DenSureFit Review: Should you buy it?

DenSureFit calls itself “an amazing breakthrough for denture wearers.” But is that true? And what exactly is a DenSureFit?

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DenSureFit – What Is It?

Basically, DenSureFit is an alternative to denture adhesive. It’s actually a whole reline kit with a soft, flexible silicone material.

It’s a temporary soft denture reline kit that’s supposed to replace denture adhesive altogether. So if your dentures are not fitting properly or are uncomfortable, you can use DenSureFit as a temporary fix until you can meet with your dentist.

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DenSureFit vs. Denture Adhesive

How does DenSureFit measure up to your typical denture adhesive?

Many denture users complain of bad tasting adhesives that continually drip down their throats. DenSureFit uses a tasteless and odorless.

With most adhesives, you have to scrape them off before applying a new layer. DenSureFit requires no scraping, only easy peeling of the adhesive when necessary.

Some denture adhesives don’t do a good job of making the dentures stick to the roof of the mouth, which is their whole purpose. But DenSureFit is supposed to last up to three months.

The naturally colored silicone used in DenSureFit is apparently gentle and comfortable on your gums, thanks in part to the suction effect of the upper denture.

DenSureFit vs. Other Denture Reliners

DenSureFit uses the same type of silicone that a dentist would use on a permanent denture reline. And it contains no thermo-chemical heat reaction, meaning there won’t be a burning sensation as with other denture reliners.

One thing to keep in mind is that DenSureFit is not meant to replace a denture reline from your dentist — the company states this on their website. It’s meant to be a temporary fix to replace denture adhesives.
If you were to use it long-term, DenSureFit says it could lead to bone loss, irritation, sores, and other issues.

So even though it’s called a “denture reline kit,” it’s really a denture adhesive kit meant to be used on a temporary basis.

DenSureFit is a reline kit that is also an alternative to denture adhesive.

How Does DenSureFit Work?

The process to order and begin using a DenSureFit product is much more convenient that visiting your office, even though it’s only a temporary reline.

DenSureFit Application

When you get your DenSureFit Reline Kit, the first step you’ll take is applying the primer to the base of the denture. Allow the primer to dry and evaporate for at least one minute.

Then you’ll apply the custom-made soft, flexible silicone on top of that, the primer acting as a glue between the silicone and the base. As the silicone binds to the base, place the denture in your mouth, allowing it to impress upon your gums. This is what created the suctioning.

This suctioning helps fill in voids where swelling decreases, bone loss happens, and soft tissues lesson.

DenSureFit For Lower Dentures

DenSureFit strongly recommends that you get your upper denture to fit perfectly before you reline your lower denture. If the upper denture is not completely stable, it will mess up the bite of your lower denture. Likewise, don’t reline both the upper and the lower at the same time.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to relining your bottom denture:

  1. Make sure the denture is clean and dry
  2. Add primer to your denture, following the instructions included with the kit
  3. Apply one applicator of silicone on the inside of the denture
  4. Immediately place the denture into your mouth – do not bite down or press on it
  5. Looking in the mirror, make sure the two front teeth of the lower denture line up with the two front teeth of the upper denture
  6. Once everything is aligned, gently bring your upper and lower dentures together in your regular biting position – make sure the biting position is even and comfortable
  7. Stop – look in the mirror again to ensure everything is in its rightful place
  8. Then relax your jaw and stay still for 4 minutes – this allows the silicone to cure

After all of this, what if your lower denture is still not quite snug enough? Then you will need to follow the Snug-Up Application instructions.

Snug-Up Application process:

  1. Apply the primer to any visible bare spots on the top and front ridge of the denture
  2. Do not prime on top of the silicone, only on bare spots of the acrylic
  3. Place a line of silicone along the inside wall on the top and the rest of the silicon around the middle wall
  4. Set the denture the same way you did in the original instructions and let sit for four minutes

How Long Does DenSureFit Last?

One denture reline is meant to last three months. It’s not a guarantee, but most relines should last about that long.

Keep in mind, this is a temporary reline until your dentist can do a permanent reline, so three months should be sufficient.

Following the instructions that come with it, a DenSureFit kit will guide you through how to reline your top (and sometimes lower) dentures. And typically, the reline will last about three months.

DenSureFit Reviews

Overall, DenSureFit has above average reviews, so not every use had a perfect experience.

One reviewer said their wife’s upper DenSureFit reline “works very well” but “not so well for her lower dentures.”

“They leave a residue on the roof of her mouth that take some scrubbing with a washcloth and water,” the user continued. “Overall a decent product the one could try to see if will work for them.”

Another customer said, “It fit good at first then peeled out after one weeks wear. Too costly for me to use it.”

However, DenSureFit displays a number of positive reviews and anecdotes on their website that you may want to check out.

Many customers are happy with their DenSureFit, although many of them are not. Keep in mind, this is meant to be a temporary fix until you’re able to visit your dentist.

Where Can I Buy DenSureFit?

On the front page of DenSureFit’s website, there’s a big red button at the top-right corner that says “Order DenSureFit Now.” DenSureFit also sells its products on Amazon, for those who prefer to go through a marketplace they know and trust.


DenSureFit is a good option if you need a temporary fix until you can visit your dentist. If you try to use it as a long-term reline, it will let you down. But overall, it’s a very good product.

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