Golpa G4 Implants Solution: Procedure, Cost & Reviews

You might have thought, “Boy, I wish they could improve and expedite the All-On-4 dental implant process.” I mean, who hasn’t thought that?

Well, a new procedure called G4 Implants may have the answer to that wish.

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What are G4 Dental Implants?

G4 dental implants are basically All-On-4 implants but with a different name and an apparently lower price tag. The big difference is that G4’s give you permanent implants just hours after the initial surgery, as opposed to the All-On-4 procedure, which requires multiple visits over several months.

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G4 dental implants are meant to help those who have experienced gum disease. Back in the 1990s, Portuguese Dentist Paulo Malo first developed and analyzed the AO4 concept, and Dr. Golpa, the man behind G4 implants, was one of the first dentists in the United States to start using this concept. It involves rehabilitating the mouth with four implants inserted into the jawbone. The prosthesis that these four implants support have 12-14 artificial teeth.

Because Golpa, the company behind G4’s, is serving the patient and not shareholders, they’re able to offer this procedure for an affordable price. And they’re always improving the idea based on what their patients need.

G4 dental implants are essentially an improved version of the All-On-4 implant process that’s also cheaper and more long-lasting.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

If you’ve had gum disease or damage to multiple of your teeth, you may be a candidate for G4 implants. The G4 procedure is for people in dentures or those with failing teeth that require extractions of all remaining teeth.

However, the best way to really know if you can get G4 implants is to visit the “Are You A Candidate?” page on Golpa’s website.

Most people are good candidates for G4’s. However, if you suffer severe heart, lung or brain disease, you may not be able to get these implants.

G4 Implant Cost

Because Golpa places so many G4 dental implants, they get special pricing from their vendors. Plus, all of their offices that perform procedures have an in-house Milling Center and Full Dental Lab. Not using a third party for these services helps them save even more money.

And lastly, this is their specialty. It’s all they do. So because they only offer this service, they can focus on bringing the price down for each patient.

The total cost of the procedure will be:

  • $36,500 for self-pay patients.
  • $13,750 for Medicare patients

Standard Medicare restriction apply. Medicare covers oral surgery medical necessity only. Fill out the form on the contact page to see if a Medicare discount is available for you.

Additional discounts:

  • Seniors (non-Medicare) receive a $1,000 Discount
  • Members of the Military and Veterans receive a $1,000 Discount
  • Cash paying patients (cash, check, credit card) receive a $1,000 Discount

See G4byGolpa costs page for more information about pricing and discounts.

Payment Options

As far as payment options, here are the types they accept:

  • Personal checks (needed two weeks before procedure)
  • Credit card
  • Cashier’s check or official bank check
  • Wire transfer
  • Third party financing ((needed two weeks before procedure)

The G4 Implant Solution procedure can be performed for as low as $36,500 or $450 a month with many Financing terms available; including Zero Interest. Additional discounts may apply to cash Patients.

Golpa G4 Implant Reviews

As Golpa themselves say, “The proof is in the patients!” So let’s take a look at what actual customers think of the G4 dental implants.

Patients Opinions

As far as the results of the G4 dental implants, almost every patient of Dr. Golpa’s is happy. They have a new smile and are glad to show it off.

There were, however, a couple patients who were not happy about the cost. They felt he was too expensive and they didn’t feel cared for.

When Anne heard she had to pay a nonrefundable $500 in order to see Dr. Golpa and for the cost of the CAT scans before knowing if she was eligible for implants, she “balked.”

“Every other reputable implant office [offers] this service including initial CAT scans for free,” she wrote.

Kristine says she was a patient of Dr. Golpa’s for over 10 years. And she started having pain from what she thought was a broken tooth, so she took off work, spent an hour traveling to his office, got X-rays done, and then waited to see Dr. Golpa. But then his assistant came in and said they don’t accept insurance patients and that it would be $1,000 for a porcelain inlay.

“I was beyond upset – the time to tell me this was not when I was sitting in his chair, it should have been when I called to make the [appointment],” she said.

It turned out that the tooth simply needed to be filed down. Another dentist did this for her in about five minutes.

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Before And After Photos & Videos

You can find more before & after photos on Golpa’s Facebook and Pinterest profiles.

