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what are wisdom teeth

What's the definition of wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, located at the back of your mouth, are the last set of molars to grow in. Typically, they're often referred to as 'wisdom teeth' as they usually grow when we hit an age – typically between 17 and 25 – where we've supposedly gained some 'wisdom'. To maintain your dental health, it's essential to make sure they're not causing you any discomfort or problems.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

Should you have your wisdom teeth removed?

When wisdom teeth come in, you might experience symptoms like pain, swelling, and difficulty opening your mouth. Sometimes, they're harmless and don't need to be removed. However, if they're causing discomfort or other oral problems, extraction could be the best solution. As the leading wisdom teeth removal clinic in Holbrook, we've seen the benefits firsthand – less pain and lower risk of infections. Yet, every patient is unique, so we'll always carefully assess your individual situation.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

How does wisdom tooth removal work?

In my experience, wisdom teeth removal is a delicate procedure. We make a small incision in your gum, and then extract the tooth. To safeguard the nerves, it's essential that we use utmost precision, along with up to date surgical techniques. Using X-rays, we can see the exact positioning of your nerves and avoid causing any damage. That's how we ensure a safe surgery.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Aftercare instructions

Undergoing wisdom teeth surgery, recovery is often manageable. Yes, we must say, there'll be some discomfort; it's a surgery after all.However, don't fret. Persistent bleeding should lessen within 24 hours, and we give you practical tools like gauze to manage it. We're here with you in this journey; we understand your apprehension. But remember, you're stronger than the short-lived pain. And hey - there's a silver lining - you're probably getting days off work. Together, we'll navigate your post-op journey smoothly.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

What to eat post-op?

After your wisdom teeth removal, we recommend consuming soft, nutrient-rich foods. Stick with gentle risotto and cream of barley soup, which are easy to chew, full of flavor, and will help nourish your body post-procedure. It's crucial to remember, while it's soft, dairy-based food like custard and pudding also pack a protein punch. On top of this, you could enjoy scrambled eggs or silken tofu. These choices ensure you're supporting your healing body with necessary protein while avoiding risk of further discomfort. However, consider your personal dietary needs and preferences too; there's no one-size-fits-all approach to post-procedure nutrition.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

How much for wisdom teeth removal in Holbrook?

In Holbrook, the cost of wisdom teeth removal varies, but we're here to ensure you get the right coverage. When you're considering whether to remove all four wisdom teeth simultaneously or individually, bear in mind that undergoing one comprehensive procedure might be more economical. However, you're unique and every situation differs, so we'll guide you towards the most beneficial option. Fear not. You're in experienced hands and we'll strive to make this journey towards radiant oral health as smooth and worry-free as possible for you.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Urgent wisdom tooth extraction in Holbrook

Wisdom tooth pain isn't necessarily an emergency, but it's recommended we make an appointment with oral surgeons for wisdom teeth removal in Holbrook if discomfort persists. Distinguishing between normal growth pain and a problematic situation isn't always straightforward. However, if the pain's severe, doesn't subside after a few days, or it's accompanied by swelling or infection, that's a definite red flag.


Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, were necessary in our ancestors for a diet of coarse foods and frequent tooth loss. Nowadays, they often cause problems due to lack of space in the mouth.

What types of anesthesia are used for wisdom teeth removal?

Typically, local anesthesia and sedation are used for wisdom tooth removal. Local anesthesia numbs the surgical area, while sedation helps the patient relax and may result in partial or complete memory loss during the procedure.

What should I do if my stitches come loose after wisdom teeth removal?

If your stitches come loose after wisdom teeth removal, contact your dentist immediately. They will provide guidance on proper care and may suggest a follow-up appointment to ensure proper healing.

When can I drink alcohol after wisdom teeth removal?

It is recommended to avoid drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours after wisdom teeth removal, as it can interfere with the healing process and increase the risk of complications.

Can wisdom teeth stop aching on their own?

Yes, wisdom teeth can stop aching on their own. However, if the pain persists or worsens, it's advisable to consult a dental professional to assess the situation and determine whether further treatment is necessary.

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