Supersmile Whitening System Review: Whiter Teeth With No Sensitivity

Supersmile is one of the original cosmetic dental companies, having been around for over 30 years. They offer numerous whitening and oral health products through their website.

They also claim to be the #1 whitening product recommended by cosmetic dentists. So what makes Supersmile so popular? And what sets them apart from the others?

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About Supersmile

Supersmile was created in 1987 by Dr. Irwin Smigel, who is often called the “Father of Aesthetic Dentistry”. He sold the products out of his Madison Ave. dental practice with great success. His clients included some of the most famous celebrities in film and music.

Many of Supersmile’s whitening products use a different method of whitening than most on the market. These products primarily whiten by breaking down the sticky film that covers teeth and collects bacteria and stain. Their proprietary ingredient is known as Calprox.

Supersmile is the #1 whitening product recommended by cosmetic dentists.

What is Calprox®?

Calprox is a unique combination of encapsulated calcium peroxide and minerals. This formula breaks down the sticky protein film that covers the teeth. It’s this film that normally collects stain, bacteria, and food particles.

Most whitening toothpastes use an abrasive ingredient to scour stain off the teeth. While effective for stain, overuse can erode tooth enamel or scratch dental work.

Calprox chemically breaks down the film, gradually whitening while remineralizing the tooth enamel. It is also safe for dental work like crowns, bonding, and veneers and may return them to their original luster.

Calprox works by gently breaking down the film that collects stains instead of scouring them away.

Supersmile reviews from real users

Here are some comments from real-world users of Supersmile products:

“This stuff actually works. Now the whole family is using the product. Not cheap, but you can see the difference in your teeth in just a few days. It doesn’t burn your teeth or your gums, it just works. No other whitening toothpaste has come close to the difference this product makes on my teeth.” – L. Lopez

“This stuff really does work better than most things I have tried and it’s very easy compared to other whitening systems. I noticed a change after the first time I brushed.” – S.F. Books

“Been using it for a while. I buy it all the time. Amazing. I’m a teeth whitener (Whitestrips, professional bleach strips, etc) and this works without sensitivity. Plus its easier and less abrasive on your teeth.” – J. A.

Supersmile users seem overwhelmingly positive about the products.

Dentist verdict on Supersmile

I received a huge box of products to personally try. Being a dentist, I have whitened using several methods over the years and my teeth were already pretty white.

To truly see the effectiveness, I enlisted my 13-year-old son with his teenage oral hygiene habits. On the first use, it whitened his teeth three shades! With continued use, it has continued to brighten his smile with no sensitivity. His only complaint was the taste of the pre-rinse.

I used the products myself as well and found them easy to use. All the products had a pleasant taste (except that pre-rinse!) and all seemed to work well. The carbamide peroxide in the accelerator really did boost the whiteness of my enamel and my teeth feel incredibly clean after brushing.

The biggest selling points to me are ease of use and low abrasiveness. Using the product is as simple as brushing your teeth instead of using bulky trays or whitening strips.

And the fact that it removes stains without scratching up porcelain and resin bonding makes this dentist very happy! I would definitely recommend Supersmile products to my cosmetic minded patients.

Continue reading for more detailed reviews of each Supersmile product.

I would personally recommend Supersmile products, especially for those with veneers, crowns, or bonding who want to maintain their white smile!

Supersmile products

Supersmile offers a wide variety of whitening and oral health products. Here are a few of the top picks.

Professional Whitening System

The Six Minutes to a Whiter Smile kit contains a 30-day supply of five of Supersmile’s top products. It includes their Whitening Toothpaste, Whitening Accelerator, Activating Rods, Whitening Pre-Rinse, and a specialized toothbrush.

All products are kosher and free of silica, parabens, sulfates, known allergens, animal by-products, and BPA.


  • Allows you to test several products before committing to larger amounts
  • Contains everything you need to get your teeth several shades whiter
  • The kit is a good value for the variety of items you receive


  • Only a 30 day supply. You’ll need to order more for ongoing maintenance
  • You may not use all the products that are included, depending on preference
  • Some items taste strongly of peroxide and may be unpleasant to use

At $54, this is a great introduction to the Supersmile line of products. I’ll go into detail about each individual product below.

