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what are dental implants

Introduction to dental implants

Dental implants are a form of prosthetic dentistry used to replace missing teeth. They involve an artificial root structure made of titanium that is surgically implanted into the jawbone and capped with an artificial tooth or bridge, creating a natural-looking replacement for your original missing tooth. Implants offer improved bite strength, comfort and stability.


The perks of dental implants

Dental implants are a great way to improve your smile and get back your confidence. They provide a secure, long-lasting solution for missing teeth. Implants look and feel natural while also helping to maintain jawbone health. Plus, they help you eat comfortably by preventing the shifting of adjacent teeth when chewing food or speaking clearly. With proper care, dental implants can last many years providing lasting beauty and improved oral hygiene.

Dental Implants Services

Are you a good candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are a great option for individuals who have lost teeth due to trauma, periodontal diseases, or congenital defects. The best candidates for dental implants should have healthy gums and adequate bone structure in their jaw area to support the implant. Furthermore, people with allergies or on certain medications (e.g., bisphosphonates) may not be able to get dental implants safely. Lastly, anyone considering the procedure should wait until they are done growing before making any decisions.

Dental Implants Services

How much do dental implants cost in Fallbrook?

At our Fallbrook dental implant center, we strive to make dental implants affordable for our patients. The total price of dental implants includes various factors, such as the type of implant, the materials used, and any additional procedures required. For more details on pricing and financing options, we encourage patients to contact us directly.

Dental Implants Services

Dental implant procedure

Dental implant surgery is a procedure in which an artificial root made of titanium alloy is inserted into the jawbone, and then a ceramic abutment and crown are placed on top. After numbing the area with local anesthesia, your dentist will make an incision to expose the bone where they'll drill a hole for placement of the artificial root before securing it with screws. Finally, after successful healing time (about 4-6 months) your dentist can place the abutment and crown for a natural looking result.

Dental Implants Services

Caring for your dental implants

In order to care for your dental implants, brush and floss daily, see the dentist regularly for exams and cleanings, avoid biting down on hard objects such as ice or candy that can break the implant site, don't use tobacco products which can damage gum tissues around an implant. If you have any issues with your implants visit a doctor right away.


What are the different types of dental implants?

Dental implants come in three main types: single, multiple and full mouth. Single implants are one implant post used to support a single crown, while multiple use several posts linked together to make the foundation for many replacement teeth; a full mouth implant involves several individual posts throughout an arch of upper or lower gums, providing the base for all teeth in that half of your smile.

Why are dental implants expensive?

Dental implants are costly due to several factors, including the specialized expertise required for the procedure, high-quality materials like titanium for the implant post, and custom-made crowns designed to match a patient's existing teeth. Additionally, the lengthy treatment process, involving multiple appointments, and the need for advanced diagnostic tools like 3D imaging contribute to the expense. However, many patients consider the investment worthwhile for the long-lasting, natural-looking results.

How can I make dental implant treatment more cost-effective?

We understand that dental implants can be a significant investment, which is why we're committed to making them more affordable. By offering flexible financing options, including payment plans and extended terms, we help patients fit implants into their budgets. Additionally, we accept most insurance plans and provide transparent pricing, ensuring you know upfront what your costs will be.

Are dental implants painful?

Dental implants are a very common and straightforward procedure, one that usually does not cause significant pain during or after the surgery. Most patients experience only mild discomfort during the implantation process while they are sedated and numbed with local anesthesia. Afterwards there may be some minor soreness in the gums around where it was implanted as well as general sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures that should subside over time. In any case, most people find dental implant procedures to be substantially less painful than many other dental surgeries like wisdom teeth removal or root canals.

Dental implant alternatives

Alternatives to dental implants include bridges, dentures, and crowns. Bridges replace one or more missing teeth with a prosthetic connected to adjacent healthy teeth. Dentures replace multiple missing teeth in an arch with removable or fixed false teeth attached to either gum-colored plastic bases or metal frameworks. Crowns can be used to cover existing damaged tooth structure for additional bite support and protection from decay when placed over healthy tooth material; they are also sometimes used as bridge abutments instead of natural teeth supporting the fake tooth span.

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