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what are wisdom teeth

What's the definition of wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, our last set of molars, often make their appearance in our late teens or early twenties. We evolved to have them to help us chew tough, raw foods, much like our early ancestors. Over time, however, our diets have changed and we've developed smaller jaws, leaving little room for these extra teeth. So now, they're left vying for space, which can be uncomfortable. It's like having surprise guests at a party; you're glad they've come, yet they bring a bit of directed chaos.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

When is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

As your wisdom teeth come in, you may experience common symptoms such as swelling, discomfort, difficulty opening your mouth, and possibly even causing other teeth to shift. However, the question of when to remove them isn't so straightforward. If your mouth can accommodate them and there's no pain or alignment issues, they're typically OK to stay. On the other hand, if they're causing discomfort or potential problems, it's time to consider your options. We recommend consulting renowned wisdom teeth surgery experts in Calumet City. They can evaluate your case, ease your worries, and guide you towards the best solution for your dental health. Everybody's situation is different, so it's vital to make an informed decision. Isn't it a relief knowing professional help is just a call away?

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

Impacted wisdom teeth removal

We begin by numbing the area around the wisdom tooth, ensuring you won't feel pain during the surgery. After making a small cut in your gum, if the tooth is impacted, we'll remove a bit of bone covering the tooth. Using precise dental tools, we gently loosen and extract the tooth. Moreover, it's critical to handle the wisdom tooth correctly, to minimize trauma to the surrounding tissues. Despite being a complex procedure, we prioritize your comfort and safety above all. And remember, you're always in good hands.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth removal aftercare

Post wisdom teeth surgery, we normally anticipate a sequential recovery process. Immediately after the operation, you'll likely experience mild discomfort and swelling, which could peak around day 3. This is an absolutely normal part of healing. Over the next week, you should gradually start feeling better as swelling and pain recedes. However, remember, everyone's experience is unique. Therefore, we diligently provide individualized recovery instructions to ensure optimal healing. If you're noticing persistent pain beyond a week, please don't hesitate contacting us.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Soft foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal

After getting those wisdom teeth out, it's key to choose soft, nourishing foods that won't stress your mouth. We love a classic egg salad, it's easy to eat and packed with protein. Berries are another fantastic option. They're soft, full of vitamins, and they've got just enough sweetness to feel like a treat. Remember, stay hydrated, but skip the straws. You've got this.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

What do dentists charge for removing wisdom teeth in Calumet City?

In Calumet City, the cost of wisdom teeth removal varies based on factors like complexity and anesthesia. Opting to remove all four wisdom teeth in one session may provide a more cost-effective solution as it minimizes anesthesia and surgical preparation costs. It's important to remember, though, that everyone's situation is unique. We always strive to help you make the most beneficial and economically sound decision for your oral health.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Urgent wisdom tooth extraction in Calumet City

While wisdom tooth pain isn't typically an emergency, it can sure feel like one. That's where we come in. As a 24/7 service, we're always ready to handle your tooth troubles. Moreover, to maintain oral hygiene during a wisdom tooth flare up, try rinsing with warm salt water, careful brushing, and flossing. Reached an impasse? Turn to us, your wisdom tooth removal experts in Calumet City - we've got a sound understanding of this whole debacle.


How many wisdom teeth do we have?

Adults typically have four wisdom teeth, also known as third molars. These teeth usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25 but can often be misaligned or impacted, requiring extraction.

Are there alternative treatments to wisdom teeth removal?

Yes, alternative treatments to wisdom teeth removal include monitoring the teeth for any issues, using medication to manage symptoms, and employing conservative techniques such as tooth reshaping or bonding.

What are the common signs of infection after wisdom teeth removal?

Common signs of infection after wisdom teeth removal include severe pain, swelling, redness around the surgical site, pus discharge, foul odor, difficulty swallowing, fever, and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Urgent dental attention is required if any of these symptoms appear.

Can I smoke after wisdom teeth removal?

It is best to avoid smoking after wisdom teeth removal as it can delay healing, increase the risk of infection, and cause dry socket. Following your dentist's instructions will ensure proper recovery.

Can wisdom teeth removal affect my speech?

Yes, the removal of wisdom teeth may temporarily affect your speech due to swelling and numbness in the area. However, these effects are usually temporary and your speech will typically return to normal once the healing process is complete.

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