Professional Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

The Supersmile Whitening toothpaste uses their special Calprox formula to break down the film that holds stain and bacteria on the teeth surface. It gently whitens while remineralizing teeth, does not cause sensitivity, and is safe for porcelain and resin dental work.

It is also available in nine different flavors to suit your taste.


  • Whitens without harsh abrasives that can damage dental restorations
  • Remineralizes enamel using calcium, magnesium, phosphates, and fluoride
  • Nine different flavors are available to suit any taste and preference


  • Must be used in conjunction with the Whitening Accelerator for deeper whitening
  • Must be used on a dry brush to prevent the Calprox from dissolving prematurely
  • More expensive than most over the counter toothpaste products

Priced at $23 for a 4.2 oz tube, Supersmile Whitening toothpaste is more expensive than other whitening toothpaste on the market.

It sets itself apart, however, by not using the abrasives that can scratch porcelain and resin dental restorations. Keeping your mouth healthy and your veneers shiny may be worth the cost.

Professional Whitening Accelerator

The Whitening Accelerator is a clear gel containing carbamide peroxide, the whitening agent used in many professional whitening products.

When used in conjunction with the whitening paste, the accelerator gel whitens teeth deep into the enamel. It is clinically proven to whiten up to 6 shades when used as directed.


  • Contains active ingredients commonly found in professional whitening products
  • Whitens up to six shades lighter with continued use and with no sensitivity
  • Safe to use every day to maintain a bright and healthy smile


  • Must be used in conjunction with Supersmile Whitening Toothpaste
  • Must be used on a dry brush to prevent the gel from dissolving prematurely
  • Does not have a pleasant taste by itself, but it is masked by the paste

The Whitening Accelerator costs $60 for a three month supply. This is moderately priced when compared to the cost of other whitening methods.

It effectively whitens tooth enamel without sensitivity when used regularly and as directed.


The Supersmile toothbrushes are uniquely designed. They feature a 45-degree brush head angle, which encourages brushing using the ADA recommended method.

The five rows of bristles are shaped so the center bristles clean under the gums while the exterior bristles polish the tooth enamel.


  • Brush head angled at 45 degrees encourages proper brushing technique
  • Bristles are designed so some clean under the gums while others polish
  • Available in two handle designs with four colors each


  • Manual brushes may not clean as well as electric brushes
  • Large brush head may make it difficult to reach some areas of your mouth
  • Price is higher than most standard manual brushes

Supersmile charges $9 for their normal brush and $15 for their designer brush. While the angled brush head does encourage proper technique, it is nothing that can’t be accomplished with a regular brush.

They do offer electric brushes, but those were not available for review.

Whitening Pre-Rinses

Supersmile provides another delivery system for their Calprox formula with their Whitening Pre-Rinse. As implied, this rinse is used before brushing to help break down the biofilm that coats your tooth enamel.

When used in combination with the Whitening Toothpaste and Accelerator, it can enhance the whitening process.


  • Helps deliver Calprox whitening ingredients to hard to reach areas
  • Primes the teeth to enhance the effectiveness of other products
  • Kills bacteria and freshens breath with peroxide


  • Helps lift stains but does not whiten on its own
  • Strong peroxide taste is unpleasant
  • One additional step to your oral hygiene routine

The whitening rinse is a great addition to help achieve your bright smile more quickly. It costs $8 for a 5 oz bottle or $18 for a 16 oz bottle.

Oral Rinse Mouthwash

The Oral Rinse Mouthwash from Supersmile helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria and delivers a minty fresh taste. It can be used after brushing or throughout the day as needed.


  • Kills bacteria that cause bad breath and inhibits plaque formation
  • Leaves your mouth with a minty fresh taste
  • Can be used as often as needed to freshen breath


  • Contains alcohol which may dry your mouth and lead to more bacterial growth
  • Not a delivery system for Calprox, so it does not have a whitening effect
  • More expensive than other similar products available at stores

In general, I prefer an alcohol-free mouthrinse. Alcohol can irritate the gums and dry the tissues. The amount included in this rinse seemed reasonable, however, and it did not burn or taste bad.

