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  • Gentle Dental Happy Valley


    17105 SE Sunnyside Rd Ste 144


    OR 97015

  • Definition Dental


    12850 SW Canyon Rd


    OR 97005

  • Carlton Dental


    133 E Main St


    OR 97111

  • Mercedes R. Del Valle, DDS


    388 High St


    OR 97401

  • Gentle Dental Cornell Center


    16155 NW Cornell Rd Ste 450


    OR 97006

  • Hillsboro Dentist Office


    2247 SE Tualatin Valley Hwy


    OR 97123

  • West River Dental LLC


    701 NW Arizona Ave Ste 100


    OR 97701

  • Bright Now! Dental - Beaverton


    4655 SW Griffith Dr Ste 105


    OR 97005

  • Bright Now! Dental - Hillsboro


    7206 NE Cornell Rd


    OR 97124

  • Gentle Dental Gresham Village


    2458 SE Burnside St


    OR 97080


Frequently asked questions

How can I make a same-day appointment with a dentist in Corvallis?

Just like any other visit! Specify when you want to see a dentist in Corvallis, and we will match you with the available specialist. Many of our readers use Authority Dental to book a same-day appointment in a convenient location.

How can I find an emergency dentist in Corvallis who is open now?

You don’t need to call every nearby office while suffering from acute toothache. Simply contact us, and we will help you find an emergency dentist in Corvallis who can see you right away. Our service is available 24/7, so we can assist you at any time.

Are there any emergency dentists available on Saturdays and Sundays in Corvallis?

Dental emergencies happen regardless of the day of the week. Luckily, there are weekend dentists in Corvallis who are ready to help you during those days. Finding a specialist on Saturday is usually not a problem, but it might be a different dentist than you are used to seeing. There are not many dental clinics open on Sunday. However, don’t lose hope—we will help you find a weekend emergency dentist near you.

How can I tell if I have to visit an emergency dentist in Corvallis?

Not all dental emergencies are equally severe. Some problems can safely wait a day or two, while other symptoms should be taken care of as soon as possible. Go to the emergency dentist in Corvallis if you have experienced trauma that made your teeth loose, cracked, chipped, or caused prolonged bleeding in your mouth. Intense pain, abscess, or infections also require prompt dental intervention.

How can I save a knocked-out tooth before visiting the dentist in Corvallis?

If you act quickly, it’s possible to keep the knocked-out tooth alive and reimplant it. Before visiting an emergency dentist in Corvallis, pick up your tooth and rinse it with clean water. Try to place it back in your mouth. Hold only the crown and don’t touch the root. If your gums are swollen or bleeding, don’t put the tooth back in. Instead, keep it moist in milk (not water!) or dedicated substances from a dental first-aid kit.

How can I relieve tooth pain at home while waiting for an appointment with a Corvallis dentist?

If you have to wait before seeing an emergency dentist in Corvallis, try to alleviate tooth pain at home. Apply a cold compress by wrapping a bag of ice in a towel. Another method is holding a peppermint tea bag against the affected tooth. Rinsing your mouth with salt water is a common practice. This will reduce inflammation and cleanse oral wounds. If home remedies are not enough, take an anti-inflammatory painkiller, such as ibuprofen.

What kind of dental problems should be treated immediately by emergency dentists in Corvallis?

When you experience a dental emergency, see a dentist in Corvallis as soon as possible. Some problems should not wait more than 24 hours. Immediately be treated for a knocked-out tooth and soft tissue bleeding that lasts longer than 30 minutes. Make an appointment if you notice signs of advanced infection, such as swelling, inflammation, abscess on your gums, pus, or a fever. Left untreated, these can lead to trouble breathing and be life-threatening.

When can I wait a few days before visiting a Corvallis dentist?

Not all toothaches are emergencies, but this doesn’t mean that you should wait for your next scheduled visit. See a dentist in Corvallis within a couple of days if you experience intense tooth pain as a result of decay or infection. Make an appointment when ill-fitting dentures cause discomfort or inflammation and need relining. Similarly, problems with braces shouldn’t be ignored for too long.

Can emergency dentists in Corvallis extract a tooth?

Yes. Emergency dentists in Corvallis are qualified to perform tooth extractions. If the tooth is severely damaged, an emergency extraction might be the best option to prevent further oral issues.

Are emergency dentists in Corvallis open during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Even when regular dental offices were closed due to the pandemic, there’s always a possibility that you can find an emergency dentist near you. While check-ups and cleanings can wait, bleedings of fractured teeth have to be taken care of right away. Despite the situation, we will help you find a dentist in Corvallis at any time.

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