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what are wisdom teeth

What are wisdom teeth?

In our journey of dental health, we often encounter wisdom teeth, which are the third and final set of molars that typically emerge in our late teens or early twenties. However, not everyone has them; some individuals may have one, two, or none at all. On the other hand, some of us may even be blessed with an extra one or two. It's truly a unique aspect of our dental makeup.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

Is extraction necessary for wisdom teeth?

Common symptoms of wisdom teeth coming in include pain, discomfort, swelling, or even tenderness around the area. These telltale signs may suggest it's time to visit a professional wisdom teeth extraction clinic in Chatsworth. However, not everybody needs their wisdom teeth removed. If they've grown in correctly and you're not experiencing discomfort or other issues, extraction might not be necessary.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

How's a wisdom tooth extracted?

We know, you're probably wondering, "How are wisdom teeth removed?" Absolutely. We start by numbing the area with a local anesthetic. You won't feel a thing. Then, we make a small incision in the gum to expose the tooth. Using specialist tools, we carefully rock the tooth back and forth, loosening it until it's ready to be extracted. It's a precise science, but don't worry. There are also options to use general anesthesia or sedation if you're feeling particularly anxious. But remember, we've got your back, providing a pain-free and comfortable experience.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth removal aftercare

After having your wisdom teeth removed, it's normal to experience mild discomfort, swelling, or some bruising. However, rest assured, these symptoms are part of the healing process and gradually diminish over a week. During your recovery, we'll schedule a follow-up visit to monitor your progress. Amid this period, you also might notice slight bleeding or difficulty in opening your mouth, it's fairly typical and nothing to worry about. Remember, we are here to guide you through your recovery journey.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Post-extraction meal ideas

Soft, easy-to-swallow foods are key after wisdom teeth removal. Bananas and homemade banana bread are a safe bet. It's also recommended to have mashed peas, providing vitamins to aid recovery. However, you should avoid acidic foods like citrus fruits. They could sting the wound and slow healing. We want your road to recovery to be smooth and pain-free. Enjoy your food and get well soon.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

How much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth in Chatsworth?

In Chatsworth, the cost of wisdom teeth removal can vary greatly. Typically, it's more expensive when dealing with impacted teeth as opposed to fully erupted ones. Why? You're dealing with a more complex procedure, thus potentially incurring additional costs for specialist care and treatment. On the other hand, don't let this discourage you. We believe in providing the best, most affordable care while keeping your dental health in mind above all else.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Emergency wisdom tooth extraction in Chatsworth

Although wisdom tooth pain isn't always an emergency, it's crucial not to ignore it, as it can indicate conditions that may necessitate a visit to wisdom teeth extraction clinics in Chatsworth. If pain persists longer than a few days, intensifies, or is accompanied by swelling, fever, or difficulty opening your mouth, it's likely more than just normal growth pain. We recommend contacting a professional promptly to alleviate any discomfort and prevent potential complications.


Can you keep your wisdom teeth if they don't cause problems?

Keeping wisdom teeth that are not causing any problems is generally a personal decision. However, it's important to consider potential future issues such as decay, gum disease, and crowding. Regular dental check-ups can help monitor their condition and determine the best course of action.

Are there alternative treatments to wisdom teeth removal?

Yes, alternative treatments for wisdom teeth removal include conservative management, such as pain management, oral hygiene, and regular dental check-ups. However, it is important to consult with a dental professional to determine the most suitable option for your specific case.

How do I clean my mouth after wisdom teeth removal?

After wisdom teeth removal, rinse your mouth gently with warm saltwater every 2-3 hours for a week. Avoid vigorous rinsing, spitting, or using a straw. Stick to soft foods, brush gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush, and avoid smoking and alcohol.

How long does swelling last after wisdom teeth removal?

Swelling after wisdom teeth removal typically lasts for about 2-3 days. Applying ice packs, taking prescribed medications, and maintaining proper oral hygiene can help reduce swelling and promote healing.

Why is one side more swollen after wisdom teeth removal?

One side may be more swollen after wisdom teeth removal due to factors like uneven distribution of swelling, varying individual healing responses, or post-surgical complications. Proper post-operative care and rest can help minimize the swelling and promote healing.

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