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We create the most objective and accurate dental content on the Internet.

Authority Dental us a not-for-profit dental organization with a mission. We believe that everyone, regardless of race, age, or education, deserves access to trustworthy health information.

Many people are not informed of or underestimate the importance of dental care. Spreading oral health awareness is crucial to us. Together with well-established national organizations, we work to ensure our readers the best possible quality of advice. But the main purpose is to turn knowledge into action.

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We're a go-to place for dental information for major media publishers and health websites, including WebMD, Healthline, Oral-B, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Insider, Byrdie, Fatherly, BestLife, PocketSense, Considerable, TheList, Reason, Rewire, USA Today, Bankrate, Wikihow, and others.

Our articles are regularly shared on government, university, and organization websites. We have published health recommendations for COVID-19, seniors, and veterans. Since 2020, we have proudly been continuing the mission of Oral Health America and the Tooth Wisdom Project. We provide a 24/7 emergency dentist hotline, where you can instantly book an appointment with a nearby dentist.

Medical Board

The Authority Dental medical board comprises certified dental specialists with years of experience. They include representatives of all dental specializations, from family dentists to oral surgeons. Here's a full list of board members:

The board plays a key role in ensuring you can trust all of the information you read at Authority Dental. Our seasoned dental professionals warrant accuracy, objectivity, and reliability at every stage of content production. They suggest source materials, answer researchers’ questions, check the correctness of finished articles, and add practical comments.

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