Affordable dentist in East Orange, NJ

Stop paying too much for your dental care. Call now and book a low-cost dentist near you in East Orange. We're open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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Save money on dental care

Dental care for every budget

Emphasizing affordability, our dental services come with flexible payment plans and discounts, ensuring you don’t compromise on care or cost.

Pay less at the dentist office

Open pricing policy

Trust begins with transparency. That's why we offer clear, upfront pricing and a commitment to only necessary treatments, so you can make informed decisions about your dental health with confidence.

Get affordable dentistry services

Patient care focus

Choose us for affordable and stress-free dental services. We offer a gentle, compassionate approach to everyone, especially those without insurance.

Transparent pricing and genuinely caring staff. Highly recommend for anyone looking for trustworthy dental care. You won't be disappointed with their professionalism.

Tracy, Patient

budget dental care nearby

Cost efficient dental care in East Orange

Affordable dental care has a new name in East Orange. From root canals, wisdom teeth removal, dental bridges, to efficient teeth cleaning and whitening; we offer a range of treatments. Trust us for high-quality service that doesn't break your budget.

find dentists without insurance

Cheap dentist without insurance near you

Without pushing unnecessary procedures, our East Orange dental office helps patients without dental insurance. Our goal is empathy and affordability, so there are no hidden costs. Offering competitive rates and flexible payment plans, we provide top-quality dental care without financial stress. We believe good dental health shouldn't break the bank, and we're committed to helping you afford the care you need.

book a dentist who accepts your insurance

Get dental care effortlessly with your insurance

We welcome all patients possessing MetLife, Physicians Mutual, Guardian, and Aflac dental plans. Our dedicated team aids in verifying your insurance details, comprehending the annual maximums, and out-of-pocket costs. Frustrated by your premium? Let us help clarify. Navigating dental insurance is easier with us. We're here to serve you.

get a dental exam in your city

First visit expectations

Your first dental visit involves an oral exam, checking teeth health and identifying any potential issues. You'll experience professionalism and respect from our staff, providing quality dental care. Our budget-friendly dental office in East Orange eagerly awaits your call to secure your appointment. Let us help maintain your radiant smile.

preventive dental care

Fighting decay with routine dental checks

Preventive dental care is key to maintaining overall health. It's not just about cavities; poor oral hygiene can increase risk of heart disease or diabetes. Plaque buildup can lead to gum inflammation, making it easier for bacteria to enter your bloodstream. This can trigger heart disease. Similarly, gum disease can make blood sugar control tougher, exacerbating diabetes. So, regular dental check-ups are vital.

modern dental technology and x-rays

Advanced dental care

Our dental center is loaded with cutting-edge technology, ensuring you're receiving top-notch, affordable care. Our modern equipment paired with state-of-the-art sterilization techniques makes certain everyone's safety. From comfy seating to advanced gear, all you need in dentistry is here.

affordable dentists near you

Helping you find cheap dentsits in East Orange

Isn't dental care cost a burden? At Authority Dental, we advocate for affordability by connecting East Orange patients to low-cost clinics. Our mission is fostering empathy, enabling preventive dentistry, and raising oral health awareness. It's about saving you future costs and emphasizing that oral health matters.


In which locations do you provide services?

Authority Dental helps you find affordable and cheap dentists in East Orange, NJ, serving areas in Essex County, and covering the zip codes 7017, 7018.

Do you offer payment plans for dental treatments?

Yes, we offer various flexible payment plans for our treatments to accommodate different budget needs. You can speak to our front desk staff for more details and choose the one that suits you the best.

What dental treatments can be phased over time to spread out the costs?

Several dental treatments can be phased over time to distribute costs, including orthodontics like braces, restorative procedures like crowns, implants or dentures, and cosmetic treatments such as veneers, teeth whitening and bonding.

How do I know if you accept my dental insurance?

Our office accepts numerous dental insurance plans. The best approach would be to contact our office directly and we can verify whether or not we accept your specific plan.

Do you accept Medicaid or Medicare?

We don't accept Medicaid or Medicare. Please contact your state health department for information on providers who accept these plans. They can help you find the care you need.

Low-cost dental care near you in East Orange

Discover the power of a confident smile. Schedule your dental appointment with us today. We're open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Call now and enter your ZIP code.