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Book an emergency 24 hour dentist in Mango

Emergen-C Dental offers emergency dental care in Mango, FL. Our team of friendly dentists are available when you need us most; we provide same day appointments for urgent oral health care. We guarantee expert diagnosis and treatment with quality service at an affordable price. Give us a call today to find relief fast.

what is actually an emergency

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is a serious issue that cannot wait for regular dentist's office hours. It includes severe toothache, abscessed tooth, broken, chipped or cracked teeth. Don't delay. Call us today for effective and immediate relief from your dental emergency.

how do i know if it is an emergency situtation

How do you diagnose dental emergencies?

At our emergency dental clinic, we diagnose dental emergencies by conducting a thorough examination and taking X-rays if needed. We also consult with the patient on any symptoms or discomfort they may experience. Our experienced specialists provide care in a safe, comfortable environment to help relieve pain quickly and get you back to good oral health – book your appointment today.

lost or damaged dental crown is an emergency

What are the most common dental problems?

At our clinic, we frequently treat patients with toothaches, abscessed teeth, and broken teeth. We also see patients with lost dental fillings, bleeding tongues, and impacted teeth.

fixing broken tooth with dental implants

How dentists can fix a broken tooth?

A broken tooth can cause extreme discomfort but there's no need to worry, our expert dentists can easily repair it. Our quality treatment will get you back on track quickly. Visit us now and make a lasting change for the better - book your appointment today.

wisdom tooth pain

Can a knocked out tooth heal on its own?

If you have a knocked-out tooth, time is of the essence. First, rinse off the tooth with clean water and then try inserting it back into its socket if possible. If that's not an option, put the tooth in milk or store it in your cheek. You should act quickly to reduce risk of infection and tissue death; contact a 24-hour dental clinic in Mango for further advice soon afterwards.

teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent dental issues

How to prevent dental emergencies?

Brush your teeth twice a day, floss once daily and visit the dentist routinely. Use an antiseptic mouth rinse to reduce plaque buildup and Quit smoking to improve oral health overall. These simple habits are essential for maintaining good dental health and avoiding painful emergencies. See your dentist today.


How long does a toothache last without treatment?

Without treatment, a toothache can last for several days or become chronic. It is best to get professional help as soon as possible to prevent potential complications from an untreated problem.

Why is tooth pain worse at night?

Tooth pain is often worse at night because the body is more relaxed in the evening, which can lead to heightened sensitivity. Additionally, changes in atmospheric pressure due to temperature and weather conditions may cause teeth to become inflamed and intensify your discomfort.

How long can a tooth infection go untreated?

If a tooth infection goes untreated, it can worsen and cause more serious issues. Even if it is mild, the pain and discomfort could last for months or even years. Therefore, it's important to seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent further damage and complications.

Can I leave a broken tooth overnight?

No, I would not advise leaving a broken tooth overnight. It is important to seek dental care as soon as possible in order to prevent any further damage and discomfort.

What happens if you don't remove a decayed tooth?

If a decayed tooth is not removed, it can cause pain and lead to further dental health issues such as infection, abscesses and even damage to other teeth. It may also result in bad breath or difficulty eating due to the pain.
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