Solstice Plus Plan One

Dental care should be affordable for anyone. And now it is. With Solstice Plus Plan One you will automatically pay a lot less anytime you visit a dentist.


How a Solstice Plus Plan One works

dental patient card

The plan

Choose the type of dental services you need, put in your ZIP code, choose between a family or individual plan, and click “Find My Plan.” Then you can look through all the plans available in your area and pick the one that’s right for you.

dentist icon

The dentist

Once you have a plan and your membership card, you can visit any dentist in the network, regardless of your health or pre-existing conditions.

saving money on dentistry

The savings

After you receive dental care, just show your membership card and instantly save money. The office will apply the discount to your bill before you pay. Plus, there’s no paperwork to fill out, no waiting periods, no deductibles to meet, and no limits to reach.

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So how is this different from standard dental insurance?

Dental savings plans and dental insurance plans are very different. Below is a comparison chart showing the main differences:

Dental Savings Plan
There are no deductibles or limits on what you can save.
Most plans are available a few business days after you sign up.
There’s no paperwork involved — everything is done online!
There are no health restrictions (like on pre-existing conditions).
Plans are customized to your dental care needs.
There’s a fixed small annual fee instead of a high monthly premiums.
Dental Insurance
There are almost always spending limits and high deductibles.
Policies can take weeks to establish.
There’s usually lots of paperwork to complete.
There’s usually restrictions on dental services for people with pre-existing conditions.
Many dental procedures are not covered.
There are usually high monthly premiums.

How much you can save with Solstice Plus Plan One

With Solstice Plus Plan One you will enjoy significant discounts for most of dental procedures: preventative dental care, major dental care, specialty treatment and cosmetic services. Here’s an example fee schedule:

DescriptionRegular CostSolstice Cost$ Savings% Savings
Adult Cleaning$129$39$9070%
Child Cleaning$92$32$6065%
Routine Checkup$76$19$5775%
Four Bitewing X-rays$87$26$6170%
Composite (White) Filling Code$207$66$14168%
Crown (porcelain fused to high noble metal)$1,461$589$87260%
Complete Upper Denture$2,118$747$1,37165%
Molar Root Canal$1,415$508$90764%
Extraction (single tooth)$246$67$17973%


Questions & Answers


What is a dental savings plan?

A dental savings plan (aka a dental discount plan) is an alternative to dental insurance. With a discount or savings plan, you would pay an annual fee and, in exchange, get discounts on your dental care, usually between 20% and 60%.
To learn more read Authority Dental review of dental discount plans.

Can I use my dental savings plan with my dental insurance?

Yes, after you reach the annual maximum on your dental insurance policy, you can apply the savings plan discounts. Also, you won’t be able to apply both insurance and a savings plan to the cost of one dental procedure (according to insurance rules).

Your dentist is the best person to talk with for more info on how you can use savings plans and insurance together.

Are there limits to how many times I can get a discount on dental services?

No, there are no limits to how many times you can use your savings plan. You can get a discount with every dental care visit.

Should I file a claim after getting dental care?

No, once you show your membership card, your discount is applied in-office. This means you won’t have to fill out paperwork for a reimburesment like you would with an insurance policy.

Where can I use my dental savings plan?

You can get a discount at any dentist in the network. To see what dental professionals are in the network, you can check out Solstice’s search tool (choose the “Find Dentists” option).

Can I get discounts after going to an out-of-network dentist?

No, you cannot. But it’s easy for your dentist to join your network – they just need to contact :DentalPlans at 1-888-632-5353.

What’s the point of having a fee schedule?

A fee schedule is a list of fees that a dental professional may charge for certain dental services. This fee schedule is mainly to streamline the process of filing for a reimbursement (done by the dentist when you use dental insurance).

Will I be covered if I need more than just a dental cleaning, like dental implants, braces, veneers or other cosmetic procedures?

Yes, possibly. Many savings plans can cover things like dental implants and other special procedures. But to be sure, you can contact :DentalPlans’ Customer Service Department at 888-632-5353.

How do dental professional benefit from participating in these networks?

Dental professionals join dental discount plan networks to attract more patients. They don’t make as much when a patient uses a dental savings plan, but if they can offer services for less, more people will potentially want to go to their office.

Where can I get a coupon code or deals on any special promos?

For Authority Dental readers only, we have a coupon code: AUTH10. Apply this at checkout and you’ll get 10% off and two months free, no matter what plan you choose.

If I’m not happy with my savings plan, can I get my money back?

Yes, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, not including the $20 processing fee. This guarantee applies regardless of the savings plan you’re in.

For more info, you can call :DentalPlans 1-844-473-9852 or read their Refund And Cancellation Policy.

How can I get started with a dental savings plan?

Here’s how get started with a plan:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose your desired dental services
  3. Enter your ZIP code
  4. Choose either a family or individual plan
  5. Compare the plans available in your area and choose the right one for you

You can also calculate how much you’ll save on dental care by checking out this Savings Calculator. It will ask you:

  • Who the plan is for
  • What specific procedures you need
  • Your ZIP code
  • Your email address

Where can I get even more information?

If you have more questions or want help signing up for a plan, you can call :DentalPlans at 888-632-5353.