Smile Love Review: Inexpensive, but high-quality teeth aligner

There’s always the new guy. People don’t always trust the new guy, but sometimes those people have a wrong instinct. And in the world of clear aligners, Smilelove is the new guy.

Can we trust him? Does he deliver on his promises? Let’s examine this a little closer.

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About Smilelove

Smilelove creates a teeth straightening process that’s “easy and convenient for everyone,” they say on their website.

They basically make invisible aligners that are sent right to your house. They send you custom-fit aligners that are increasingly the shape in which you want your teeth.

This idea is similar to SmileDirectClub or Candid teeth aligners.

How Does Smilelove Straighten Teeth?

Smilelove has pretty much the same format as other companies that offer clear teeth aligners.

You fill out a survey to see if clear aligners are for you, then the company sends you an impression kit, and then you get your aligners.

Let’s break down the process.

First, you complete the questionnaire on Smilelove’s website. It will ask you questions like:

  • Are you 15 or older?
  • Have all of your baby teeth fallen out?
  • For you to love your smile, how much teeth movement is required?
  • Have you worn braces in the past?

Then they’ll ask you to upload a picture of your teeth. They then email you the results and, if approved, you can order your impression kit.

Once you get the impression kit, simply follow the included instructions. The point is to get an accurate mold of your teeth for the dental professionals to examine and then use to create custom-fit aligners.

After you send the impression back and the orthodontist(s) give you the go-ahead to get aligners, then you can place your first order of aligners. And they’ll ship it right to your door.

After the whole process is complete and you have straight teeth, you’ll need to order some retainers. It’s typical to wear these even after getting traditional braces — it’s meant to keep your smile right wear it is. Without anything holding your teeth in place, they could shift back to where they were.

Fortunately, Smilelove will give you your first retainer free.

Like other clear aligner companies, Smilelove does everything by mail. You take impressions of your teeth at home, mail them back, and soon get custom-fit clear aligners.

Smilelove Reviews

Before you buy a product or service, it’s always helpful to hear from real people who actually used it.

That’s why we’ve collected a number of reviews across the spectrum to give you an idea of what people think. Most of the user reviews we found were 4 and 5 stars (our of 5), but there were a handful of 1-, 2-, and 3-star reviews.

“It’s amazing. Super fast, easy, and affordable. Thanks smile love for making my smile beautiful again.” – Bradley

“I’m halfway through my aligners already and everything has been surprisingly simple and quick. Would recommend.” – Amanda

“Plenty of communication but too much of it is automated and doesn’t make any sense, sometimes creating confusion.” – Thomas

Now let’s take a look at some general pros and cons of getting Smilelove.


  • More affordable pricing than most other clear aligner companies
  • Free retainers with the purchase of the aligners
  • Comes with a complementary whitening kit
  • A typical treatment takes about 30 weeks (7-8 months)


  • Smilelove is new and unproven
  • Available in the United States only
Overall, the reviews are mostly positive. But keep in mind, every patient is different and it may not be the best fit for every person.

How To Get Smilelove?

To get Smilelove, simply go to their website and hit “Start Here” to complete the survey. Once you get the email saying you can order your impression kit, you’ll be on your way to a straighter smile!

Smilelove Cost

When considering the cost, let’s look at Smilelove vs. competitors.

The overall cost of Smilelove is $1,420, which is much lower than other clear aligner companies. Compare that to SmileDirectClub ($1,895), Candid Co ($1,995) and SnapCorrecet (around $2,000). Plus, you get your first post-alignment retainer for free.

Also, Smilelove says if their doctors, after examining your impressions, determine you’re not a good fit, you’ll get a full refund of the $1,420.

Smilelove is the cheapest way to straighten teeth professionally, coming in at a total cost of $1,420.