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Struggling with a dental emergency in Bristol, VA? Look no further. Our team provides professional and prompt service to repair your tooth and get you on the road to recovery. Stop agonizing over your pain – book an appointment today for expert care at its best.

what is actually an emergency

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is a serious and urgent oral health concern that requires immediate attention from a dentist. Examples of such emergencies include toothache and an abscessed, broken, chipped or cracked tooth. Don't ignore the warning signs - contact your dentist now to save yourself from further pain and complications.

how do i know if it is an emergency situtation

How do you diagnose dental problems?

At our dental clinic, we prioritize your health and wellbeing. We will diagnose and treat any emergency using the latest diagnostic technology, providing optimal care for every patient. Our experienced team members are dedicated to giving you the perfect smile in no time. Call us now to book an appointment and experience quality service.

lost or damaged dental crown is an emergency

What are the most common dental problems?

At our clinic, we frequently treat patients with toothaches, abscessed teeth, and broken teeth. We also see patients with lost dental fillings, bleeding tongues, and impacted teeth.

fixing broken tooth with dental implants

Is it worth it to fix a chipped tooth?

At an emergency dental clinic, we can quickly repair chipped teeth with quick and painless tooth bonding. We use composite material to give you back a flawless smile in no time. Call us today for more details on how we can help restore your beautiful smile.

wisdom tooth pain

What to do about a toothache?

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, first take ibuprofen or aspirin to reduce the inflammation and decrease discomfort. Rinse with warm salt water, apply a cold compress to the affected area, and avoid eating anything too hard or crunchy . If these steps do not provide relief after several hours then it is time to contact an emergency dentist in Bristol.

teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent dental issues

What are preventive dental techniques?

Good oral hygiene is the best line of defense against dental emergencies. Brush and floss daily, eat a balanced diet and visit your dentist regularly for checkups and professional cleanings. Get preventive treatments like fluoride methods or sealants to keep teeth healthy. Don't delay in responding to any signs of toothache, sensitivity or swelling. Call us today for more tips on how to prevent future dental problems.


Will my toothache go away on its own?

That depends on the cause of your toothache. Some conditions, like gum disease or a cavity, will not go away without treatment. I suggest scheduling an appointment so we can assess the issue and provide any necessary treatments to alleviate your pain.

Does lying down make a toothache worse?

No, lying down does not make a toothache worse. Generally, the pain is more noticeable with movement and subsides when you are still. I recommend avoiding food and drinks that are too hot or cold to help minimize discomfort.

How do you know when a tooth abscess is serious?

If you have an abscessed tooth it is important to see a dentist and get it treated immediately. Signs of a serious abscess include swelling, fever, difficulty opening your mouth or swallowing, severe toothache or tenderness when touching the area around the abscess.

Should I visit the emergency room for dental emergencies?

Yes, you should visit the emergency room for dental emergencies. Timely treatment is important to prevent further damage or discomfort and a dentist at an urgent care facility can provide relief and advice.

Are cavities dental emergencies?

No, cavities are not considered dental emergencies. Most dentists recommend regular checkups so that cavities can be found early and addressed before they become a bigger issue or cause pain.
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