Top 2018 Nevada Dental Discount Plans

Searching for a quality dental care in Nevada? Try a dental discount plans.

What Is A Discount Dental Plan?

Discount dental plans are an affordable and easy to use alternative to dental insurance plans. Most dental discount plans in Nevada start as low as $120/year for an individual and $190/year for a family plan.

You can save anywhere from 10 to 60% on wide range of dental procedures, such as: teeth cleaning, crowns, dental bridges, dentures, implants, root canals, tooth extractions, x-rays, and more. Some plans include cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics for aduluts and children.

Join today and start receiving savings right away. No paperwork hassles. No claims. No pre existing condition restrictions.

How Do Discount Plans Differ From Dental Insurance?

Unlike dental “insurance” discount plans have no annual limits. No paperwork hassles, you just print off your membership card and start saving right away.

Dental insurance involves deductibles, coverage caps, annual limits, and even waiting periods before you can get the services you need. There’s a long claim process. There are exclusions. And many services aren’t even covered. Because of this some people use a discount plan in conjunction with existing insurance.

Dentists that participate in the dental plans network are some of the best around. They’re Nevada-certified, fully insured, and member reviewed.

How To Get A Dental Discount Plan In Nevada

Signing up for a dental discount plan in Nevada couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Pick a plan, either family or individual, that fits your dental care needs.
  2. Find an in-network dentist near you.
  3. Get a dental care you deserve and save your money. Just show your membership card at your visit and get the discount right then and there.

You can also call :DentalPlans customer service at 1-844-473-9852 to see which dental plan is right for you.

All dental discount plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just call our customer service for a hassle-free refund.

Start today. Anyone can join — old, young, healthy, and not so healthy. Everybody can save money with a dental discount plan!

Or you can call :DentalPlans customer service at 1-844-473-9852.

Dental Plans FAQs

What is a Nevada Dental Discount Plan?

These plans are geared toward Nevada resident who wants an alternative to dental insurance. Instead of having insurance, you can get big discounts on your dental care at any in-network dental professional.

Where Can I Find An In-network Dentist in Nevada?

It’s easy to find a dentist near you who’s also in our network. Simply use this dentist search tool and put in your zip code. And boom — you have a list of dentists in your area that accept dental discount plans.

When Can I Start Using My Plan?

Usually, you can start using your plan three business days after you’re dong signing up.

How Can I Sign Up For A Nevada Dental Discount Plan?

You can visit the home page of :DentalPlans and enter your zip code to get started. Pick a plan that’s right for you and just go through the signup process.

The dental plans offered have in-network healthcare companies you know and trust, like Aetna, Careington, Cigna, Dentemax, Avia, CVS iSave, Sele-Dent, Solstice, iDental. You can choose from any of the 100,000 dentists in the United States.