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what are wisdom teeth

What exactly are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, often called the third molars, are the last teeth to form in our mouth. Usually, we can expect to have four of them, one in each corner of the mouth from 17 to 25 years old. Because of their late arrival, they might create some dental care concerns. However, there's no need to worry. From regular check-ups to daily brushing, we can ensure optimal health for our wisdom teeth.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

Is wisdom tooth extraction a necessity?

Symptoms of wisdom teeth emerging include inflammation, pain, and potential problems with jaw alignment. We suggest seeking our superior wisdom teeth removal service in Wallingford if discomfort persists, or if your teeth are impacted or causing overcrowding. But, if they're healthy, properly positioned, and not causing pain, there's no necessity for removal.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

How do they remove wisdom teeth?

We gently remove wisdom teeth by first making a small cut in the gum tissue, easing the tooth out piece by piece. It's a simple procedure, but risks include possible nerve damage or infection. However, you're in great hands and we take all necessary precautions to make it as seamless and safe as possible.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth aftercare

Recovery from wisdom teeth surgery, while it can be quite uncomfortable, it's manageable with the right care. We'll start by providing you with some ibuprofen, a common medication used to ease the swelling and discomfort. It's paramount that you take the medication exactly as prescribed. Moreover, you'll need to keep up with your oral hygiene routine—just be gentle around the surgery area to avoid causing any irritation. However, remember to avoid strenuous physical activities for at least a week as they might slow down the healing process. You're likely to experience some facial swelling and perhaps even slight bruising, but don't worry, it's all part of the healing process. On the other hand, your energy levels may dip for a few days – it's your body's way of conserving energy to boost recovery. If you're experiencing any unusual symptoms or severe pain, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance. With a little patience and proper care, you'll make a smooth recovery.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

What to eat after wisdom tooth removal?

After wisdom teeth removal, we're all excited to return to our favorite foods. Initally, stick with soft foods like cherry compote and tomato soup. Within 7-10 days, you're generally back to normal eating. However, everyone's healing time varies. It's vital we listen to our bodies. Moreover, you're not alone in this journey. We've all been there.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

Wisdom tooth removal costs in Wallingford

Navigating the world of wisdom teeth removal, you might ask yourself, "Is this covered by my dental insurance?" While it's true that many providers do indeed cover some portion of the procedure, you'll definitely want to double-check your specific plan. Additional costs can arise from x-rays, anesthesia, and potential follow-up care. Around Wallingford, these factors can vary that's why it's essential to seek quotes from different clinics. Can't wait, can you? Let's get those wisdom teeth out.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Emergency wisdom tooth extraction in Wallingford

Addressing wisdom tooth pain promptly is crucial. If you're experiencing discomfort, treat it as urgent. Wisdom teeth have a knack for creating unplanned dental emergencies more frequently than we'd like. Fortunately, in Wallingford, you'll find a skilled dentist for wisdom tooth extraction available for walk-ins. Don't let the pain escalate. Remember, it’s vital to your overall health to intervene early. So, how's your wisdom tooth behaving?


Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Wisdom teeth do not always need to be removed, as it depends on individual circumstances. Factors such as alignment, crowding, and potential complications should be assessed by a dental professional.

What is the difference between local anesthesia and general anesthesia for wisdom teeth removal?

Local anesthesia numbs the specific area around the wisdom teeth, allowing the patient to remain awake during the procedure. General anesthesia puts the patient to sleep, rendering them unconscious for the entire procedure.

Can I use a straw after wisdom teeth removal?

Yes, you can use a straw after wisdom teeth removal. However, it is important to wait at least 24 hours to avoid dislodging the blood clot and impeding the healing process.

Are there any dietary restrictions before wisdom teeth removal?

Yes, there are some dietary restrictions before wisdom teeth removal. It is recommended to avoid hard and sticky foods, as well as spicy and acidic foods. Stick to soft foods like mashed potatoes, soups, and smoothies to prevent any complications or discomfort during the healing process.

Can wisdom teeth rot under gums?

Yes, wisdom teeth can rot under the gums if they are not properly maintained and cleaned. Regular dental check-ups are important to detect and address any potential issues.

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