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what are wisdom teeth

What's the definition of wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, clinically known as third molars, are a bit of a mystery to us. They're the last charmers to join our dental party, sprouting up usually between the ages of 17 and 25. Now, why did we evolve to have them? You see, our ancient ancestors had a tougher diet – think raw roots, leaves, and meat. So, more teeth were handy for efficient grinding. Over time, as our diets softened, our jaws shrunk, but the ticketholders to the dental party didn't get the memo. Fascinating, isn't it?

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

Do you really need to extract wisdom teeth?

As an oral surgeon, we often see patients experiencing symptoms of wisdom teeth coming in, including pain in the back of the mouth, swelling, discomfort when opening the mouth, and occasional infections. However, it's not always necessary to remove wisdom teeth. You may need our expert wisdom tooth removal service in Crest Hill if complications arise, but every situation is unique.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

How does wisdom tooth removal work?

We start by administering local anesthesia, numbing the area around your wisdom tooth. Next, an incision is made in the gum tissue to expose the tooth and bone. If it's deeply impacted, we might need to remove some surrounding bone or divide the tooth into sections. We then gently extract the tooth, clean the site, and suture it to promote healing. It's precision work, but you're in safe hands.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth removal aftercare

After we've removed your wisdom teeth, you'll probably experience swelling and discomfort, which is an integral part of your body's healing process. Cold packs can help reduce the swelling, and we'll prescribe pain medication for any discomfort. Be sure to rest, not overdoing it with physical activities. In the first few days, avoid smoking, spitting or using a straw, as these can disrupt clot formation and prolong healing. However, remember, each person's recovery is unique and occurs at its own pace.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Food suggestions after wisdom tooth surgery

We've got you covered post-wisdom teeth removal. Chowing down on hollandaise sauce might be your craving, but alas, it's too spicy, potentially causing discomfort. How about warm, pureed soup instead? Remember, no hot or hard-textured foods. And say maybe next time to berry compote, acidic and tiny berry seeds could irritate your gums. On the other hand, creamy potato or pumpkin soup? It's a resounding yes. They're gentle, comforting, and easy to swallow. You're set with these options.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

How much should I expect to pay?

We understand, it's stressful not knowing the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Crest Hill. While prices can vary due to factors like the complexity of your case or the use of anesthesia, we strive to provide affordable services. There can be unexpected increases if complications arise, but we'll communicate clearly throughout the process. Remember, your health is vital and you're investing in a pain-free future.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Same-day wisdom tooth extraction in Crest Hill

Pain from a wisdom tooth isn't always an emergency situation, but it's important to schedule an appointment to get it assessed. We excel at expert wisdom teeth extractions in Crest Hill, ensuring comfort and care during the process. However, you should know that some individuals indeed may be more prone to complications or pain from their wisdom teeth, making prompt attention essential. Trust us, we're committed to your dental health.


Can wisdom teeth come in normally?

Yes, wisdom teeth can come in normally. However, it is common for them to become impacted or grow in at odd angles, causing pain and overcrowding. Regular dental check-ups allow the dentist to monitor the development of wisdom teeth and address any issues that may arise.

Can I have wisdom teeth removal while pregnant?

It is generally not recommended to have wisdom teeth removed while pregnant due to the potential risks and complications. It is best to consult with your obstetrician and dentist to determine the safest course of action for your specific situation.

Is it normal to have a metallic taste in my mouth after the wisdom teeth surgery?

Yes, it is normal to experience a metallic taste in your mouth after wisdom teeth surgery. This can be due to the medications used during the procedure or the presence of blood in the mouth.

Can I smoke after wisdom teeth removal?

It is highly recommended to avoid smoking after wisdom teeth removal. Smoking can delay healing and increase the risk of infection, dry sockets, and complications. It is best to wait until complete recovery before resuming smoking.

Why is one side more swollen after wisdom teeth removal?

One side may appear more swollen after wisdom teeth removal due to normal post-surgical swelling. This can be influenced by factors like the location of the tooth, individual healing response, and the surgical technique used.

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