Does Mobile White Tooth Whitening Really Work?

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to drastically improve your smile. There are many tooth whitening kits on the market, however.

One product that has gotten a lot of press recently is Mobile White. So what makes Mobile White different from the rest?

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What is Mobile White?

Mobile White® – Advanced Teeth Whitening System is a tooth whitening system that combines a dentist grade whitening gel and a portable LED light. Their unique LED light is powered by your cell phone so it can be used anywhere!

When you order, the system includes the LED light with timer, adapters to fit most cellular devices, four 3mL syringes of whitening gel, and a cheek retractor.

Mobile White Tooth Whitening connects to your mobile device for true on-the-go whitening.

How Does Mobile White System Work?

There are many ways to deal with yellow teeth. Some are home remedies and others require a specialized product. We have previously discussed several of these methods here.

Mobile White uses a 25% carbamide peroxide whitening gel and an LED light activator.

To use Mobile White, apply a small amount of whitening gel into the upper and lower tray of the LED light. Then plug the LED light into your cell phone using the appropriate adaptor.

Place the tray into your mouth, gently push it against your front teeth, and bite down. Start the timer by pressing the button on the cord and it will count down for 20 minutes.

A bright blue light should turn on and stay on for the length of treatment. This light activates the bleaching gel and helps it work more effectively.

Once finished, remove the tray and unplug the LED light from your phone. Brush your teeth and rinse the tray to remove any leftover gel.

Connect the LED light to your phone, apply the gel, and start the timer. Mobile White is simple to use!

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Mobile White Treatment

The Mobile White kit comes with four 3mL syringes of gel. Each application should use about 1ml, or a third of a tube divided between top and bottom. That means you should be able to get 12 applications out of the gel that is initially provided.

If the gel is oozing out all over your gums or you are using more than a third of a tube per treatment, you are using too much.

Apply once a day for the first 6 days. Their website states that 6 applications are usually all that is needed to achieve maximum whitening. Results may be seen after just 2-3 treatments, however.

Additional treatments can be done to keep your smile it’s brightest. After the initial whitening treatments, once a week is usually enough to maintain a white smile. Staining habits, like smoking and drinking lots of coffee, tea, or wine, may require you to whiten more frequently.

Keep your smile looking bright with regular touch up treatments.

Mobile White Reviews

Mobile White has positive reviews on several websites. Here are a few examples:

“I love this product! It is very easy to use and it is super convenient to just plug it into your phone. The gel doesn’t have any bad taste and is easily removed by brushing your teeth like normal after. I have been using this product for about a month and will continue to do so.”

“I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Mobile White for the first time and my teeth were whiter. In fact, after one week my teeth improved by nearly five shades and now I just use my kit for maintenance once a month. I joined the refill club and like clockwork, I get my refills every month.”

“I am a smoker and enjoy my morning coffee and wine with dinner. I am so embarrassed that I find myself covering my mouth when I smile. I tried expensive and time-consuming whitening treatments, but they never seemed to last. Mobile White started working for me after my first application and now I am excited to show off my white smile!”

Mobile White has great reviews from multiple websites.

Mobile White pricing

A single Mobile White Kit is available for $79.99 on their website. That includes one LED lighted mouthpiece and enough gel for 12 treatments.

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If you purchase more than one kit, the price goes down. Currently, their website is offering kits at $59.99 each for two units and $53.32 each when you buy three.

$79.99 for one unit with 12 whitening treatments.


  • Mobile White is unique in that their LED mouthpiece is powered by your phone or mobile device. You aren’t connected to a wall outlet or having to hold a heavy battery pack.
  • Their whitening gel contains 25% carbamide peroxide, which is a fairly standard active ingredient. They claim the additional ingredients in their gel guarantee against sensitivity.
  • Mobile White kit is priced around the same as similar products.
  • You can buy Mobile White® – Advanced Teeth Whitening System through their website.
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