Denture repair near me

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Denture repair near me
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Quick denture repair services near you

Quick denture repair services near you

Experience unparalleled denture repair services in our network of 1,500 dental labs nationwide. We are dedicated to offering affordable denture repair solutions without skimping on craftsmanship. We champion every smile, particularly those less privileged and uninsured. Begin your journey towards a restored smile and renewed confidence. Reach out to us today.

Why do dentures break?

Why do dentures break?

One of the primary causes of breaking dentures is normal wear and tear, as the materials used to make dental appliances can weaken and become more susceptible to breakage over time. Denture teeth are not immune to damage. Another reason is poor fit, which can cause uneven pressure distribution, leading to cracks and fractures in the denture. Accidental drops or impacts, such as when cleaning or handling dentures, can also result in breakage.

How does a denture repair process looks like?

How does a denture repair process looks like?

Our experienced dental team, including a denture specialist, will examine your dentures to determine the best course of action for repair. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and materials to ensure that your dentures are restored to their original fit, function, and appearance. We offer same day and walk in denture repair, providing quick and quality service that you can trust. Call now and book your appointment at our denture repair lab.

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How much do denture repair costs?

The average price for denture repair at the dentist's office or denture repair labs is $150. Laboratory repairs will be more expensive than chairside ones. This is because the former usually require new impressions.

DIY repair kits cost about $15. Dentists advise against these solutions for fixing dentures, as you can do more harm than good. Fixing prostheses is a difficult task that requires years of education and training.

Is it safe to fix broken dentures at home?

The best course of action is to wear a spare and report to a dentist or denture repair lab as soon as possible. If you can’t do either, you may use a denture repair kit especially designed for the purpose. This should still be a temporary solution. Take your prosthesis to a professional when you can.

How is denture repair different from relining?

Denture relines are a type of upkeep, something every wearer should do once every year or so. It is basically adding a soft or hard material to the part of the denture that touches your palate or gums.

A reline is a great fix for looseness caused by wear and tear. It also replaces acrylic that has been worn down, making it less likely to break. The goal is to make the prosthesis fit as good as new.

A repair, on the other hand, has the aim of targeting something that has damaged your prosthesis. Those are done in emergencies, for example in the case of trauma. With our denture repair service and denture repair labs, your smile will be in good hands.