Toothbrush Holder Ideas: Wall Mounted, Standing, For Kids & Others

Your bathroom is probably the dirtiest room in your house. So should you even keep your toothbrushes in the bathroom?

Not many people realize this, but keeping your toothbrush anywhere but a protective toothbrush holder is unsanitary and makes it more likely that you’ll lose it.

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Why Do You Need Toothbrush Holder?

Oral hygiene is important and can affect your overall health. And if your toothbrush gets grimy and covered in bacteria, that makes it unusable.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information estimates that the air inside our homes can be 2-5 times more polluted than “the worst outside air.” That means the particles in your house’s indoor air could get caught up in your toothbrush.

And that type of toothbrush is not one you want to put in your mouth.

One concern is fecal particles floating through the air and making contact with your toothbrush. When you flush the toilet, the toilet water can splash as far as six feet from the bowl. So if your bathroom is small or if the sink is near the toilet, it’s not healthy to have your toothbrush just lying out on the sink.

This is revolting and enough reason to start using a toothbrush holder or cover.

And shockingly, 75.1% of people we surveyed stored their toothbrushes too close to their toilet. And 1 in 4 people store their toothbrushes incorrectly in the lying down position.

Using a toothbrush holder can prevent toilet, shower, and sick germs from getting on your toothbrush, which would then go into your mouth.

The Best Toothbrush Holder – What Should It Be Like?

When you think of the best toothbrush holder, there are a few aspects of it you should be considering. It should steadily hold your brush, be durable, be waterproof, and be easy to place and remove the brush from the holder. It should also work with any type of toothbrush, whether it’s a manual or an electric like a Quip toothbrush.

That being said, there are millions of types of toothbrush holders, differing in size, design, materials used, etc. So you should pick the one that suits you best.

And with the most important aspects in mind as well as variety, we’ve hand-picked the best toothbrush holders currently on the market.

Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder

The first type of toothbrush holder is one that mounts on the wall. This can be a nice option for keeping your toothbrush even further away from the toilet and from sink splatters.

Toothbrush Holder With Cover

Eslite has a toothbrush holder with a cover, a huge plus as it helps protect the brush head from airborne bacteria.

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It has six spots for six different toothbrushes, making this a great option for families. To release the brush from its holder, you simply pull it forward and it automatically opens. And the double-sided tape used to hang it makes sure the holder sticks firmly to the wall.

Suction Toothbrush Holder

The HOME SO Toothbrush Holder is held up by a suction cup hanger.

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The nice thing about this device is that it requires no power tools or annoying bits and parts. You simply stick the holder on the bathroom mirror, twist the knob, and hand your toothbrushes. This keeps your toothbrushes up and away from any toilet or sink liquids.

Although it doesn’t provide a cover, it does have four spots for toothbrushes, making it a good option for families.

However, if you like the idea of a cup to hold your toothbrush, you may like HASKO’s suction cup toothbrush holder. It, too, requires no drilling into the wall. Just places the holder on the mirror or wall, turn the knob, and it’s secure to use.

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Instead of a place to hang your brush, the device holds a cup in which you put your brush.

Toothbrush And Toothpaste Holder / Bathroom Toothbrush Holder

If you’d like something that can hold all of your oral hygiene products, the WARMLIFE Anti-dust Toothbrush Holder is a smart choice.

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Not only does it have six toothbrush holders and corresponding covers, but it has three containers above the holders in which you can put things like toothpaste, combs, and razors. And all of this attaches simply by using adhesive tape (holds up to 10 pounds).

A wall-mounted toothbrush holder can be nice because you can attach it high on the wall, away from the toilet and sink.

Standing Toothbrush Holder

If you’d rather not hang anything on your mirror or wall, you can go with a standing toothbrush holder (i.e. one that sits on your bathroom sink). These don’t have covers, but using a standing holder is better than laying your toothbrush on the bathroom sink.

One of the best on the market is HBlife’s stainless steel toothbrush and toothpaste holder. It has four slots for toothbrushes, a place for your toothpaste, but it’s still small enough that it doesn’t take up a whole lot of room on your sink counter.

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And this thing shouldn’t be falling over, thanks to its build, design, and stability. This means you don’t have to worry about your brushes and toothpaste falling into the sink or on the floor.

However, if you want stability and a fancily designed toothbrush holder, you may want to look at the Creative Scents Milano Bathroom Toothbrush Holder. The standout feature of this holder is the elegant shape and Mother of Pearl design pattern.

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As for practicality, it can hold multiple toothbrushes and your toothpaste, so you can have an efficient and good looking bathroom.

Standing toothbrush holders are convenient because they are right there on the sink. If you go this route, you may want to get a holder with toothbrush covers.

Kids Toothbrush Holder

If you have little ones at home, you may be thinking of getting a separate toothbrush holder for them. And in that case, there are a couple of options for you to consider.

The j-me Original Design Toothbrush Holder is a great one for kids because it’s shaped like the body of a dinosaur. Thanks to the bright colors and the encouragement to imagine, it can help make their bathroom routine fun.

