13 Reasons Why People Love Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club aligners can straighten your teeth in only a few months for super cheap prices. Don’t believe that? You’re not alone. 

It seems too good to be true, but it actually couldn’t be any truer. Using advanced teledentistry and cutting edge 3D printing, Smile Direct Club can remotely connect you to a trained dentist or orthodontist, which will save you time and money from going to a dental office. 

But we wanted to go a little deeper and see what real people actually thought of Smile Direct Club. And here are the reasons why people leave great reviews for this teeth-straightening method. 

Straight Teeth In Just Six Months

Traditional braces can take years to work. But with Smile Direct Club, you can have a new, straight smile in just six months. 

Make Good Impressions

With Smile Direct Club, you can stay on your living room couch. You get an at-home kit mailed to you, you take your own teeth impressions, and then mail it back. Or simple visit one of their Smile Shops to scan your smile.

Get A 3D Preview

Before you commit to the treatment, you get to see a preview of what your teeth will look like by the end of the process. If you like what you see, Smile Direct Club  will start making your customized, full-mouth set of teeth aligners. 

Customized Smile

Using 3D printers, Smile Direct Club custom makes your teeth aligners, meaning you get super high quality for super low prices. 

Work With A Real Dentist or Orthodontist

SmileDirectClub’s aligners are offered through a network of over 225 duly licensed dentists and orthodontists. Each SmileDirectClub customer is assigned a dentist or orthodontist who is licensed where they live.

Smile Direct Club will create your individualized smile plan, ship your aligners, and remotely follow your progress all the way through the end of your smile journey.

Your assigned dentist will oversee your new smile, and you can reach out to him at any time by phone or through your online account.

Nearly Invisible Aligners

It’s impossible to make completely invisible aligners, but Smile Direct Club’s are as close as you can get. So you can be wearing them while hanging out with friends and they may not even notice.

Save Thousands Of Dollars

Smile Direct Club is thousands of dollars cheaper than traditional clear aligners, which can cost up to $8,000. SDC, on the other hand, charges just $1,895 for the whole treatment. 


These aligners pop in and out with ease, which is convenient for when you need to eat, drink, or brush your teeth. And they won’t cut your lips like traditional metal braces tend to.

Pay As You Go

Smile Direct Club has a bunch of different financing options and payment plans, so you could end up paying as little as $85 per month for two years. 

Oh Yeah — They Also Whiten

With each new level of your Smile Direct Club treatment, you get a bright on™ premium teeth whitener. At the final step, you will have not only straight but also pearly white teeth!

Customer Service Is Top-Notch

Customer service can make or break your experience with a company, and Smile Direct Club’s customer service will definitely make your experience smoother. The support team is ready to help seven days a week. 

Affordable Retainers To Keep Your Smile

After your treatment is over, you can buy a set of retainers for $99. These will help keep your new beautiful smile in place over the years. 

Feel Free To Start For Free

To get started check first if you’re a good candidate. Next, visit one of Smile Shops to get a free scan of your teeth. You can also choose to do your impressions on your own with an easy at-home starter kit.

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