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what are wisdom teeth

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that usually emerge in a person's late teens or early twenties, known as the mature age. They are also called third molars and are located at the far back of the mouth. Most people have four wisdom teeth, but it's possible to have more. Interestingly, some individuals may even have fewer or no wisdom teeth at all.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

Is extraction necessary for wisdom teeth?

When wisdom teeth grow in, you may feel pain or discomfort in your face, especially around the back of your mouth. Sometimes, your gums can become swollen and red. If the wisdom teeth don't have enough space to come in properly, they can cause problems like infection or damage to nearby teeth. In such cases, it is necessary to remove the wisdom teeth to prevent further complications. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to visit Belton dental clinic quickly for help.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

What's the process for taking out wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are commonly removed through a surgical procedure. During the surgery, an incision is made in the gum to expose the tooth and surrounding bone. If necessary, the tooth may be cut into smaller pieces for easier removal. To minimize pain and discomfort, different types of anesthesia can be used, including local anesthesia (numbing the area around the tooth), sedation anesthesia (administering medication to relax and make the patient drowsy), and general anesthesia (putting the patient to sleep). These options ensure a comfortable experience during wisdom teeth removal.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Aftercare instructions

After having your wisdom teeth removed, the recovery process primarily involves resting at home. You should apply ice packs to reduce swelling, take prescribed pain medications as directed, and maintain a soft diet. Avoid smoking, drinking through a straw, and strenuous activities during the initial few days. Gently rinse your mouth with warm saltwater and continue practicing good oral hygiene by softly brushing your teeth. Schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure proper healing.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Post-extraction meal ideas

After oral surgery, it is best to avoid certain foods that can hinder the healing process. Foods high in acidity like tangerines can irritate the surgical site and delay the recovery. Additionally, avoid hard and chewy foods that can cause discomfort or damage, like soft-cooked shrimp. It is essential to opt for soft, easily chewable foods and drinks that won't disrupt the wound, such as soups, mashed potatoes, smoothies, and lukewarm beverages.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

Wisdom teeth removal cost in Belton

Wisdom teeth removal in Belton can vary in cost depending on factors such as the type of extraction, whether it is a simple or impacted extraction, and any additional costs for dental care. Coverage by dental insurance also varies, so it is best to check with your provider to determine your specific benefits. Our dental office is here to help you navigate this process and offer affordable options even without insurance.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Urgent wisdom tooth extraction in Belton

Wisdom tooth pain can be an emergency if it is severe and accompanied by symptoms like swelling or fever. It can radiate to other parts of the face and neck, causing headaches or earaches. If you're experiencing intense pain or swelling, it's important to seek immediate dental care. For expert wisdom teeth extractions in Belton, we offer efficient and experienced services. Contact us now for help with your wisdom tooth pain.


How big are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last molars that grow at the back of the mouth. They vary in size, but typically measure about 1-2 centimeters in length and width.

How can I prepare for my wisdom teeth removal surgery?

To prepare, follow your dentist's instructions regarding fasting, medications, and transportation arrangements. Stock up on soft foods, ice packs, and pain relievers. Relax, hydrate, and have someone available to assist you post-surgery.

Can I use a straw after wisdom teeth removal?

Yes, you can use a straw after wisdom teeth removal, but it's best to avoid it for the first few days to prevent dislodging blood clots. Sipping directly from a cup is recommended instead. Consult your oral surgeon for specific post-operative instructions.

Can I smoke after wisdom teeth removal?

It is not recommended to smoke after wisdom teeth removal due to the negative effects it can have on your healing process.

Are there any age restrictions for wisdom teeth removal?

Yes, there can be age restrictions for wisdom teeth removal. It is typically recommended to have them removed during the late teenage years or early twenties.

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