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Made of non-slip silicone, this holder holds one toothbrush and is small enough that it leaves plenty of room for the other items on your sink counter.

Another great holder is the Flipper Animal World Toothbrush Holder, which is shaped like a giraffe. This one is different than the j-me holder because the animal has a head which doubles as a toothbrush cover.

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This cover helps protect the brush from collecting dust and airborne bacteria and doubles as a toothbrush travel container. And the suction cup on the back allows it to stick to your bathroom mirror, away from the toilet and sink.

Kids toothbrush holders are fun ways for your children to store their toothbrushes while keeping them clean.

Electric Toothbrush Holder

If you’re someone who uses an electric toothbrush because you want to make sure your teeth are the utmost clean, you may want to consider the Oral-B Stand Anotion Electric Toothbrush Heads Holder.

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As the name suggests, it’s built specifically for storing the heads of your electric toothbrush. This keeps them from picking up dust and other bacteria commonly found in the bathroom. Plus, it keeps them organized, which is important if you share a bathroom with multiple people (four slots available).

If you have an electric toothbrush, you’ll probably want a holder specifically for it. These types of holder store the heads of electric toothbrushes.

Travel Toothbrush Holder

When traveling, it can be difficult to know how to pack your hygiene products in a cleanly way. You may find yourself throwing your toothbrush in a plastic bag, or worse, into your suitcase on top of your clothes.

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This is why it’s important to have something for this, like the Sprayco 4 Piece Microban Standing Toothbrush Holder. Not only does it act as a travel container, but the bottom stands up and can hold your brush at home.

Travel toothbrush holders work for both the sink at home and for traveling.

Sanitizing Toothbrush Holder

If you’re like most people, you clean your toothbrush by boiling it or throwing it in the dishwasher. These methods are okay but may leave behind some bacteria.

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Getting a cleaning device, like the Pursonic S1 Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, is a better option. The Pursonic S1 kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria from your toothbrush, thanks to the ultraviolet light bulbs. And the sanitizing begins the moment you place the brush inside the case, so you can just set it and forget it.

If you really want to make sure your toothbrush and, in turn, your mouth stay clean, you may want to pick up a self-sanitizing toothbrush holder.

Keep Your Toothbrush Holder Clean

Owning and using a toothbrush holder is a great first step, but you will have to keep it clean. Because it’s pointless to store a clean toothbrush in a dirty brush holder.

You should be cleaning your holder on a weekly basis to make sure that the bacteria and the grime and the dust do not build up.

So here are some ways to keep your toothbrush holder clean.

Soaking In Mouthwash

To use mouthwash to clean your toothbrush holder, first let the holder soak in a bowl of mouthwash for two minutes, making sure the holder is fully immersed in the liquid.

Then remove the holder from the bowl and scrub it with a pipe cleaner or a gentle brush. Don’t forget to clean out those hard-to-reach spots like the inside corners. After this, rinse the holder under the faucet. Then once the holder is dry, you can start using it again.

Soaking In Vinegar

If you’d rather go the natural cleaner route, you can soak your toothbrush holder in vinegar.

First, combine one part white vinegar with one part water in a bowl. Then soak the holder in this solution for two minutes. After that, rinse, scrub, and dry the holder before using.

Cleaning In The Dishwasher

However, if you prefer the most convenient cleaning method, you can simply wash your holder in the dishwasher. Just rinse the holder, run it through the dishwasher, then use it when it’s done.

The best ways to keep your toothbrush holder clean include soaking it in mouthwash or vinegar, or throwing it in the dishwasher.

DIY Toothbrush Holder

After looking over all of these options, you may end up deciding to just make your own toothbrush holder. This is an economical and eco-friendly thing to do.

So here are some ideas that you could consider.

PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holder

A lot of people have extra PVC pipe just sitting in their garage from previous projects, whether scraps or unused, brand new PVC.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Get a toothbrush-sized piece of PVC
  • Attach an end cap on one end
  • Drill a hole at the top (open end)
  • Hang DIY holder on the wall using easy-stick wall hangers and the hole your drill

Wooden Toothbrush Holder

Just as most people have extra PVC pipe lying around, lots of folks of scrap wood too. You can take a block of wood and drill ¾-inch holes on the sides, deep enough that a standard toothbrush will fit into it. Then you can even write each person’s name next to the whole in which their toothbrush will sit.

Lego Toothbrush Holder

This is a fun thing to do if you have children. You and them can build cup-shaped holders out of legos. It’s not only friendly on your wallet, but it’s also fun and will probably fit the design of your children’s toothbrushes (and bathroom).

If you’re on a budget, you can make your own toothbrush holder out of materials you’d find at home, like PVC pipe, wood, or legos.


Regardless of the type of toothbrush holder you get, it’s generally a good idea to have one. It can help protect your toothbrushes from others’ germs, fecal matter, and bacteria.


Because those are things you don’t want in your mouth.

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