Dental Departures Review: Process & Savings

If you’re considering dental tourism, you should check out Dental Departures.

They promote themselves as a one-stop shop for travel, lodging, travel insurance, and affordable quality dental care for dental tourism.

The idea is a good one, but do they execute well? Does it actually save you money?

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Dental Departures Overview

Dental Departures is basically a dental care marketplace based on the idea of dental tourism. The point of it is to connect customers who need high-quality dental care with trusted dental professionals, all for a smaller price tag than just going to whatever dentist is closest to you.

They find you the most affordable dental care on the planet and then help you with travel and lodging, trying to stay transparent and customer-focused throughout the process.

This startup from Seattle is the brainchild of Paul McTaggart and Aaron Stagl. They heard about a friend who got smacked with a $30,000 dental bill, leading McTaggart to go abroad to get dental care. He ended up spending much less — about $8,000.

“Dentistry has been around since the Romans and now everyone can afford the type of work the 1% get,” McTaggart says. “In the US dentists work 32 hours a week and make $200,000 a year. In Costa Rica, they work the same and make $50k-$70k.”

Here are the most common dental procedures Dental Departures customers get:

  • Dental Implants
  • All-on-Fours
  • Veneers
  • Dentures
  • Crowns
  • Root Canals
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Fillings

Plus, they vet every dental clinic they work with, so you can be sure you’re getting quality care.

So what’s the best country for dental tourism? Well, here are the countries with the most popular clinics among their customers:

Dental Departures is a one-stop shop for those considering dental tourism.

How Does Dental Departures Work?

How does Dental Departures vet the clinics they partner with? How can you be sure you’re going to get quality dental care?

“We have clinics fill out questionnaires,” McTaggart says. “If staff have committed any crimes then they’re out. We visit clinics in all the countries. Every single clinic in Mexico and Thailand has been personally visited by a company representative. Our litmus test is ‘would you send your grandmother or mother here?’”

He also says they have higher-quality photos and more reviews than competitors to Dental Departures. And many of the products the dentists use are the same that United States dentists use but for much less overhead.

They have 17,753 (and counting) high-res photos of the clinics as well as 528 virtual tours.

Some of the main features of Dental Departures include things like 24/7 support and a 92% overall rating from nearly 31,000 patient reviews. You also get free and fast quotes in 21 different currencies and you can book online or by phone.

They also provide add-ons, like travel insurance, financing help, and hotel booking. Basically, if you’re considering dental tourism, Dental Departures is the full package, allowing you to save as much money as possible.

Dental Departures vets every clinic they work with and allow you to view high-res photos and take virtual tours of the dental facilities. They also provide help with booking travel and lodging.

How To Use Dental Departures?

To get a free quote from Dental Departures, you’d simply hit the “Free Quote” button at the top of the homepage. You’ll then enter your basic info, like your name, email address, phone number, your preferred destination, and the treatment you’re looking to get.

dental departures get a free quote screen

You’ll then be taken to a page giving you a confirmation message, saying they will contact you by email or phone.

dental departures confirmation screen

And it’s that simple. You’ll then talk with or email a representative to discuss your personalized quote and your options for where to get the best and most affordable dental care.

You can get a free quote through Dental Departures’ homepage by hitting the “Free Quote” button, which connects you with a customer service agent.

Dental Departures Reviews

All of this sounds great — affordable, super easy, and possibly even enjoyable. But don’t take our word for it. Here are reviews from some of Dental Departures customers.

“Dental Departures worked quickly and efficiently with me, and provided me with the information I requested.” – Joseph

“Fast and efficient service. Chat personnel were friendly and knowledgeable. Chatting was nice and easy. Got what I wanted at the first go! Well done!” – Anonymous customer

“The agent was quick to act and set up the appointment according to my general instructions. But she made a mistake in relaying what I wanted to the office and someone had to call me and clarify.” – Anonymous customer

“They were very prompt and professional when replying to my email enquiry and the booking process was easy and again the staff were helpful. Hoping my dental experience is a great one so far everything has been great.” – Lynda

“My tooth extraction was done really with little or no pain, very pleased with their expert attention and concern for health. Look forward to having additional dental work as needed.” – David

Dental Departures as an overall rating of 92% rating after nearly 31,000 reviews.


  • Dental Departures is a one-stop shop for those considering dental tourism
  • They vet every single clinic they partner with and allow you to view high-res photos and take virtual tours of the dental facilities
  • They provide help with booking travel and lodging, offer travel insurance, and can even offer financial assistance
  • You can get a free quote through the “Free Quote” button on their homepage (this will connect you with a customer service agent by email or phone)
  • They have an overall rating of 92% rating after nearly 31,000 reviews

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  1. Unbelievably ridiculous they would advertise a 10% rebate, tell me it could take 90 days to get what was promised, did another follow up after the 90 days and now they’re telling me it’s going to be another 90 days because they said because they couldn’t convert from US Dollars to Mexican Pesos to determine my rebate. I don’t understand why the receipt showed Pesos but they’re using it as an excuse to not give me my money. Unbelievably false advertisement.

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