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what are wisdom teeth

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are typically the last teeth to develop in our mouths. Not everyone has these late bloomers; some of us might have one, two, three, or all four, while others may not have any at all. Genetic factors can greatly influence this. These teeth can lead to complications, however, if there's insufficient space for them to grow properly. Nevertheless, in cases where they've erupted well-aligned, they function just like any other molar.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

Is it necessary to remove wisdom tooth?

When your wisdom teeth start coming in, you'll experience symptoms like discomfort in your jaw, difficulty opening your mouth, a bad taste or odor, and even pain radiating towards your ears. We offer the highest quality wisdom teeth care in Concord. However, not all wisdom teeth need removal. If they're causing problems like shifting other teeth, infections, or pain, it's time to consider removal.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

How does wisdom tooth removal work?

We're talking about wisdom teeth removal, aren't we? Exciting. We make a small incision in your gum to expose the tooth. Then, we gently separate the tooth from its socket using specialized tools. Don't worry, it's not as daunting as it sounds. In fact, we're experts at making this experience as comfortable as possible for you. Do not fret.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth aftercare

After we extract your wisdom teeth, it's normal to feel discomfort or swelling. But don't fret, that's a natural part of the healing process. To combat any possible infection, we prescribe antibiotics which you should take as directed. You might feel groggy from the anesthetic; reassure yourself it's temporary. Nonetheless, if the pain escalates or you experience prolonged bleeding, let us know without delay. Remember, we strive to ease your journey to a speedy recovery.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Safe foods to eat post-extraction

After wisdom teeth removal, we recommend consuming soft, non-irritating foods like chicken salad and cottage cheese. Sip on lukewarm soups, however, avoid anything too hot or chunky as it might cause discomfort. For instance, creamy tomato or butternut squash soups are great options, but you're better off skipping minestrone or any thick chowders. Remember, it's all about making it easy for your freshly-treated area.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

Wisdom tooth removal costs in Concord

In Concord, wisdom teeth removal costs can vary significantly, however, we aim to always provide quality care at reasonable prices. Usually, post-procedure, you'll require some prescription medications or pain management, which is usually factored into the overall estimate. We're here to support your journey to a pain-free life, making oral health attainable. Working with skilled oral surgeons, you're guaranteed top-notch service, while keeping your comfort in mind. It's a brave step you're taking, but remember, we've got your back.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Urgent wisdom tooth extraction in Concord

While it's not typically considered an emergency, wisdom tooth pain can be quite troubling. It's almost like a thorn stuck in your side, constant and nagging. We understand the discomfort you're going through. However, no worry is too small, and we're always on-call to assist you. You're not alone in this. You're just a call away from a visit to the wisdom tooth extraction clinic in Concord. In the interim, try a saltwater rinse or over-the-counter pain relievers to provide temporary relief—it's like having a mini oasis in the middle of a sandstorm. Remember, the pain is only temporary, but the relief after visiting the clinic will be long lasting.


Can wisdom teeth come in normally?

Yes, wisdom teeth can come in normally. However, in many cases, they may cause problems and require removal due to overcrowding, impaction, or improper alignment with the other teeth.

Can I wear makeup on the day of my wisdom teeth removal surgery?

Yes, you can wear makeup on the day of your wisdom teeth removal surgery. However, it's best to avoid heavy makeup and stick to minimal or natural-looking cosmetics. Make sure to remove all makeup before the surgery.

What should I do if I experience excessive bleeding after the wisdom teeth surgery?

If you experience excessive bleeding after wisdom teeth surgery, apply firm pressure on the affected area with a clean gauze or tea bag for 30 minutes. Avoid spitting or rinsing vigorously and contact your oral surgeon for further guidance.

How long does swelling last after wisdom teeth removal?

Swelling after wisdom teeth removal typically lasts for about 2 to 3 days. However, it may take up to a week for the swelling to completely subside. Applying ice packs, keeping your head elevated, and following post-operative instructions can help reduce the swelling faster.

Can wisdom teeth grow back after removal?

No, wisdom teeth do not grow back after removal. Once they are removed, they do not regenerate.

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