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Save money on dental care

Smile-friendly dental care

We bridge the gap between quality dental care and affordability with our flexible payment options and meaningful discounts. Our mission is to make dental health achievable for all.

Pay less at the dentist office

Honest dentistry

Our commitment to transparency means you'll always understand your dental care options. With clear, upfront pricing and a no-hidden-fees policy, we ensure your dental decisions are informed and honest.

Get affordable dentistry services

Caring dentists

Feel supported and stress-free, no matter your financial situation. We provide affordable dental care for patients with and without insurance.

Professional, affordable, and truly caring. Exceeded my expectations..

William, Patient

budget dental care nearby

Budget-friendly dentistry in Santa Ana

At our Santa Ana clinic, we offer affordable dental services tailored for your smile. Whether it's teeth whitening, root canal, dental crowns, or wisdom teeth removal, we make oral care accessible. We're dedicated to making sure your smile stays bright and healthy.

find dentists without insurance

Cheap dentist without insurance near you

At our Santa Ana dental office, we understand that not having dental insurance can feel daunting. We’re committed to clearly communicating all costs upfront. We can complete your treatment in stages and arrange payments over time to alleviate financial stress. With our competitive rates, affordable dental care is within reach. You are our priority.

book a dentist who accepts your insurance

Seamless dental visits through insurance coverage

Carefully managing dental costs? We cater to varied insurance plans including DenteMax, Careington, Physicians Mutual, Blue Cross Blue Shield. Assisting you, we'll guide through annual max, deductible details, eligible service and claim process. Thus, you can plan your care effectively. Your dental wellbeing matters to us. Relax, and let us decode your dental insurance.

get a dental exam in your city

First visit expectations

During your initial dentist check-up, your oral hygiene will be assessed with a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. This will likely include an oral cancer screening and digital X-rays. Our dentist will then discuss your dental health and any treatment needed. Feel free to call our affordable dental office to book your appointment.

preventive dental care

Dental health and its impact on overall wellbeing

Your smile matters. Regular dental clinic visits keep it healthy and bright. It's not just about looks! Neglected oral care leads to difficulties eating, speaking, and even recurring pain. Poor dental health affects more than your mouth. You're worth the routine check-up. It keeps you feeling great, and your smile shining. Remember, a healthier smile is a happier you.

modern dental technology and x-rays

Precision in every procedure

We boast cutting-edge technology, top-quality equipment, and snug facilities for affordable dentistry. Our advanced sterilization techniques guarantee utmost safety. How do we ensure patient and staff well-being? Rigorous sterilization protocols, where each tool undergoes stringent cleanup processes using groundbreaking sterilization methods, while everyone enjoys a cozy, comfortable experience.

affordable dentists near you

Helping you find cheap dentsits in Santa Ana

Is dental care too costly? At Authority Dental, we believe in affordable healthcare. We're committed to making Santa Ana smile, connecting you with inexpensive dentists and equipping you with oral health resources. Our mission: promote oral health awareness and educate you. Your smile, our priority.


Where do your services extend to?

Authority Dental helps you find affordable and cheap dentists in Santa Ana, CA, serving areas in Orange County, and covering the zip codes 92701, 92703, 92704, 92705, 92706, 92707.

What options do I have if a recommended procedure is out of my budget?

There are several options: inquire about installment plans, ask if there are lower-cost alternatives, apply for medical credit cards or loans, or consider getting the procedure done at a dental school where costs may be reduced.

How often should I see a dentist for check-ups and cleanings?

Ideally, you should schedule dental check-ups and cleanings every six months. This regularity helps to maintain oral health and catch potential issues early. However, depending on oral health needs, more frequent visits might be necessary.

How do I know if you accept my dental insurance?

Our team can confirm your dental insurance plan acceptance. Please reach out to our office to check your specific policy coverage details.

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare. Please contact your state health department for more information on dentists who do accept these insurances and can provide you with care.

Low-cost dental care near you in Santa Ana

Discover the power of a confident smile. Schedule your dental appointment with us today. We're open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Call now and enter your ZIP code.