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Welcome to Big Bear City, CA. If you're looking for a quality dental implant service, you've come to the right place. Our experienced team offers reliable implants that are designed with your long-term oral health in mind. We strive to provide unsurpassed care and will ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible. Come experience the difference with us today--call now and give us a chance to help improve your smile.

what are dental implants

Dental implants explained

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium or other suitable materials. They're placed directly into the jawbone and act as a replacement for missing teeth. A screw-like element is put in place before the implant is covered with gum tissue, ultimately restoring both your smile and chewing abilities.


Advantages of dental implants

Dental implants replace missing teeth for a secure, customized fit that looks and feels natural. Their durability means less maintenance over time saving you money. Implants offer exceptional stability, so eating is easier and more comfortable, plus they can last a lifetime if properly cared for. With improved chewing ability comes better overall digestion too.

Dental Implants Services

Are you eligible for dental implants?

An ideal candidate for dental implants is someone whose gums and jawbone are in good health, as this will ensure successful implantation. They should be non-smokers because smoking can affect the healing process of implants and should also have a commitment to superior oral hygiene habits. Finally, they must possess sufficient bone mass to anchor the implant firmly in place without a requirement of additional procedures like grafting or sinus lifts prior to the operation.

Dental Implants Services

How much for dental implants in Big Bear City?

At our Big Bear City dental implant center, we offer various financing options to make dental implants affordable for our patients. Factors like the number of teeth being replaced, the type of implant, and any additional procedures required can impact the total cost. For more information, we encourage patients to contact us directly to discuss their unique situation.

Dental Implants Services

Dental implant procedure

Dental implants involve surgically inserting titanium posts into the jawbone and allowing them to integrate with the bone. After healing, an abutment is added onto the post which extends out of the gum line so that a crown or bridge can be attached. Local anesthesia is often used during this procedure, and it may take several months for osseointegration to take place before any further treatments are done.

Dental Implants Services

Taking care of your dental implants

To care for your dental implants, follow your dentist's instructions on brushing, flossing and regular checkups. If you experience any pain or swelling, contact them immediately. Eat soft foods and avoid crunchy or sticky items to prevent wear on the implant that could cause problems. Avoid smoking as much as possible; it can slow healing and even cause failure of treatment in some cases. Additionally, limit alcohol consumption which can lead to poor hygiene practices that may affect the life of your implants over time.


How can one select the right dental implant?

Dental implants come in several varieties such as single, multiple, and full-mouth. Single implant replacement for a missing tooth involves anchoring an artificial tooth to the jawbone with a screw or post. Multiple implants are used when there is more than one missing tooth being replaced; multiple posts are surgically placed into healthy bone and act as anchors for false teeth bridges or dentures. Full mouth implant requires placement of eight to 10 implants (or more) across the upper and lower jaws, which serve as sturdy supports for fixed bridges designed to replicate natural teeth.

What causes the high price of dental implants?

Dental implants carry a high price tag due to several factors, such as the expertise required from dental professionals, advanced technology employed, the high-quality materials used to create the implants, and the multiple appointments needed for a successful procedure. Additionally, insurance coverage for dental implants can be limited, leading to higher out-of-pocket expenses. Though costly, dental implants provide a durable, long-term solution for tooth replacement, offering significant benefits to oral health and appearance.

Are there any options for financing dental implants?

At our practice, we understand the importance of providing flexible payment plans to make necessary dental implants accessible. We are proud to offer in-house financing with no interest charges, as well as a variety of payment options that fit any budget. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable implant solutions.

Dental implants pain

Dental implants, generally speaking, do not produce pain during the procedure. Anesthetics are used to numb any sensations or discomfort; although there may be some minor side effects such as soreness and swelling after the implant is placed, these should subside within a few days. Additionally, your dentist can prescribe medication for relief if necessary. Overall, dental implants are considered safe and virtually painless when done by a professional implantologist.

Other solutions for missing teeth

Alternatives to dental implants include bridges, dentures and crowns. Bridges use adjacent teeth as anchors while dentures are removable replacements tailored to fit your mouth. Crowns or caps can also be used on top of existing teeth for a replacement.

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