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At Authority Dental we care about your oral health and you should too!

Here’s why:

  • Your oral health dramatically impacts so many areas of your life. Having a healthy smile gives you unlimited confidence and inspires others around you. Something as simple as a toothache can ruin your day.
  • Your oral health affects your overall health. Did you know that the having bad teeth and gums has been linked to: heart disease, diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, pregnancy problems, sleep issues and much more? Taking care of your oral health is a crucial step in your overall well being.

We understand oral health and dentistry

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We provide clear and easy to read articles about relevant topics. Topics that concern you. All of our articles are deeply researched. Then we take all the jargon and technical talk and boil it down so that it’s easier to read and understand. That way you get the answers you’re looking for, right in one place.

What you read is true

All of our articles are well-researched and reviewed for medical accuracy by either a dentist or a dentist technician. You can trust us to bring you the best information.

Because of this, we are the fastest growing dentistry website online. Each month, we have over 100k people who use our site as their trusted source for oral health.

What’s this mean for you?

It means that you’re part of the fastest growing, the most accurate, the most reliable and most trusted oral health community online when you’re here at Authority Dental.

We believe in equality

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We think that everyone should have affordable access to dental care. That’s why we’ve written a special report for you detailing exact ways to save money at the dentist.

You can find that report here.

For new dentists

We have amazing library of free illustrations for dentist. You can use these on your dental website.

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