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what are wisdom teeth

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that typically develop during the late teenage years or early twenties. They were useful for our ancestors who had larger jaws and needed extra teeth for chewing tough food. However, nowadays, our jaws have become smaller due to evolution, and most people don't have enough space in their mouths for these additional teeth. As a result, wisdom teeth often become impacted or cause crowding. Some lucky individuals never develop wisdom teeth at all.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

Is it necessary to remove wisdom tooth?

Symptoms of wisdom teeth emerging include jaw pain, swelling, bad breath, difficulty opening the mouth, and headaches. If you experience these symptoms, it might be time to remove your wisdom teeth. Removal is necessary when these teeth cause severe pain or damage to nearby teeth, gums, or jawbone. Visit Manassas dental clinic to get professional help and relief from these discomforts.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

How does wisdom tooth removal work?

Wisdom teeth are typically removed in a dental office using a local anesthetic, which numbs the area around the teeth. The dentist will make an incision in the gum tissue to expose the wisdom teeth and may need to do some bone removal. Sometimes, the teeth are easy to extract, and the dentist can simply use forceps to remove them. In more complicated cases, the teeth might need to be divided into smaller pieces before extraction. Stitches or sutures may be used to close the incisions, promoting healing. While stitches are necessary in some cases to secure the tissue, they may not always be required. It depends on the dentist's judgment and the specific circumstances of each case.

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Aftercare recommendations

After wisdom teeth removal, the quickest way to recover involves taking prescribed antibiotics as directed by the oral surgeon or dentist. These medications help prevent infection and promote faster healing. Additionally, following post-operative instructions, such as keeping the surgical area clean, managing swelling with ice packs, and avoiding strenuous activities, are crucial. Regularly rinsing with warm saltwater can also help keep the area clean and promote healing.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Safe foods to eat post-extraction

After wisdom teeth removal, it is important to consume soft, easy-to-eat foods that won't irritate the surgical sites. A nutritious and gentle option is fruit smoothie bowls, which provide essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, mashed pinto beans can be a good source of protein and fiber. These foods are soft enough to be consumed without causing discomfort, helping promote a smoother recovery process.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

Typical cost of wisdom tooth extraction in Manassas

The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Manassas can vary depending on factors such as the type of extraction required (simple or impacted) and any additional treatments needed. As for dental insurance coverage, it's important to review your plan's benefits to determine if the procedure is covered. Our dental office is here to help you navigate through these inquiries and provide affordable dental care options, whether or not you have insurance.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Urgent wisdom tooth extraction in Manassas

Wisdom tooth pain can be a cause for concern and may require immediate care. It can radiate to other areas of the face or neck, leading to discomfort and difficulty in performing daily activities. If you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain, it is advisable to seek assistance from wisdom teeth removal specialists in Manassas who can provide expert care and alleviate the pain.


Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are thought to have been useful for our ancestors who had larger jaws and needed extra molars for chewing tough foods.

Can I wear makeup on the day of my wisdom teeth removal surgery?

Yes, you can wear makeup on the day of your wisdom teeth removal surgery as long as it doesn't interfere with the procedure. However, it is recommended to avoid wearing heavy makeup to prevent any potential complications during the surgery.

Is it normal to have a metallic taste in my mouth after the wisdom teeth surgery?

Yes, experiencing a metallic taste in your mouth after wisdom teeth surgery is normal. This can result from the use of anesthesia or medication during the procedure.

How soon can I resume physical activity after wisdom teeth removal?

It is recommended to wait at least 24-48 hours before resuming physical activity after wisdom teeth removal. This allows time for proper healing and reduces the risk of complications.

Can wisdom teeth removal cause numbness in the face?

Yes, it is possible for wisdom teeth removal to cause temporary numbness in the face. This can occur due to nerve damage during the procedure. However, with proper care and time, the sensation should return to normal.

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