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what are wisdom teeth

What's the definition of wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are our third set of molars. Sometimes, they can pop up without problems, enhancing our chewing power. However, our genetic makeup plays a part in whether we get them or not. Like, say, you've got blue eyes because your parents do. Same applies to wisdom teeth. They're just another part of our oral health, really.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

Do you really need to extract wisdom teeth?

Often when wisdom teeth are coming in, you may experience pain, swelling, or inflamed gums which is an indication they're impacted. We understand; it's an uncomfortable situation. Impacted teeth can cause further oral complications like infection or shifting of other teeth. Therefore, removal is sometimes necessary. Here in Kuna, you're fortunate; we have the top wisdom tooth extraction specialists. We're dedicated to making your experience as smooth and pain-free as possible.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

How do they remove wisdom teeth?

Extracting wisdom teeth, it's not as menacing as it sounds. We gently loosen the tooth before taking it out, ensuring your comfort throughout. But, like any procedure, there are a few risks. You might experience minor pain or swelling. On rare occasions, there's an infection or damage to nearby teeth. However, we take every precaution to mitigate these risks for your peace of mind.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Aftercare recommendations

After your wisdom teeth are removed, it's crucial for a blood clot to form to stop the bleeding and begin the healing process. We'll show you how to use gauze over the surgical area to aid this. There may be swelling and discomfort, but ice packs will significantly help. It's typical to have limited opening of the mouth. However, we suggest gentle movement to regain your mobility. Remember, you're in charge of ensuring successful recovery.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Food suggestions after wisdom tooth surgery

You're fresh out of wisdom teeth surgery and hungry, right? Stick to soft foods, we're talking rice cakes smeared with olive tapenade - it's salty, flavorful and easy to swallow. Cold drinks can minimize swelling, while nutrient-rich foods, like mashed avocado and sweet potatoes, boost the healing. However, avoid spicy or crunchy foods - they'll irritate your wounds. You're on the road to recovery, so let's eat smart.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

Price range for extracting wisdom teeth in Kuna

It's essential to know that cost of wisdom teeth removal can vary. This is largely dependent on the complexity of your particular situation, such as the need for an impacted extraction. However, we always make sure to provide an overall estimate that includes every aspect of the procedure, and even pain management post-surgery. You'll frequently find that medication costs are generally factored into this. We want to assure you, we're dedicated to transparent and fair pricing.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Urgent wisdom tooth extraction in Kuna

While wisdom tooth pain can be bothersome, it's often not an emergency situation unless accompanied by signs of infection like fever, swelling or persistent pain. Scheduling appointments with wisdom teeth surgeons in Kuna can help alleviate the discomfort. On the other hand, TMJ pain involves your jaw joint and often triggers headaches, earaches, and difficulty opening your mouth fully. To differentiate, notice where the pain originates and the symptoms accompanying it. We encourage proactive measures if you're experiencing either condition.


When do most people get their wisdom teeth?

Most people get their wisdom teeth in their late teens or early twenties. It is common for them to emerge between the ages of 17 and 25, although some individuals may experience this dental milestone at a later stage.

Can I have wisdom teeth removal while pregnant?

It is generally not recommended to undergo wisdom teeth removal while pregnant due to the potential risks involved, such as anesthesia and the possible impact on the developing fetus. It's best to consult with your healthcare provider for guidance.

What are dry sockets, and how can they be prevented?

Dry sockets occur after tooth extraction when blood clot does not form or dislodges, exposing nerve endings in the socket. To prevent them, avoid smoking, vigorous rinsing, and using a straw. Maintain proper oral hygiene.

When can I drink alcohol after wisdom teeth removal?

After wisdom teeth removal, it is best to avoid consuming alcohol for at least 24 hours. Alcohol can interfere with the healing process, increase the risk of bleeding, and prolong recovery time. It's crucial to follow the specific instructions provided by your healthcare professional to ensure a smooth and quick recovery.

Can wisdom teeth removal cause numbness in the face?

Yes, numbness in the face can be a potential side effect of wisdom teeth removal. This can occur if the nerves in the jaw or surrounding area are damaged during the extraction process. It is important to discuss any concerns with your dentist or oral surgeon.

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