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what are wisdom teeth

What exactly are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to erupt in our mouths. Typically, they emerge when we're between 17 and 21 years old. As we mature, these teeth often don't have enough room for proper placement, so they may grow in at unusual angles, become impacted or only half-erupt. You may wonder if your wisdom teeth need attention, yet determining that solely depends on their alignment and your oral health. Similarly, everyone's experience varies.

symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth

Do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

When wisdom teeth erupt, you might experience pain, swollen gums, difficulty in opening your mouth, or even an altered taste. Some signs are subtle, yet they're signs nonetheless. It's crucial to spot these symptoms early. However, not every eruption requires removal. If they're properly aligned and not causing discomfort or health issues, they can safely stay. On the other hand, should you encounter intense discomfort or complications, we offer expert wisdom tooth removal services in Federal Way.

wisdom tooth removal surgery near you

How's a wisdom tooth extracted?

After applying a local anesthetic, we make an incision in the gum to expose the tooth and bone. Then, we remove any bone blocking access to the root. The wisdom tooth might need to be divided into segments for easier extraction, but don't worry—you feel no pain. Finally, we retract the tooth, clean the site and stitch it up. Exciting, isn't it?

aftercare instructions post-operation third molar tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth healing

The journey of wisdom teeth surgery recovery starts with initial discomfort, which we manage with medications. Next, there's a soothing week of rest as your body heals the surgical area. Some swelling is normal, but don't worry, it will ease after a few days. The transition to a healthy mouth takes a few weeks, with welfare checks along the way. Bear in mind, every individual's healing process differs so be patient with your recovery.

What to eat after tooth removal surgery?

Best foods to eat after wisdom tooth removal

We recommend soft, easily-chewable foods post wisdom teeth removal. Soft-cooked buckwheat, for instance, is an excellent choice. Why? It's packed with nutrients and requires minimal chewing. Moreover, fruit salads can satisfy your sweet cravings while providing necessary vitamins. However, make sure to opt for softer fruits like bananas and peaches. Liquid diets, too, are praiseworthy; soups, smoothies, and yogurts can be easy on your gums while you're healing.

wisdom tooth extraction cost in your city

How much should I expect to pay?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Federal Way can often be a concern. However, rest assured that most dental insurance plans do offer some degree of coverage for this procedure. The degree of coverage you're entitled to will depend on your specific plan. It's important that we remember, though, to review your insurance policy thoroughly to understand what's covered and what's not. Remember, we're always here to help you navigate these complexities.

Urgent same-day wisdom teeth extraction local dental services

Emergency wisdom tooth extraction in Federal Way

If you're experiencing discomfort or pain from a wisdom tooth, it's necessary to secure an appointment with specialists for urgent care. However, whilst waiting for your appointment, there are few steps that can provide immediate relief. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water can lessen the pain and swelling. Moreover, over-the-counter painkillers can also provide temporary relief. In severe cases, we recommend wisdom tooth removal surgeons in Federal Way who can offer a more permanent solution.


When do most people get their wisdom teeth?

Most people get their wisdom teeth during their late teens or early twenties. It is important to consult a dental professional for proper evaluation and potential extraction.

How long does a wisdom teeth removal procedure take?

The duration of a wisdom teeth removal procedure varies, but on average it takes about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the case.

Is it normal to have a metallic taste in my mouth after the wisdom teeth surgery?

Yes, it is normal to experience a metallic taste in your mouth after wisdom teeth surgery. This sensation is often a temporary side effect caused by anesthesia or medications used during the procedure.

How long should I avoid alcoholic beverages after wisdom teeth removal?

It is best to avoid alcoholic beverages for at least 48 to 72 hours after wisdom teeth removal. Alcohol can interfere with healing and increase the risk of bleeding and complications.

Why is one side more swollen after wisdom teeth removal?

Swelling after wisdom teeth removal can occur on one side more than the other due to differences in individual healing processes. This can be influenced by factors such as bone structure and the surgical technique used.

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