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what are wisdom teeth

What's the definition of wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that usually appear in people's late teens or early twenties. They were useful to our ancestors who had larger jaws that needed extra teeth for grinding plant-based diets. Over time, our jaws have become smaller with the advent of cooking and advancements in tool usage. As a result, many people today don't have enough space for wisdom teeth, which can lead to pain, infections, and dental care problems.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

When is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

If you're experiencing symptoms like pain at the back of your mouth, difficulty opening your mouth fully, or swollen gums, you might have wisdom teeth coming in. Sometimes, these teeth don't have enough space to properly emerge, leading to impacted wisdom teeth. When this happens, it can cause infection, damage to other teeth, and misalignment. Removing impacted wisdom teeth is necessary to prevent further complications. For a consultation, visit Hurst Dental Clinic.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

How are wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth are sometimes deeply impacted, which means they are stuck underneath the gums and are not able to fully erupt. In such cases, a dental surgeon with experience in oral surgery will need to remove them. During the procedure, the surgeon will make an incision in the gum to access the impacted tooth. Sometimes, a small amount of bone might need to be removed to fully extract the tooth. Once the tooth is removed, the incision is closed using dissolvable stitches.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Aftercare recommendations

After wisdom teeth surgery, the recovery process involves taking necessary steps to alleviate discomfort and ensure optimal healing. It is important to follow the dentist's instructions regarding pain management, including prescribed medications. Maintaining a soft foods diet and proper oral hygiene is key. Avoiding strenuous activities, using ice packs to reduce swelling, and attending follow-up appointments contribute to a successful recovery.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Soft foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal

After wisdom tooth extraction, it is generally safe to consume soft and non-acidic foods. Some suitable options include mashed carrots, which can provide gentle nourishment, and oranges, which should be peeled and mashed into a puree for smoother consumption. Remember to avoid acidic or spicy foods that could irritate the extraction site. Additionally, continue to drink plenty of water and consume other soft foods like yogurt or applesauce to aid in the healing process.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

Price range for extracting wisdom teeth in Hurst

Wisdom teeth removal costs in Hurst can vary depending on the type of extraction necessary, such as simple or impacted. Additional costs may apply for sedation or pain medication. Dental insurance usually covers a portion of the procedure, but coverage and benefits can differ. At our dental office, we can help you determine if your insurance will cover the extraction and provide affordable options for those without insurance.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Same-day wisdom tooth extraction in Hurst

Wisdom tooth pain can be considered an emergency if experiencing severe symptoms such as swelling, difficulty swallowing, or fever. Additionally, wisdom tooth pain can radiate to other areas of the face or neck, causing discomfort or jaw stiffness. If you're looking for walk-ins, we can recommend some of the best wisdom teeth removal dentists in Hurst who provide efficient and reliable care.


How big are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth vary in size, but they are typically similar to other molars. They can range from small and partially erupted to large and fully developed, often causing discomfort or issues when they emerge.

Can I have wisdom teeth removed if I have braces?

Yes, it's possible to have wisdom teeth removed even if you have braces. Your dentist or orthodontist may coordinate with an oral surgeon to ensure a successful procedure.

How do I clean my mouth after wisdom teeth removal?

After wisdom teeth removal, gently rinse your mouth with warm saltwater every few hours for 24-48 hours. Avoid spitting forcefully or using a straw as it may dislodge the blood clot. Stick to soft foods and brush gently around the extraction site.

Can I drive myself home after wisdom teeth removal?

No, it is not advisable. After wisdom teeth removal, you may experience drowsiness and impaired coordination due to anesthesia or pain medication. It is safer to arrange for someone else to drive you home to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Can wisdom teeth removal affect my speech?

Yes, the removal of wisdom teeth can temporarily affect speech. This is due to swelling and numbness in the mouth, which may temporarily affect tongue movement and pronunciation. However, these effects are usually temporary and resolve as the mouth heals.

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