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what are wisdom teeth

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, typically appear when we're between the ages of 17 and 25. These often misunderstood teeth can be quite a dental mystery, as they're buried in our gums until they emerge. They're our last teeth to erupt, often causing slight discomfort when they do. However, this isn't something you need to worry about. Trust us, we've all been there.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

When wisdom tooth extraction is needed?

We've identified several symptoms: swelling, pain, or tenderness near the superior wisdom tooth. Occasionally, difficulty opening your mouth or unpleasant taste and smell indicate wisdom teeth are coming in. You should remove them when there's regular pain, cysts, tooth decay, or damage to adjacent teeth. However, extraction isn't needed if they've grown in correctly and you can keep them clean. To ensure superior care, consider surgeons in Andover.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

How do you take out wisdom teeth?

Undergoing wisdom teeth removal can feel daunting, but we've got you covered. First, you'll receive local anesthesia, so you won't feel any pain. Following that, we'll create a small incision in your gum to access the troublesome tooth. Thirdly, we gently rock the tooth back and forth until it's loose enough to safely extract. With this experience, it's smooth sailing. Before the procedure, ensure you're well-rested and haven't eaten or drunk anything for at least six hours prior. Now, you're all set.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth aftercare

After wisdom teeth surgery, it's normal to experience some discomfort. However, quick recovery is achievable if we diligently adhere to post-operative care such as refraining from vigorous rinsing, jumping around, and any strenuous activities. On the other hand, properly brushing your teeth, minus the surgery site, is essential for keeping infection at bay. We also recommend you're consistent with your prescribed painkillers and mouth rinse to expedite healing. Remember, your oral health affects your overall well-being.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Food to eat after wisdom teeth removal

After having your wisdom teeth removed, we need soft, easy-to-digest foods. Chicken noodle soup's excellent, as it's warm and provides proteins; avoid any big chicken chunks though. Smoothies can certainly help you maintain your nutrition. Fresh fruits, non-dairy milk, or yogurt make great bases, yet keep it seed-free to prevent discomfort. Foods like Jell-O are perfect too, it's soft and requires no chewing. On the other hand, steer clear from hot, spicy, or hard-to-chew foods until you're fully recovered.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

How much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth in Andover?

We understand removing wisdom teeth, often carried out by oral surgeons, can seem daunting, both physically and financially. It's important to note that the cost can vary, based on individual needs and circumstances. However, don't stress. Many dental practices in Andover offer financial assistance plans to make this process affordable. By exploring these options, you're ensuring your oral health is prioritized, without breaking the bank.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Same-day wisdom tooth extraction in Andover

Although wisdom tooth pain isn't typically classified as an emergency, it's crucial to seek prompt care to avoid potential complications. It's entirely possible for wisdom tooth pain to radiate to other areas of your face or even your neck. However, reliable help is available for such discomfort at a wisdom tooth extraction clinic in Andover. We assure you, you'll be treated with compassion and care, seeking relief for your dental woes.


Can you keep your wisdom teeth if they don't cause problems?

If wisdom teeth aren't causing issues, they can be kept. However, monitoring is necessary as problems can arise in the future. Regular dental check-ups are crucial.

Can I have wisdom teeth removed if I have braces?

Yes, it is possible to have wisdom teeth removed while wearing braces. However, it is best to consult with your orthodontist and oral surgeon to determine the most appropriate timing for the procedure.

What are dry sockets, and how can they be prevented?

Dry sockets are a painful complication that can occur after tooth extraction. To prevent them, avoid smoking, using straws, or spitting forcefully for a few days after the extraction. Follow your dentist's instructions for proper care and aftercare.

When can I drink alcohol after wisdom teeth removal?

After wisdom teeth removal, it is best to avoid alcohol for at least 24-48 hours. Alcohol can slow down healing and interact negatively with pain medications. It is important to follow your dentist's instructions to ensure proper healing and minimize any potential complications.

Why is one side more swollen after wisdom teeth removal?

One side may be more swollen after wisdom teeth removal due to factors like surgical technique, individual anatomy, and differences in blood flow, leading to variations in inflammation and healing process.

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