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what are wisdom teeth

What exactly are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth give us their name for a fun reason: they're usually the last teeth to emerge, appearing when we've acquired some wisdom in our late teens or early twenties. These third molars, tucked in the back corners of our mouth, are part of our ancestral heritage. You see, our ancestors needed these robust teeth to effectively chew their tough diet. However, with our evolved diets, they've become somewhat superfluous, making wisdom teeth an intriguing quirk of our health history.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

Is wisdom tooth extraction always necessary?

When wisdom teeth are coming in, you might experience pain, swelling around the gum, difficulty opening your mouth, or even discomfort in your ears. However, not all wisdom teeth need removal. Sometimes, there's adequate space for them to grow without causing trouble. On the other hand, if they've become impacted or are causing crowding, we might suggest considering our expert wisdom teeth surgery service in Lyndhurst. It's critical to your comfort and oral health.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

Impacted wisdom teeth removal

Oh, the wonders of wisdom teeth surgery. We start by numbing your mouth so you'll be comfortable. Then, we carefully open the tissue enveloping the tooth, revealing the culprit. You've been brave, so next, we gently loosen the wisdom tooth from its socket. Voila. It's out. Some situations require us to divide the tooth into sections for a smoother process. You're doing great, and with a stitch or two, we're finished. How exciting, extractions are easier than expected, aren't they?

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth aftercare

Recovery after wisdom teeth surgery might feel a tad uncomfortable; however, it's typically just temporary. You may experience some swelling, discomfort, even light bleeding. It's important for you to stick to the aftercare instructions that we provide. Regular follow-ups are crucial since they give us a chance to monitor your progress and handle any potential issues promptly. If you're dutiful with your mouth care and rest, your recovery can move along swiftly. Remember, we understand what you're going through, and we're here to guide you every step of the recovery journey.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Foods to eat after having your wisdom teeth extracted

We recommend indulging in nutritious, soft foods like creamed spinach, which is packed with essential vitamins. It's an excellent choice post wisdom teeth removal. If you have a sweet tooth, light delights like whipped cream can be easily swallowed. Try protein-rich shakes and soups, they'll keep you fueled. Furthermore, stay hydrated. Remember, balanced nutrition helps expedite healing.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

How much should I expect to pay?

In Lyndhurst, the cost of wisdom teeth removal varies. It hinges on your individual situation and level of difficulty. To your benefit, most dental insurance plans tend to cover this procedure. However, it's important to verify directly with your specific plan. While approaching the procedure can be daunting, you're not alone. Many face this hurdle, but with professional care and your best interests at heart, we ensure it's a smooth journey to a healthier smile.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Emergency wisdom tooth extraction in Lyndhurst

While agonizing wisdom tooth pain doesn't necessarily constitute immediate emergency care, it does indeed warrant prompt attention. We encourage walk-ins, as a skilled dentist from Lyndhurst can address this discomfort swiftly. For immediate relief, rinsing your mouth with saltwater may help mitigate your pain, but remember, this is just a temporary fix. Truth be told, removing the problem within the mouth is typically the best route, a scenario akin to plucking the thorn out, not just soothing the wound.


Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed?

The need for wisdom teeth removal depends on various factors like alignment, crowding, and potential issues. Consulting with a dentist will help determine if extraction is necessary for individual cases.

Can I have wisdom teeth removed if I have braces?

Yes, you can have your wisdom teeth removed even if you have braces. It is common to remove wisdom teeth during orthodontic treatment to prevent crowding or shifting of teeth. It is best to consult with your orthodontist and oral surgeon for personalized advice.

How to sleep after wisdom teeth removal?

After wisdom teeth removal, sleep with your head elevated using pillows. Apply an ice pack for the first 24 hours to minimize swelling. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Stick to a soft food diet to promote healing.

How long should I avoid alcoholic beverages after wisdom teeth removal?

It is best to avoid alcoholic beverages for at least 48 hours after wisdom teeth removal to prevent complications, such as excessive bleeding or delayed healing.

Why is one side more swollen after wisdom teeth removal?

One side may be more swollen after wisdom teeth removal due to variations in the healing process. Factors such as individual anatomy, inflammation, or trauma can contribute to localized swelling. It is best to consult your dentist or oral surgeon for an accurate assessment and appropriate treatment if necessary.

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