Affordable dentist in Eugene, OR

Premium dental care, without the premium prices. Call now and book a low-cost dentist near you in Eugene. We're open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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Save money on dental care

Budget-friendly smiles

We’re committed to making dental care affordable with a variety of payment plans and discount programs. Achieve a healthy smile without the financial stress.

Pay less at the dentist office

No surprises

We prioritize transparent, honest communication about your dental care costs. Expect no hidden fees and only necessary procedures, with clear explanations every step of the way.

Get affordable dentistry services

Supportive dentists

Feel valued with every visit. Our expert team provides understanding and gentle dental care, regardless of your insurance status.

Exceptional care with empathy and understanding at every step. Plus, they're truly affordable and never compromise on quality. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure comfort.

Brian, Patient

budget dental care nearby

Fair-priced dental care in Eugene

Explore affordable dental care in Eugene, offering a range of treatments like scaling and root planing, dental bridges, root canals, and wisdom teeth removal. Benefit from services like tooth bonding and veneers without breaking the bank. Get the smile you deserve, at prices you can afford.

find dentists without insurance

Cheap dentists without insurance near you

We're dedicated to making dental care accessible. If you lack dental insurance, we simplify obtaining dental procedures. We always communicate costs upfront, so no unexpected charges arise. We offer competitive rates and discounts, allowing quality care to fit your budget. With a variety of affordable treatments, we're ready to prioritize your oral health without straining your finances.

book a dentist who accepts your insurance

Expert help with dental insurance claims

As your trusted provider, we're experts at maximizing Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Amerigroup, and Liberty Dental insurance plans. We work tirelessly to optimize your benefits and simplify complex enrollment procedures. Contact our understanding dental team today to extract the full potential of your insurance coverage. Never underestimate your health; we're here to help.

get a dental exam in your city

What to know before your dental appointment

Our initial visit includes a comprehensive dental check-up, assessing oral health and discussing any concerns. We thoroughly investigate your teeth and gums to determine necessary dental procedures. We then provide meticulous recommendations based on our findings. Call our budget-friendly dental office now to book an appointment.

preventive dental care

Defending smiles with preventive care

Taking dental care seriously is crucial because it affects your overall health, not just your mouth. Ignoring it can lead to cavities, gum disease, or worse. Affected teeth can destroy your smile, hurting your self-confidence. You may even avoid social interactions, fearing judgments. So, prioritize dental care to maintain a healthy smile and confidence.

modern dental technology and x-rays

Dental innovations for patient comfort

It's state-of-the-art at our dental center; offering laser dentistry, 3D imaging, and digital impressions. Our facilities are comfy, our sterilization techniques top-notch. We're all about your safety, using barrier techniques, and adhering to stringent infection control measures. Quality dentistry, it's within your means here.

affordable dentists near you

Helping you find cheap dentsits in Eugene

Does the cost of dental care make you cringe? Authority Dental in Eugene empowers patients, providing connections to affordable dental clinics. We believe in promoting oral health education and equal access, inching towards changes that can truly shape lives. We empower. We educate. We change lives.


What is your service area?

Authority Dental helps you find affordable and cheap dentists in Eugene, OR, serving areas in Lane County, and covering the zip codes 97401, 97402, 97403, 97404, 97405, 97408.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available for new patients?

Yes, we currently offer a special promotion for new patients which includes a comprehensive examination and cleaning at a discounted price. Specific details can be provided by our front desk staff. Please contact them for more information. Reminder, this is a limited-time offer.

What kind of quality can I expect from your dental services?

Our team's high level of expertise ensures top-notch, personalized care for every patient. We use cutting-edge technologies and materials for treatments, ensuring optimal results and your comfort throughout the process.

Do you accept my dental insurance?

We accept various dental insurance plans. It would be best if you'd call our office. Our helpful staff can verify your specific plan's eligibility. They will assist you with any queries you have.

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

We don't accept Medicaid or Medicare. For more information and assistance with finding care, please contact your state health department.

Low-cost dental clinics near you in Eugene

Embark on the path to a healthier, more beautiful smile. Secure your appointment today. We're open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Call now and enter your ZIP code.