At $16 a bottle, it did cost more than other name brand mouth rinses.

Whitening Floss

The Whitening Floss from Supersmile is a standard woven multifilament floss that has been embedded with Calprox and baking soda.

This allows delivery of these biofilm and bacteria blasting ingredients between teeth and under the gums where stains often collect.


  • Calprox helps break up biofilm and remove stains between teeth
  • Baking soda helps kill bacteria between teeth and under gums
  • Woven floss is comfortable to use and slides between teeth easily


  • Woven floss breaks and frays easier than monofilament floss
  • The wax coating prevents the floss from squeaking when clean
  • The floss is considerably more expensive than traditional floss

While the concept of Calprox and baking soda on your floss seems good, I’m not sure how much more effective it is than regular floss. And at $9 per spool, it seems expensive for woven floss.

Professional Activating Rods

When you need an extra boost of whitening, the Supersmile Professional Activating Rods deliver a potent dose of Calprox, peroxide, and baking soda to prepare your teeth.

It’s similar to the Pre-Rinse, but much more concentrated and without the strong taste. Use once a week in addition to your whitening paste and accelerator.


  • Delivers a concentrated dose of effective stain-fighting ingredients
  • Does not taste bad like the Pre-Rinse, which was bitter with peroxide
  • Can be precisely placed onto stubborn stained areas


  • Applicator swabs have a syringe design that may be confusing at first
  • Works great for stains, but does not whiten enamel by themselves
  • Must be used with other Supersmile products for effective whitening

The activating rods work well to deliver concentrated stain-fighting ingredients right where they are needed. They are not a substitute for whitening strips or similar products, however.

To actually whiten enamel they must be used in conjunction with the Supersmile Whitening Accelerator and Toothpaste.

At $18 for 5 rods or $39 for 12, I wouldn’t use them every day, but they are great for the occasional boost.

Ripple Edge Tongue Cleaner

This ergonomically designed tongue scraper works great to remove bacteria that build up on the surface of the tongue. Removing these bacteria and food particles gets rid of 85% of the causes of bad breath.

Simply hold the cleaner on both ends, bend into a U shape, and scrape your tongue surface.


  • Effectively cleans the tongue surface from food and bacteria buildup
  • Removes 85% of materials that cause bad breath odors
  • Ergonomic an easy to use


  • Many other similar items on the market
  • Requires two-handed use
  • May prefer a “razor” style t-shaped scraper with a handle

At just $9 for a three-pack, the Supersmile tongue cleaner is a good buy and a great addition to your oral care routine.

Whitening Gum

Supersmile Whitening Gum contains the stain-fighting power of Calprox and the cavity-fighting power of xylitol. It cleans teeth, freshens breath, and helps prevent cavities on the go.


  • Contains Calprox, which breaks up the biofilm on teeth that holds stain and bacteria
  • Sweetened with 65% xylitol, which is clinically proven to help prevent cavities
  • Great tasting and easy way to whiten teeth and freshen breath on the go


  • Helps remove stains, but does not actually whiten tooth enamel
  • Minty taste may not be for everyone
  • Cost is higher than a regular pack of xylitol gum

Supersmile Whitening Gum does a fair job of removing stains, but nothing compared to the toothpaste or accelerator. It’s great for an on the go freshen up, however.

A 12 pack of Whitening Gum costs $5, so it is the least expensive item we reviewed.

Supersmile offers a wide variety of products to lift stains and whiten teeth without damaging dental work.


  • Supersmile relies on Calprox, which removes stains chemically instead of mechanically scratching them off.
  • The low abrasiveness makes it safe to use with dental restorations that could be damaged by other whitening products.
  • The addition of the Whitening Accelerator provides professional bleaching ingredients at a strength that is safe to use every day.
  • Most items taste good, but the Pre-Rinse tastes strongly of peroxide.
  • There are many more items offered by Supersmile and available on their website.