For more videos, click here.

All of that being said, if you can afford the procedure, it seems like it’s almost always successful. People with G4’s are generally satisfied with their new teeth.

G4 Implant Solution Procedure

If you decide to go with Golpa’s G4 implants, this is the expected timeframe:

Day 1: Consultation – CT scans, facial scans, x-rays, measurements, tooth shade and shape selection, discussion with doctors.

Day 2: Surgery – Extractions (if necessary), placement of implants. You will be without teeth overnight for the last time in your life. Remember, this is no temporary converted denture. You are receiving a custom-milled, highly aesthetic, hybrid bridge with a one-piece milled titanium bar.

Please note: Consultation and surgery can be performed on the same day if that’s best for you.

Day 3: Delivery of permanent hybrid milled bridges.

How is that possible?

Well, it normally takes 6-12 months for single implants to fully integrate into the bone.

With the G4 Implant Solution, they are able to gain primary stability of the implants, which are held together by a titanium bar. This prevents the micro-movement that can occur with single implants bearing the full chewing force.

The implants will continue to integrate over the next several months, but because of their unique protocols and milling center, you can enjoy the benefits of permanent, fully functioning teeth just hours after surgery.

G4 Aftercare

As far as aftercare is concerned, you’ll want to treat your new prosthesis like your natural teeth. Brush and floss them daily using the electric toothbrush and the prescription rinse the dentist office will provide to you.

After a week of this, begin using a waterpik after each meal. A waterpik is basically a stream of water that also pulsates, both clearing food from between the teeth and massaging the gums. This prevents food, bacteria, and plaque buildup and reaches where floss cannot.

Food will get lodged inside the small space between your bridge and your gums, so it’s important you clean it out with the waterpik. The foods you should and should not eat after surgery will be in the aftercare instructions from your surgeon.

Proper care of the implants is paramount to their success. If you don’t pay attention to the aftercare instructions, it could ruin your whole smile and cause you to waste a lot of money.

Furthermore, you should have a dental professional clean your new teeth every six months, as you would your natural teeth. The dentist should be familiar with All-On-4’s.

But what happens if you get an infection after the procedure? Although it’s rare, it’s possible. If that happens your dentist can get you a prescription. But because Dr. Golpa has done thousands of these procedures and trained thousands of dentists to do the same, postoperative infection is highly unlikely.

Taking care of your new G4 dental implants is crucial to their success. Follow the instructions from Golpa to the letter.

G4 vs. Competitors

This all sounds great, but how to competitors and alternatives stand up to the G4’s?

Golpa Dental Implants vs. All-On-4

G4 implants are essentially an improvement upon the often used All-On-4 implants. While AO4’s are temporary, lasting between six months and two years, G4’s are permanent and long-lasting. With AO4’s, you’ll return to the dentist several times while wearing your temporary bridge, eventually getting a more long-term prosthesis.

G4 vs Snap-In & Traditional Dentures

The biggest difference between G4’s and traditional dentures is the number of implants needed. While G4’s need only four implants, traditional dentures may require up to eight implants, depending on the type needed and the condition of the jawbone.

More implants mean longer surgery, the potential for more pain, a much healthier jawbone, and a higher cost.

As for snap-in dentures, those are not permanent, as the name suggests. They can be snapped out by the dentist, which means they’re not as stable or permanent as G4’s.

When compared to All-On-4 implants, Snap-Ins, and traditional dentures, G4 implants are typically longer-lasting, more affordable, and are a little less intrusive.


  • A Golpa patient named Jarrett loved his experience so much that he’s now a G4 ambassador. And you can talk to him! All you have to do is schedule a phone call here and you ask Jarrett anything about the G4 procedure.
  • G4 dental implants are essentially an improved version of All-On-4 implants
  • Most people are good candidates for G4 implants and anyone can take the their “Are You A Candidate?” survey
  • You get your permanent bridges in 24 hours
  • Postoperative care of the implants is crucial to their success
  • G4’s are usually more long-term and more affordable than All-On-4 implants, Snap-Ins, and traditional dentures
  • G4 implants usually cost $36,500 or more for your full mouth
  • Generally speaking, G4 implants are usually very successful

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