Emergency root canal treatment in Pleasanton, CA

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Yes, we can perform your emergency root canal treatment today. Call our Pleasanton dentists any time, 24 hours a day, including nights and off-hours.


Banish dental pain immediately

Struggling with intense toothache? Seek our immediate root canal service for fast relief and regain your comfort swiftly.


Preserve your natural tooth

Why lose a tooth when you can save it? Opt for our emergency root canal services, safeguarding your natural tooth and promoting healthier smiles.

They provided immediate care for my severe toothache. The entire root canal was completed in a single visit, as promised, without any discomfort. I am very satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend this dental office.

Lisa, Patient

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Emergency root canal services near me in Pleasanton

Our office in Pleasanton is dedicated to providing timely relief for toothaches by offering same-day appointments for emergency root canal treatment. We believe that dental health is not a luxury but a necessity, which is why we strive to deliver quality care to all our patients. Our mission is to provide efficient and effective dental services while prioritizing the comfort and satisfaction of our patients.

root canal symptoms

Symptoms to watch for

A severe toothache, swelling, and sensitivity to temperature and pressure are all symptoms that you may need an emergency root canal treatment. Other signs might include pain when chewing, an abscess or infection on the gums, or a tooth that is sensitive to hot or cold temperatures even after the sensation has passed. If you experience any of these symptoms, see a dental professional as soon as possible.

root canal process explained

Our painless root canal treatment

A root canal procedure is a treatment for a natural tooth that is infected or decayed. This endodontic procedure involves removing the infected or damaged pulp from the soft tissue inside the tooth. Our Pleasanton emergency dental clinic uses advanced techniques to clean out the canals and fill them with a special material to prevent further infection. Afterwards, a crown is usually placed on top of the tooth to protect it. This procedure is necessary to save the natural tooth, as it is important to maintain the blood vessels and soft tissue surrounding the tooth.

root canal pain in emergency situation

Do root canals hurt?

Care and attention to dental health is contingent with any procedure. A root canal is a gentle dental service, and although discomfort is normal, patients usually feel little pain, as the area is numb. Medication and open communication with the dentist can ease any potential discomfort. Ultimately, root canals contribute to good dental health and shouldn't be feared because they are quick and mostly painless.

how much for a root canal near me

How much is a root canal in Pleasanton?

The cost for emergency root canal therapy in Pleasanton varies depending on the location. The treatment may involve additional fees for materials and anesthesia. Discounts may be available so do not hesitate to ask about them at our office. We strive to provide our patients with affordable and quality treatment.

dental insurance coverage root canals

Dental insurance and payments

Our dental office provides comprehensive dental care, including root canal procedure. We accept most insurance plans from major insurance companies. If you have no insurance, we offer flexible payment options and cash discounts. To determine your benefits, you can check with your insurance plan or contact our office for assistance. We are committed to providing quality dental care and ensuring all of our patients have access to necessary procedures.

dental implants are alternative to root canal treatment

Alternatives to a root canal

When faced with a tooth infection, there are several alternatives to root canal treatment. One option is to extract the infected tooth, which can save the health of the surrounding teeth, but will require additional care such as a dental implant, dental bridge or partial denture to fill the gap. Your dentist may recommend other treatments or medications to address the infection, but ultimately the decision should prioritize the long-term health and natural preservation of your teeth. Each process and alternative has its own benefits and drawbacks, and should be discussed thoroughly with your dental care provider.


What can happens if you need a root canal and don t get one?

Delaying or avoiding a necessary root canal can lead to an abscess, further decay, spread of infection, and potentially result in tooth loss or serious health complications.

Which is better, tooth extraction or root canal?

It's difficult to determine which is better, tooth extraction or root canal, as it ultimately depends on the individual case and the dentist's recommendation. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but it's important to prioritize saving natural teeth whenever possible.

Can you eat after a root canal?

It is generally recommended to wait until the anesthesia wears off before eating following a root canal. You should avoid chewing on the treated tooth until it's had a chance to fully heal. Soft foods and liquids are better choices immediately following the procedure.

Why is root canal done in 2 stages?

Root canal is done in 2 stages because the first stage involves removing the infected or inflamed pulp from the tooth, which is then filled with medication for a few days to eliminate any remaining bacteria. The second stage involves filling the tooth with a permanent material to prevent further infection.

What happens if you wait too long for a root canal?

If you wait too long for a root canal, the infection can spread to the bone, causing more pain and swelling. The tooth may need extraction, and the infection could spread to other teeth or the bloodstream, causing further health issues.

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