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what are wisdom teeth

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the final set of teeth to grow in our mouths, typically between the ages of 17-25. We usually have four wisdom teeth, one nestled in each corner of our mouth. However, every person's teeth aren't the same. Some of us may have more, fewer, or none at all. Keeping them clean is essential as they can impact our dental health, but remember, it’s always about quality - not quantity.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

When wisdom tooth extraction is needed?

We've all felt it: the aching sensation in the jaw signaling a wisdom tooth's arrival. However, these symptoms - swelling, tenderness, difficulty opening your mouth - shouldn't be ignored, as they might indicate it's time to visit a professional wisdom tooth extraction center in San Lorenzo. Needing removal isn't a given; yet, if they're causing discomfort or health issues, it's best to bid them adieu.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

How are wisdom teeth removed?

In wisdom teeth extraction, an oral surgeon numbs your mouth, makes an incision in the gum to expose the tooth, and detaches connective tissue to ease removal. If it's hard to tug out, they'll break it into pieces for easier extraction. Overall, we're talking an hour at most. You're in safe, experienced hands. And, much like that latest Netflix binge, it's over before you know it.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Aftercare instructions

Post wisdom teeth surgery, we ensure a comfortable and speedy recovery. It's key to diligently follow post-operative instructions. We'll schedule a follow-up to monitor your healing process. Keep the surgical area clean; however, avoid vigorous rinsing. You may experience some discomfort and swelling— it's normal. Use prescribed medication to manage this. Moreover, do refrain from strenuous activities. Remember, the success of your surgery relies heavily on proper aftercare.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Food to eat after wisdom teeth removal

After having your wisdom teeth pulled, it's critical to stick to a soft food diet to promote healing. We recommend nutrient-dense foods such as overripe bananas and tangerines, as they are gentle on the extraction site and rich in vitamins. Mashed vegetables like pumpkin can also aid recovery. Remember to stay hydrated, but avoid using straws as the sucking motion could disrupt healing. Boiled water or herbal tea is a great choice.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

Wisdom tooth removal costs in San Lorenzo

At our dental clinic in San Lorenzo, we strive for your oral health. Our wisdom teeth removal celebrates the beauty of a pain-free smile and the benefits it brings. If you're a student or on a tight budget, don't let that discourage you. We do offer special financial options and discounts, because our goal is to assure everyone has access to top notch dental care. You're worth it. Every smile counts. Let’s make yours shine.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Same-day wisdom tooth extraction in San Lorenzo

Wisdom tooth pain should be addressed promptly, not ignored. Even if the pain fades, it's possible you've just adapted to the discomfort rather than truly resolving the issue. You might need wisdom teeth surgeons in San Lorenzo, but it's not an immediate emergency. However, we encourage you to have your teeth checked and potentially prevent serious problems down the line. It's crucial for your oral health, after all.


Are there any long-term effects of not removing wisdom teeth?

Yes, there can be long-term effects if wisdom teeth are not removed, such as crowding, misalignment, gum disease, and decay. It is best to consult a dental professional for personalized advice.

Can I wear makeup on the day of my wisdom teeth removal surgery?

Yes, it is typically fine to wear makeup on the day of your wisdom teeth removal surgery. However, it's important to avoid wearing any lip products or heavy foundation that may interfere with the anesthesia or mask.

What should I do if I experience excessive bleeding after the wisdom teeth surgery?

If you experience excessive bleeding after wisdom teeth surgery, apply gentle pressure on the affected area using a clean piece of gauze or a tea bag. Avoid spitting or rinsing vigorously, and contact your oral surgeon for further advice.

How long should I avoid alcoholic beverages after wisdom teeth removal?

It is advisable to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages for at least 48-72 hours after wisdom teeth removal to ensure proper healing and minimize the risk of complications.

Can wisdom teeth grow back after removal?

No, once wisdom teeth are removed, they do not grow back.

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