Affordable dentist in Stone Mountain, GA

Stop paying too much for your dental care. Call now and book a low-cost dentist near you in Stone Mountain. We're open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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Save money on dental care

Smile-friendly dental care

Get the dental care you need without breaking the bank. Our flexible payment solutions and discounts are designed to help everyone afford the care they deserve.

Pay less at the dentist office

Transparency in care

Experience the integrity of honest dentistry. We provide all costs upfront and focus solely on necessary procedures, so you can trust in the care you receive and the price you pay.

Get affordable dentistry services

Gentle dentists

Discover a welcoming dental visit where every patient is treated with respect, regardless of income or dental insurance status.

Professional, affordable, and truly caring. Exceeded my expectations..

William, Patient

budget dental care nearby

Inexpensive dental care in Stone Mountain

For quality, affordable dental services in Stone Mountain, look no further. We offer a range of specialized treatments, like braces, root canal treatment, veneers, teeth whitening, wisdom teeth removal, and dental crowns. Our team strives to make your smile brighter and healthier.

find dentists without insurance

Cheap dentist without insurance near you

At our Stone Mountain clinic, affordable care even without dental insurance is our motto. Our tailored treatment plans focus on budget considerations. We propose treatment in stages, lowering upfront costs. With our competitive rates, patients receive quality service for less. Financing options also exist, effectively breaking down expenses into manageable payments. We're confident we can provide you with excellent yet affordable dental care.

book a dentist who accepts your insurance

Get dental care effortlessly with your insurance

We understand managing dental costs, aren't always straightforward. That's why we're here to help you maximize benefits from Ameritas, Cigna, Careington, to Blue Cross Blue Shield. We'll guide you on copayments, annual maximums, deductibles, and eligible services, ensuring you're leveraging your insurance plan effectively for various dental procedures.

get a dental exam in your city

Preparing for your first dental visit

At your initial dentist check-up, you can expect a thorough examination and understanding of your oral health. We will review your dental and health history, clean and polish your teeth, take necessary x-rays, and identify any issues. We encourage you to call our budget-friendly dental clinic in Stone Mountain to book an appointment.

preventive dental care

Risks hidden in dental neglect

Educating you about oral health practices benefits your dental health by preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. It's also linked to general health, preventing heart disease and diabetes. Poor dental care leads to problems like cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis. So, understanding the importance of maintaining oral health plays a crucial part in your overall wellbeing.

modern dental technology and x-rays

Advanced dental care

High-resolution digital X-rays offer our patients precision diagnostics. Laser dentistry ensures painless treatments. Our advanced sterilization system maximizes safety. Soft leather recliners offer optimal comfort during procedures. State-of-art technology blends with comfortable facilities for a superior dental care experience. Top-quality care at exceptional value, no compromises.

affordable dentists near you

Helping you find cheap dentsits in Stone Mountain

Concerned about exorbitant dental care costs? At Authority Dental, we believe in equity and access to affordable oral health services. We connect you, the residents of Stone Mountain, with cheap dentists while also imparting preventive dental care education to reduce your long-term healthcare expenses.


Where do your services extend to?

Authority Dental helps you find affordable and cheap dentists in Stone Mountain, GA, serving areas in DeKalb County, and covering the zip codes 30083, 30087, 30088.

What dental procedures tend to have the most flexible pricing?

Procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, and other aesthetic treatments often have the most flexible pricing due to their elective nature and varying technique options.

How do I avoid unnecessary dental procedures?

Maintain good oral hygiene through regular brushing and flossing. Have routine check-ups as preventative care. Minimize sugar intake and avoid smoking. Early detection and intervention can help avoid unnecessary dental procedures.

How do I know if you accept my dental insurance?

Our office accepts numerous dental insurance plans. Getting in touch with us will allow you to confirm your specific plan's eligibility.

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare. Please contact your state health department for information on providers who do participate in these programs and can provide care for you.

Low-cost dental clinics near you in Stone Mountain

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