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Every wisdom tooth extraction starts with a comprehensive diagnosis. Pain management and sedation options keep the experience smooth.


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what are wisdom teeth

What's the definition of wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are our last set of molars that typically show up in our late teens or early twenties. They're like the bonus track on your favorite album— they pop up at the end. However, some of us won't get wisdom teeth at all. You're not any less wise for it, either. It's just how we're wired sometimes.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

When is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

Experiencing pain, swelling, and gums redness? We may be witnessing wisdom teeth making their appearance. Some people feel no discomfort, but if you're feeling the adverse effects, you might want to consider wisdom tooth removal in Edison. It's not mandatory, yet benefiting from an extraction includes easing overcrowding and decreased disease risk. There's more wisdom in removal, don't you think?

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

Impacted wisdom teeth removal

We, your friendly neighborhood tooth experts, are here to demystify wisdom teeth removal for you. Primarily, it doesn't matter if it's an upper or lower wisdom tooth, they're both primarily removed the same way. We make a small cut, remove a bit of bone if necessary, and gently take the tooth out. But here's the fun fact: upper wisdom teeth are often easier to remove. So, no worries, you're in good hands.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Aftercare instructions

After we perform your wisdom teeth removal, there's a critical focus on healing - primarily your mouth forming a clot over the surgical sites, creating a protective layer aiding in recovery. It's crucial that this clot isn't disturbed. Consequently, refrain from rigorous mouth-rinsing and avoid touching the wound area. Handle any pain, swelling and bruising with prescribed medications and rest frequently. However, contact your dentist if you face severe prolonged symptoms, as you may be experiencing complications.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Soft foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal

We've got you covered post-wisdom tooth removal. Indulge in soft foods like millet porridge or a delicious cheese souffle. Both are tasty, gentle on your mouth, and packed with nutrients. Avoid crunchy, tough, or sticky foods—no enjoyment in pain, right? Steer clear of hot drinks too —they might agitate your sensitive gums. Remember, you're road to recovery is made of spoonfuls.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

What do dentists charge for removing wisdom teeth in Edison?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Edison varies, considering the complexity of each situation. We assure you that our dental care offers competitive rates. Moreover, we understand that certain patients, such as students or low-income individuals, may need additional assistance. That's why we offer flexible financing options and potential discounts to help you manage your dental health without burdening your wallet. Remember, you're investing in your overall wellbeing.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Urgent wisdom tooth extraction in Edison

While wisdom tooth pain doesn't always require emergency care, it certainly needs attention - don't ignore it. We recommend seeking instant help to determine if intervention is necessary. Occasionally, painful wisdom teeth may require the expert hand of wisdom tooth removal surgeons in Edison. However, preventive measures, like maintaining good oral hygiene and regular check-ups, can often help you sidestep wisdom tooth complications. Remember, you're not alone in this; we're here to help.


How big are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth typically vary in size but are generally similar to other molars. They can be as big as your second molars, with the crown measuring around 12-14 millimeters wide and the roots extending several centimeters.

How can I prepare for my wisdom teeth removal surgery?

To prep for wisdom teeth removal surgery, follow instructions from your oral surgeon, including any dietary restrictions before the procedure. Arrange for someone to drive you home afterward since anesthesia will be involved.

What should I do if I experience excessive bleeding after the wisdom teeth surgery?

Apply gentle pressure with a clean gauze pad to the surgical area and bite down for 30 minutes. Avoid rinsing and spitting. If bleeding persists, contact your oral surgeon or go to the nearest emergency room.

Can I drive myself home after wisdom teeth removal?

Typically, it's recommended not to drive yourself home after wisdom teeth removal due to the effects of anesthesia. It's best to have someone accompany you or arrange for alternative transportation.

Can wisdom teeth removal affect my speech?

Yes, removing wisdom teeth can potentially affect speech. Swelling and pain may temporarily alter tongue movement, impeding speech. However, these effects are usually short-lived and speech should return to normal once the healing process is complete.

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