What Is INSTAsmile? Types, Procedure, Cost & Users Reviews

If you’re in need of veneers but don’t want to go through the invasive surgery, INSTAsmile is a good option to consider.

But can something that seems so quick and easy be too good to be true?

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INSTAsmile: What Is It?

If you’ve experienced a loss of teeth or oral damage, typically a dentist would recommend a veneer. A veneer involves a surgery where the dental professional grinds down the affected teeth in order to fit the artificial prosthesis in your mouth. These permanent fixtures can cost thousands of dollars.

That’s why INSTAsmile might be an option you would want to consider. These are custom-made clip-on veneers that attach to your natural teeth. So there’s no annoying surgery or dental adhesives.

The procedure is virtually painless and so is the affordable cost. Also, these are not permanent, meaning you can take them out when needed. Plus, INSTAsmile veneers are made from biocompatible dental grade materials and have no BPAs or Monomers.

Classic vs. Platinum INSTAsmile

If you’re thinking about getting an INSTAsmile veneer, there are two options: the Classic and Platinum versions.

The Classic veneer is meant for wearing occasionally and the Platinum is meant for all-day use. The latter is actually made from a different type of material that makes it more durable and better looking.

INSTAsmile offers snap-on veneers, both for wearing occasionally and for wearing all day.

How Can INSTAsmile Help You?

So besides doing what a standard veneer does, how can an INSTAsmile clip-on prosthesis help you with your oral health?

Make Your Teeth Whiter

By using the easily installed veneers, you can cover up unsightly teeth with beautiful white teeth. This will make you look more attractive and give you a confidence boost.

Straighten Your Teeth

If you’re using an INSTAsmile product, you can cover up crooked teeth with perfectly straight artificial teeth, giving you the smile that everyone wants.

Get Rid Of Gaps

These clip-ons can also give you a fuller smile, meaning they can do away with any gaps in your teeth. This will give your mouth a confident and healthy look.

Partial Denture Alternative

Partial dentures often involve some sort of surgery that may involve removing teeth and drilling into the jawbone. However, with INSTAsmile, you simply snap in a veneer that gives you healthy teeth that look great for very little intrusion on your comfort.

INSTAsmile can do many things for your teeth, including teeth whitening, teeth straightening, closing gaps between teeth, and even acting as a partial denture.

INSTAsmile Reviews

The online reviews for INSTAsmile are generally good, usually around three or four stars. We’ve included a balanced collection of reviews below.

“Everything is perfect. Just the impressions are very hard to do. Think everyone should go to your dentist to get help with them. I love mine.” – Teresa

“Takes some getting used to, but there is absolutely no way you can eat in these and feel comfortable. Also feel a bit loose, so will be emailing to see if i can get something done.

I would advise just getting the Top row complete, don’t waste money on the bottoms like i have done.” – Dek

“First of all, I truly love what INSTAsmile gave me. Confidence, self-esteem, loving more of myself, smiling again, talking again. I feel like my old self. Thank you INSTAsmile for giving my social life again. I’ve told my family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues. Thank you again.” – Julie

INSTAsmile Before And After Gallery

For more photos check out INSTAsmile official gallery.

How To Get INSTAsmile Clip-On Veneers

So now you’re probably wondering how to get your teeth on some INSTAsmile clip-on veneers. It’s really a simple process. Click here to get started.

What Does The Whole Procedure Look Like?

The first thing you’ll need to do is to get a smile assessment, which you do online. This assessment will see what product suits your mouth best, and then you can choose from the styles and shades that might fit you.

Once you find your new teeth and place the order online, INSTAsmile will send you a self-impression kit by the next working day. Using the clear instructions in the kit, you’ll take an impression of your natural teeth and return the impression via mail.

After they’ve reviewed the quality of the impression, they’ll scan it using computers to create a veneer to fit you perfectly. From the time they get the impression back from you, it takes about three weeks (but no more than 30 days).

INSTAsmile Cost

There are three packages: instasmile Moment for temporary wear, instasmile Classic for occasional wear, and instasmile Platinum for everyday wear. Here is how much you can expect to pay:

instasmile Momentinstasmile Classicinstasmile Platinum
Single arch: $375Single arch: $500Single arch: $999
Dual arches: $500Dual arches: $799Dual arches: $1499

But there’s good news — INSTAsmile offers payment plans and financing help.

Through a program called Affirm Financing, you can get 0% financing for your INSTAsmile purchase. This means you can essentially get an I.O.U. with no interest charged.

First, you create an Affirm account with your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. This allows them to confirm and protect your identity.

Then you can pick a loan (0-30% APR) that works with your budget — you’ll be able to choose from three-, six, or 12-month options. Once you apply, you will get an instant decision.

For all of the details, you can check out Affirm’s frequently asked questions page.

You’ll probably spend between $375 and $1499 on INSTAsmile, but you can get help financing it.


If you need a veneer but don’t want to spend what the dentist will charge you, INSTAsmile could be a good option. Plus, if you also need corrections or improvements on your teeth, they can help with that too.

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