A Great Way To Save On Dental Care

Anything related to dental insurance is a headache (or should we say “a toothache”?).

Paperwork. Applications. Denials. Lack of coverage in your area. Super high premiums.

These are problems we’re all concerned about and most of us face. That’s why is such a great alternative to dental insurance. They offer low-cost dental savings plans that can be much more affordable in the long-run than insurance.

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When started in 1999, they had the vision to help people take control of their dental health, which would lead to healthier lives overall. And decades later, they’re still sticking to that idea.

They provide affordable access to dental care from some of the best dental professionals out there. Most of their plans save customers 10-60% on most dental services offered by over 100,000 dentists in the United States. You can choose from more than 30 savings plans, which also include coverage for cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic care.

And the nice thing about is that you apply online, get approved in minutes, and none of the plans have annual limits, restrictions, or paperwork. And you get all this for as low as about $80 per year. started in 1999 with a vision to help people with their dental health, and they continue to do that with innovative online tools and huge savings.

How Does Work? is all online, so how hard can it be?

First, you’d browse the discount plans based on what procedure or service you need and your ZIP code. Using your location, you’ll be able to see the participating dentists in your area and what plans they accept.

Once you’re approved, your plan kicks into action within 72 hours and you can start using it by showing your membership card (which you print out from the website). That’s when you can start saving up to 60% on every dental visit without worry about spending limits.

On top of all this, you can refer a friend and earn multiple months free of charge for each referral.


  • No paperwork
  • Quick approval
  • Savings of up to 60%


  • No provision in Vermont or South Dakota
DentalPlans is easy to join — you do everything online, get approved in minutes, and can start saving up to 60% in a matter of days.

How To Use

Like we said earlier, signing up and using literally couldn’t be easier.

The first step is to enter your ZIP code on the home page. This will find participating dental professionals in your area, allowing you to get work done conveniently close to you.

After putting in your ZIP code, you’ll see a list of plans, their prices, what procedures are covered, and a brief overview. Clicking on a plan gives you even more details.

Once you’ve accessed a plan, you can see the plan at a glance as well as all the details and notes you’ll need in order to feel comfortable choosing one plan over another.

You’ll also get to view a convenient little table that outlines the cost of all the different dental procedures, what they would cost without a dental savings plan, what they would cost with a plan, and the percentage of the savings you’d get while on the plan.

Before choosing a plan, however, you may want to double-check that your dentist accepts the exact plan you’re interested in. Call your dentist or talk to them in-person. It’s best to be 100% sure you can save money and still go to your preferred professional.

All that to say, the signup process is super clear, from coverage to cost to the fine print.

Start by entering your ZIP code on DentalPlans’ homepage, then view plan details and purchase all online. Annual costs, fees, procedures covered, and other details of the plan are clearly presented before you buy. Reviews

This is what you really want to know. What do real people think of DentalPlans? Do actual customers recommend this service to others? Or is just a facade?

Well, as we’ll see below, real people who use DentalPlans love the benefits.

“I bought a plan (Family) yesterday with cash in hand to pay a $2200 bill for 5 extractions,” Ann says. “When we presented our Cigna plus Savings Card the bill got reduced to $1200!! Shocked, Happy and great full.”

“Nice people who care,” says Nancy. “They are helpful in finding dentists that accept the dental plan.

“I just got that a couple of months ago and my husband and I saved about $200,” exclaims Marlies. “It was worth the 189 already. And we are just starting our dental work with this plan.”

So as you can see, customers are happy with the savings they’ve gotten. And it’s safe to say that you will too.

Overall, DentalPlans customers are very happy with the savings they’ve gotten by enrolling in a dental savings plan.