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Yes, we can perform your emergency root canal treatment today. Call our Golden dentists any time, 24 hours a day, including nights and off-hours.


Say goodbye to severe dental pain

Struggling with intense toothache? Seek our immediate root canal service for fast relief and regain your comfort swiftly.


Preserve your natural tooth

Say no to extraction. Our emergency root canal service ensures the preservation of your natural tooth, enhancing your oral health and maintaining your confident smile.

They provided immediate care for my severe toothache. The entire root canal was completed in a single visit, as promised, without any discomfort. I am very satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend this dental office.

Lisa, Patient

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Emergency root canal services near me in Golden

At our Golden dental office, we believe that no one should suffer from a toothache. That's why we prioritize emergency root canal treatment and same-day appointments. Our mission is to provide fast and effective relief to those in need and ensure that our patients leave our office feeling pain-free and satisfied with our services. We are committed to providing exceptional dental care and improving the oral health of our patients in Golden and beyond.

root canal symptoms

What are the signs that I need a root canal?

Severe toothache, swelling and sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures are potential symptoms that may indicate the need to seek emergency root canal treatment. Other signs include pain when chewing or applying pressure on the tooth, a pimple-like bump on the gum, and the progression of an infection. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to consult with a medical professional for further diagnosis and treatment.

root canal process explained

Root canal treatment step by step

A root canal procedure is an endodontic treatment that involves removing the infected or damaged soft tissue, blood vessels and pulp from the inside of a natural tooth. This procedure is necessary when a patient has an infection or a tooth decay that has reached the pulp, causing pain and discomfort. At Golden emergency dental clinic, the procedure starts by removing the top of the tooth and cleaning the pulp chamber and roots. Then, the tooth is filled with a special material, and a crown may be placed. This ensures the tooth is protected from further infection or damage.

root canal pain in emergency situation

How painful is a root canal?

Root canal procedures are an important aspect of dental health care that doesn't necessarily need to be painful. While patients may experience some discomfort, medication can be administered to relieve pain, and dentists can adopt gentle approaches and ensure patients are numb. With the right dental services and care, a root canal procedure can be a manageable experience for the patient while still addressing any related dental issues.

how much for a root canal near me

How much is a root canal in Golden?

The cost of emergency root canal therapy may vary depending on certain factors such as the severity of the treatment needed, the location of our office, and any applicable discounts. It is best to ask about the pricing and costs of this treatment at our office.

dental insurance coverage root canals

Dental insurance and financing

Wondering if your dental insurance covers root canal procedure? Our dental office works with different insurance companies and plans to provide affordable dental care to our patients. If you don't have insurance, we offer cash and flexible payment options to help you get the procedure you need. Check with us to see if your benefits cover the procedure or explore our payment options.

dental implants are alternative to root canal treatment

Root canal alternative treatments

If you want to save a tooth infected or damaged, root canal treatment is the recommended treatment to preserve the natural tooth. However, if you refuse the process, three alternatives can be considered: extraction, dental implant, or dental bridge. While extraction is the least expensive, it requires further treatment like implants, bridges, or partial dentures which are more costly. Medications can help in managing the infection but not in eliminating it completely. Your best alternative depends on the condition of your tooth and the level of care you want to apply to your oral health.


How long does it take to heal from root canal procedure?

The healing time for root canal procedure varies depending on the complexity of the case and individual factors. In most cases, it takes a few days to a week for the area to fully heal, but it can take several months for the tooth to fully recover. It is important to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your dentist to optimize the healing process.

How painful is a root canal without anesthesia?

A root canal without anesthesia is extremely painful as the procedure involves removing the infected nerve tissue and pulp inside the tooth's root canal.

Do I need a dental crown after a root canal?

Yes, you typically need a dental crown after a root canal as the treated tooth can become weak and prone to fracture without protection. A crown helps restore the tooth's strength and function.

Why is root canal done in 2 stages?

Root canal treatment is done in two stages to allow for proper cleaning and disinfection of the tooth's canal system, which can take time. The first stage involves removing the infected pulp, and the second stage involves filling and sealing the canal to prevent further infection or damage.

Is 2 weeks too long to wait for a root canal?

Two weeks is a considerable amount of time to wait for a root canal as the pain can worsen and the infection can progress, leading to potential complications.

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