would purchase them for their hygiene tray setups,” Blundon says. “Many have seen the value of the Clip Mirror in increasing their productivity and easing the daily physical stressors of providing dental hygiene treatment.”

The only thing that seems to need improvement is the size of the Clip Mirror.

“I have received some feedback requesting a smaller mirror size for use with patients with a narrow or smaller arch and will be introducing the Clip Mirror MINI in the near future,” Blundon says.

So if you’re a dental hygienist, the Clip Mirror is worth looking into, even if your employer won’t pay for it.

Buy Clip Mirror

If you’re looking to buy the Clip Mirror, you can visit the Dental Hygiene Essentials website or go directly to one of their distributors. They work with Dental Brands and Benco Dental.

This small but super helpful tool is only about $50. But, honestly, the fact that it will make your job easier, more efficient, and healthier for you is priceless.


Blundon has changed the way dental hygienists do their job, all thanks to a little mirror. It’s such a simple yet ingenious idea.

The Clip Mirror is built to last a long time, making RDH’s jobs easier on their bodies and more efficient. This little tool will help a lot of people succeed in their careers.

And, for the most part, it’s hard to find a problem with it. The Clip Mirror has a bright future ahead.

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