Does the WhiteSmile kit really whiten teeth in just 10 minutes?

Not everyone has the time for teeth whitening at the dentist. It is easier and less expensive to do this at home, on your own time.

WhiteSmile offers exactly that. It uses dual-light technology, an innovation that is not common on the market yet, to give you a beautiful smile affordably and conveniently.

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WhiteSmile teeth whitening kit – what is it?

WhiteSmile is a kit that was designed to counteract stains caused by aging and food coloring, but also tobacco smoking, as well as drinking wine and coffee. Unlike many at-home whitening methods, it does not make teeth sensitive.

This set features dual-light technology as one of the few on the market. The blue light whitens teeth while the red one protects gums and prevents tooth decay and bad breath. The WhiteSmile tray features sixteen LED bulbs; most devices have only five or six.

Results can last for about two weeks, but they can often be seen after the first use. The operation is wireless, so you can whiten your teeth while doing your chores or watching TV! One full charge should be enough for a week of treatments.

How to buy WhiteSmile?

Having the whitening kit appear at your door is very simple. It is available right on the WhiteSmile online store. They ship worldwide, within twenty-four hours during the business week, and you can even pay with PayPal.

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There is even a 100% money-back guarantee. WhiteSmile warrant that your teeth will be at least two shades whiter after using the kit. They are certain that you will be satisfied with their product.

Does WhiteSmile teeth whitening work?

WhiteSmile reviewers quote that the product makes a difference from the very first use. It is hard to find a customer who wouldn’t recommend this kit to a friend.

Some claim that they saw results within two days. Most confirm that the product is easy to use and that they didn’t experience pain or sensitivity during or after the treatment.

The fact that it is vegan and cruelty-free is also a popular comment. One reviewer praised the elegant packaging, comparing it to unboxing an Apple product!

If you have any questions you can reach out to WhiteSmile through their contact form, or read their FAQ section. You can also write a review yourself.

How to use WhiteSmile?

The kit contains an LED mouthpiece, three pens filled with whitening serum, a charger, and a shade guide. The steps are super easy to follow:

  1. Brush your teeth.
  2. Use the pen to apply the gel directly to your teeth.
  3. Turn the LED device on so that the light shines blue. Put it into your mouth and bite down gently on the silicone mouthpiece.
  4. The timer will switch the light off after ten minutes.
  5. If you press the button again, you will activate the antimicrobial red light. It will also shine for ten minutes.
  6. Rinse your mouth and the mouthpiece after each use.
  7. Compare your teeth to the guide.
  8. Abstain from smoking, eating, and drinking for thirty minutes after each treatment.

You can charge the device after each use. If you whiten your teeth every day, each pen should have enough serum for one to two weeks. By using both modes, which will take you twenty minutes per day, the results will show up twice as fast!

The treatment is very convenient. The operation is wireless and the mouthpiece is water-resistant, so you can even use it in the shower.


WhiteSmile is among the most effective teeth whitening products. It offers treatment at the convenience of your home. You can use it while you are working, relaxing, or even showering.

The procedure won’t take more than twenty minutes per day. The product ships worldwide and there is a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. There really aren’t any drawbacks. Buy your own WhiteSmile kit today.

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