Emergency root canal treatment in Union City, CA

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Yes, we can perform your emergency root canal treatment today. Call our Union City dentists any time, 24 hours a day, including nights and off-hours.


Banish dental pain immediately

Struggling with intense toothache? Seek our immediate root canal service for fast relief and regain your comfort swiftly.


Keep your original tooth

Why lose a tooth when you can save it? Opt for our emergency root canal services, safeguarding your natural tooth and promoting healthier smiles.

They provided immediate care for my severe toothache. The entire root canal was completed in a single visit, as promised, without any discomfort. I am very satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend this dental office.

Lisa, Patient

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Emergency root canal services near me in Union City

At our dental office in Union City, we understand the discomfort and pain that a toothache can cause and the importance of addressing it promptly. Our mission is to provide our patients with the highest quality emergency root canal treatment, that is both efficient and effective, by offering same-day appointments. We aim to relieve our patient's pain and discomfort, and improve their overall dental health.

root canal symptoms

Symptoms to watch for

Signs that may require an emergency root canal treatment include severe toothache, swelling, and infection. Other symptoms may include tooth sensitivity when exposed to cold or hot temperatures, as well as pressure or pain while chewing. Additionally, pain may be felt in the gums surrounding the affected tooth. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to seek immediate dental care to prevent further complications.

root canal process explained

What is a root canal procedure?

A root canal procedure involves the removal of the infected or damaged soft tissue found inside a natural tooth, called the pulp. It is a delicate endodontic procedure to save a natural tooth from extraction. Our Union City emergency dental clinic use local anesthesia to avoid pain. After the infected tissue is removed, the tooth is filled and a crown is placed on top to protect the tooth from future damage. This procedure is necessary to prevent further infection and damage to the blood vessels and surrounding soft tissue.

root canal pain in emergency situation

Does a root canal hurt?

Root canal is a dental procedure that aims to alleviate pain and save a tooth from further damage. While the treatment itself is painless, the patient may feel discomfort or sensitivity, particularly during the healing process. Dentists provide gentle care, numbing the area and administering medication to manage pain. Maintaining good dental health with regular dental services can prevent the need for a root canal.

how much for a root canal near me

How much is a root canal in Union City?

The cost of an emergency root canal therapy in Union City may vary based on the treatment and other factors. You can ask our office about our pricing for root canal treatments. We offer discounts on select treatments. Please note that the cost may differ based on the location of our office.

dental insurance coverage root canals

Dental insurance and payments

Looking for dental care that fits your budget? Our dental office offers competitive pricing for root canal procedure, available for patients with or without insurance. We work with many insurance companies to make sure you receive the benefits you deserve. Don’t have insurance? No problem. We offer flexible payment options, including cash, to make your procedure affordable. Check with us to discuss your insurance plan and benefit options.

dental implants are alternative to root canal treatment

Alternatives to root canal treatment

There are several alternatives to root canal treatment that can save a tooth from extraction. If there is an infection, antibiotics or other medications may be recommended. A dental implant, a dental bridge, or a partial denture are all options for replacing a missing tooth. However, it's important to consider the long-term care and health of the natural tooth before choosing a treatment process. Ultimately, the best recommendation will depend on the individual's specific situation and needs.


What can happens if you need a root canal and don t get one?

If you need a root canal and don't get one, your tooth may become infected and painful. Eventually, the infection can spread to other teeth or even to your bloodstream, leading to serious health problems.

Is a root canal worse than a filling?

Both root canals and fillings have their own level of discomfort. Root canals have a longer procedure time and a reputation for being more painful, but with modern anesthesia, both procedures are now done with little to no discomfort.

Do I need a dental crown after a root canal?

Yes, you typically need a dental crown after a root canal. The crown protects the weakened tooth, restores its shape, and improves its aesthetics. Without a crown, the tooth may crack or break and require further treatment.

Why is root canal done in 2 stages?

A root canal is usually done in two stages in order to make sure that all the bacteria and infected tissue have been removed from the tooth, which is necessary to avoid re-infection and any complications that may result from incomplete treatment.

At what point is it too late for a root canal?

If a tooth has extensive decay or damage to the point where there is not enough healthy tooth structure remaining to support a root canal procedure, it may be too late for treatment and extraction may be necessary.

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