SnapCorrect Review: Straighten Your Teeth With Invisible Aligners

Everybody wants straight teeth. It’s just a fact.

Having straight teeth is not only a healthy option for your oral care, but it can be a great decision for your overall health — mental, emotional, physical. When you have straight teeth and a healthy mouth, you have confidence, which can affect every other aspect of your life.

This is why SnapCorrect teeth aligners may be a good option for you.

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SnapCorrect: What Is It?

SnapCorrect offers clear plastic teeth aligners that can helps uncrowd your teeth, close spaces, and much more (it’s the same idea as services like SmileDirectClub). Using some of the latest technology, SnapCorrect removable aligners are built to be as much comfortable as possible.

You might be wondering: ‘How do SnapCorrect aligners work?’.

The basic idea behind SnapCorrect is that you get custom-made plastic aligners that gradually shift your teeth into the desired position. Usually, you’ll wear them for a few weeks before moving onto the next size of aligners, which shift your teeth even further.

Who Is A Good Candidate For SnapCorrect?

According to the company, if you have “minor or medium malocclusion”, you could be a could candidate. This basically means if you have any of these conditions, SnapCorrect may be a good option for you:

For those with severe crowding, bone structure issues, or oral diseases, you probably’ can’t get these clear aligners.

Basically, if your teeth are not straight or have gaps, or if you have an over- or underbite, you’re a candidate for SnapCorrect.

SnapCorrect Reviews

Roughly 75% of SnapCorrect users who reviewed their experience reported a positive experience. This seems to be better overall rate than its competitors.

“I definitely recommend this company!” one user writes.

“After trying to get clear braces from smile direct club and giving up after a few months and no start date, I switched to snap correct,” another person says. “…Totally worth minor inconveniences for the results and price.”

Obviously, not every user has a good experience or a successful treatment, but that is expected. However, SnapCorrect seems to be a great choice for most people who chose it.

Most SnapCorrect users are happy with their experience and the end results.

SnapCorrect: How Does It Work?

After speaking with and getting approval from your dentist, you’ll go through an assessment, where you’ll answer some basic questions about your teeth and your goal for your smile.

Then SnapCorrect will send you an impression kit that you would use to make an impression of your teeth at home. Then mail back the impression and get the process going. After this, you’d upload photos of your smile so the folks at SnapCorrect can examine your teeth.

Once your teeth have been reviewed, SnapCorrect may ask for some additional info to help them customize your plan as much as possible. Typically, this involves filling out an Oral Health Questionnaire.

And once everything is planned out and good to go, you’ll start your treatment. You’ll get your first set of aligners and start wearing them as directed. Every two to four weeks, you’ll get a new pair of aligners, depending on the specific plan for your teeth.

Overall, treatments usually take an average of 9 months, ranging between 3-18 months, although it’s very rare for a treatment to last 18 months. After this, you would continue wearing your retainer at night to maintain your new smile. And they guarantee the results.

SnapCorrect Pricing

The total cost of using SnapCorrect will end up costing around $1,800. The impression kit costs just $49, the first post-treatment retainer set is free and $95 thereafter, while the actual treatment costs over $1,749.

They do accept payment via HSA, FSA, and dental insurance, if your policy covers a portion of it. Many dental insurance policies cover orthodontic care, so these aligners may be covered. You’ll need to contact your insurance company for the specific coverage for your case.

After getting approval from your dentist, SnapCorrect will send you an impression kit that you’ll complete and mail back. Then once you get your teeth aligners, the treatment can take about 9 months.

Differences Between SnapCorrect And Other Invisible Aligners

You may have heard of similar options, like Invisalign, SmileDirectClub, ClearCorrect or Candid Co. All of these companies offer products that essentially do the same thing: correct your smile with invisible teeth aligners.

But one of the things that makes SnapCorrect stand out among the crowd is how clear they actually are. The other companies boast nearly invisible retainers, but SnapCorrect seems to have the most clear retainers on the market.

SnapCorrect are known as the clearest clear teeth aligners on the market.


SnapCorrect seems like one of the better options on the market when it comes to invisible teeth aligners. It’s safe because your dentist needs to sign off on it. And it’s convenient because everything is done online and through the mail.