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what are wisdom teeth

What's the definition of wisdom teeth?

Even we can't predict the exact age when your wisdom teeth will appear since it varies widely—generally, they tend to emerge in your late teens or early twenties. Wisdom teeth, also affectionately known as third molars, are the last soldiers to make an appearance in the battlefield that's our mouths. However, don't fret if you're way past those years and still no sign of them — some people may never have these teeth at all. This late-bloomer characteristic is part of their charm, really.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

Do you really need to extract wisdom teeth?

As you experience wisdom teeth coming in, discomfort, swelling near the back of your mouth, and difficulty opening your jaw are common symptoms. Additionally, you may struggle with eating or speaking; you might even notice an unpleasant taste or foul breath. While not all wisdom teeth need removal, it's necessary if they're causing pain or oral health issues. We, as expert wisdom tooth surgery providers in Glenview, can assess your situation to determine the best course of action.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

How do you take out wisdom teeth?

We slip into our gloves and gear, buckle up for an epic battle, you and us against those stubborn wisdom teeth. They're often stuck, or impacted, in your gums. With a sharp, quick slice, we cut the gum tissue, removing the tooth sometimes in pieces. It's not always smooth sailing, though. You could face risks--infection, dry socket, or even nerve damage. But, know this: we're with you every step of the way.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Aftercare instructions

Post-wisdom teeth surgery, you often have swelling and discomfort for three days, which gradually reduce. However, we caution that it's not a one-size-fits-all experience, and recovery might slightly differ. You could experience numbness for several days due to nerve involvement. The sutures dissolve around a week post-operation, although continued discomfort could warrant a visit to ensure no complications. Despite the discomfort, remember, we're here to help alleviate any pain and facilitate smooth recovery.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Food suggestions after wisdom tooth surgery

After having your wisdom teeth removed, soft foods like cheese sauce over soft brown rice are great. We also recommend creamy soups, but stay away from ones with chunks. Smoothies are a tasty treat, too. However, avoid hot food and drinks, as these can disrupt the healing process. Isn't it cool that you're on the soft-food journey now? Enjoy.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

How much should I expect to pay?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Glenview can be affordable, especially when you're covered by dental insurance. We believe it's crucial for everyone to access this essential procedure in a cost-effective way. However, you need to review your insurance plan carefully. Some plans cover a portion of the cost, while others may cover it in full, making it possible to have those troublesome wisdom teeth out without breaking the bank.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Emergency wisdom tooth extraction in Glenview

Wisdom tooth pain isn't usually an emergency, but it's still important to get it checked out. We suggest you come in as soon as possible, especially if the pain lasts for more than a couple of days. We know, toothache can be such a nuisance. However, if the pain strikes after hours, don't panic. Just reach out to skilled dentists for wisdom tooth extractions in Glenview. They've got you covered.


Are there any long-term effects of not removing wisdom teeth?

Yes, not removing wisdom teeth can lead to various long-term issues such as overcrowding, misalignment, and increased risk of dental problems.

Is it common for wisdom teeth removal to require multiple surgeries?

In some cases, wisdom teeth removal may require multiple surgeries. Factors such as the position of the teeth, complications, and patient's oral health can contribute to the need for more surgical procedures.

Is it normal to have a metallic taste in my mouth after the wisdom teeth surgery?

Yes, it is normal to experience a metallic taste in your mouth after wisdom teeth surgery. This is typically caused by the blood in your mouth during the healing process.

How long should I wait to smoke or vape after wisdom teeth removal?

It is recommended to avoid smoking or vaping for at least 72 hours after wisdom teeth removal. Smoking can delay healing and increase the risk of complications. Consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice.

Can wisdom teeth make you sick?

Yes, wisdom teeth can cause sickness. If they become impacted or infected, symptoms such as pain, swelling, bad breath, and difficulty chewing can occur. Extraction may be necessary.

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