Temptooth Review: Easy DIY Temporary Tooth Replacement

Have you lost a tooth? Well, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to go all the way to the dentist.

You can get a temporary tooth and place it at home. It sounds dangerous and scary until you realize how safe and easy it actually is. Thanks to Temptooth, you can postpone that visit with your dentist and get your tooth back right away.

But there are so many temporary tooth options on the market — what makes this one worth writing about? That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this guide.

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Over-The-Counter Temporary Tooth Replacement

Temptooth is an over-the-counter temporary tooth replacement that you can place at home. With over 90,000 tooth replacement kits sold, they clearly have created a product that works.

With an order of a Temptooth kit, you get super easy instructions, a link to a video with more info, and a temporary tooth that has no toxic materials. It doesn’t involve any mixing trays, adhesives, or dental cement. And when you get the kit, it only takes a few minutes to set up and it can provide up to 10 teeth.

The reason this concept is so great is because it eliminates the gaps between teeth. This is not only aesthetically better looking, but it makes it more comfortable to have all your teeth.

However, Temptooth is not the only temporary tooth option. You can also get cemented crowns, dental flippers, dental bridges, retainers, and Snap-Ons. All of these options require you visit a dentist for placement, but they often are more durable temporary options.

If you need a temporary tooth, you have plenty of options, like dental flippers, dental bridges, and retainers. One method folks like is Temptooth.

Temptooth Instructions

When you get a Temptooth kit, it will come with a bead-like material that makes up the tooth. You’ll also want a mirror, preferably a tooth mirror.

First, you boil the beads in water until they become transparent. It may be best to hold the beads in a ladle or some sort of meshed container — as the beads boil, they become more difficult to see.

Once they’re done boiling, take them out of the water quickly mold them (you’ll have about 2-3 minutes). Then you can roll them into the general shape of a tooth (it doesn’t have to be exact — you’ll adjust it later). Place the material where the missing tooth was. One thing you can do is use the missing tooth as a mold for shaping the fake tooth. If you don’t have the missing tooth, use a similar-sized tooth to use as a template. Then run the tooth through cold water to set it.

After your tooth has hardened, you may have to fine-tune the shape so it fits perfectly. You may be able to use nail clippers to trim edges and a nail file to make the tooth shorter or thinner.

Then you may want to stain the tooth to look more like the color of your natural teeth. Without this, it may look so white that it stands out too much (because most people don’t have paper-white teeth). You can simply soak the tooth in tea or coffee. The more it soaks in the tea or coffee, the more stained it will get.

And that’s one way to use a Temptooth kit. The instructions that come with the kit may be different, so you can follow those steps if you’d rather.

These are the basic instructions for setting your Temptooth. They may be slightly different and not as detailed as the instructions that come with your Temptooth kit.

Temptooth Users Reviews

The big question with Temptooth is, “Does it work?” And the best way to get the answer to that is by looking at reviews.

DoesItReallyWork.org gave it 3.5 stars out of 5 and TVStuffReviews.com gave it 3 stars out of 5. But the best picture of Temptooth’s quality if from user reviews.

When you look at Amazon reviews, where it has an overall rating of 3.8 stars out of 5, the biggest issue seems to be shaping and placing the fake tooth.

“I’ve tried using this three times so far, and no success,” writes one user. “Each time I seem to get a little better. I’m not saying the product is bad, there is just a learning curve that I have not mastered yet. By the time I get it right, I’ll probably need to reorder. So I can say it will work if you can master the process.”

So if you hate going to the dentist and hate having a gap in your mouth, Temptooth could be a good option for you. It may take a few tries to get the material into a tooth-like shape, but that may be worth postponing a visit to the dentist’s office.

Overall, people like to use Temptooth as a very temporary tooth replacement. Although many people have trouble forming the fake tooth, once you get it right, it works well.

Where Can I Buy Temptooth?

You can either go through Temptooth’s website, or you can grab it on Amazon.

Check The Latest Price

The benefit of buying Temptooth on Amazon is that you have the option to get quick shipping, even overnight shipping. Temptooth doesn’t offer this through their website.

You can grab Temptooth on Temptooth.com or on Amazon.

Temptooth Cost

Whether you buy Temptooth directly through the company’s website or on Amazon, you’ll spend about $30 per kit, not including shipping. If you go through Temptooth’s website, you’ll get the material, instructions, a dental mirror, a dental pick, and dental tweezers. And you can grab two kits and save a few bucks per kit.

Regardless of where you buy a Temptooth kit, you’ll spend roughly $30 plus shipping.

Temptooth FAQ

Now let’s cover some of the most asked questions about Temptooth.

Can You Eat With Temptooth?

Temptooth doesn’t recommend eating while wearing your temporary tooth. If you make the tooth correctly, you’ll actually be able to remove it before you eat. Plus, if you eat with the tooth in, it could become stained from the food and drink you have.

Can You Sleep With Temptooth?

Like eating and drinking, you shouldn’t wear your Temptooth to bed. If you made it correctly, you’ll be able to remove it before going to sleep, which Temptooth recommends.

Can The Tooth Be Colored For A Better Match To Your Natural Teeth?

Yes, Temptooth includes their recommendations for coloring the tooth within the instructions, which come with an order of a Temptooth kit.

How Long Does Temptooth Last?

Temptooth says your fake tooth should last for “months” and that you can even make multiple teeth if you won’t be able to get a more permanent replacement for a while.

Can You Replace More Than One Tooth At The Same Time?

Yes, with one Temptooth kit, you can make up to 10 fake teeth. However, you cannot put two fake teeth right next to each other. Each Temptooth needs the support of a natural tooth.


  • Temptooth is one of many options for a temporary tooth replacement, others include dental flippers, dental bridges, and retainers.
  • Each Temptooth kit comes with detailed instructions on how to form and place your Temptooth.
  • Overall, users are happy with Temptooth as a temporary tooth replacement. Many people do have trouble forming the tooth, but once you get it right, it can work well.
  • You can buy Temptooth on Temptooth.com or on Amazon for roughly $30 plus shipping.