Editorial process at Authority Dental

Finding information on dental health online is simple. All you have to do is type the phrase you are interested in into a search engine. This gives you a long list of results. But detecting within that accurate, easy-to-understand, and objective content is another thing altogether. It may even seem daunting.

Authority Dental works on changing that every day.

We strive to give our site visitors access to straightforward and trustworthy advice. There is a whole team of writers, dentists, and other dental professionals. They all take part in creating our content. This helps us be confident the information we provide is fact-based, relevant, and authoritative.

Health is one of the most precious assets. We feel our duty is to help understand how to best take care of it. For you and your loved ones.

You can always trust us to bring you the highest quality information possible. The editorial process described below is a prime example of this.


We start with thorough research. Our team devotes many hours to this crucial stage. Stating cold facts to do with dental health is not enough. We want to meet your expectations as to research-based and data-supported material. At Authority Dental, we make sure to answer any possible queries related to the featured topic.

We collaborate to come up with the best article structure possible. All information is to be understandable and easy to digest. The focus lies on creating the optimal user experience on our website.

References, sources, and citations

In order to further make our content reliable, we base it on trustworthy and current sources. Our articles are supported by the most recent studies, reviews, and reports. The guidelines presented here are modeled after what the best-regarded health and dental associations provide. Authority Dental also looks into any federal agencies that touch upon the subjects the articles are about.

A wide spectrum of points of view and attitudes is key to creating objective content. Authority Dental focuses on dental and health issues from the perspectives of many experts. We try to contract different opinions to show our users the whole scope of the subject matter.

The quotes and judgements cited in our articles come from dental professionals with years of experience. The editorial team works with specialists from all kinds of dental health fields. Our team comprises general dentists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists, orthodontists, dental hygienists, and more.

Authority Dental wants to be transparent. We make sure to link to all sources used in preparing our material. Legitimate questions and queries referencing a need for more information about published content are answered as soon as possible.

Writing and the editorial team

Each article is the result of the work of several people. We do this to make sure it is as reliable, thorough, and as detailed as possible.

The editorial team selection process is very meticulous. We require all members to not only have outstanding writing skills but also background and profound knowledge of the dental niche.

Everyone’s attitude and character are examined. We value personal rigor and each member’s sense of precision. Authority Dental strives to be exact, conscientious and oriented towards all-encompassing improvement.

The whole team regularly undergoes training on the best research and sourcing practices. We all receive feedback and coaching.

Dentist reviews

Cooperation with dental professionals is a part of each step. This means research, consultation during the writing process, and a final verification with multiple specialists. All our associates are actively practicing experts with years of experience on the job.

The consultations are more than just of a theoretical nature. Our dentists offer comments and suggestions on the basis of their real-life patients. They bring our attention to problems you commonly experience.

Content development

Even after publishing, the articles are regularly re-reviewed. This is to make sure they are up-to-date and extensive. And it is not only through our own review board that the articles are scrutinized. We also work with third-party experts from independent organizations.

Authority Dental keeps track of any changes to health guidelines as well as new technologies and practices used in dentistry on a regular basis. This is all to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date information.

Listening to your feedback

You are the reason we are here. The whole team feels it is our responsibility to provide you with the most helpful and actionable content possible. Authority Dental is open to feedback and comments from you. Let us know whether you have any thoughts, whether it is about the subject matter or the format of our content.

Any opinions, quotations, and queries can be sent to admin@authoritydental.org.