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Welcome to La Grange, IL. We provide state-of-the-art dental implant services. Our experienced team of dentists uses the most advanced techniques and materials to ensure you receive permanent results that will enhance the quality of your life. We promise professional consultation and exquisite craftsmanship for every procedure. Contact us today for a vastly improved smile.

what are dental implants

Dental implants explained

Dental implants are artificial roots made of titanium and are used to support a dental prosthesis, such as a crown or denture. They’re securely inserted into the jawbone beneath the gum line and provides strong, stable foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural ones. Plus they last a very long time if taken care of properly.


Advantages of dental implants

Dental implants offer a permanent way to replace missing teeth. They function just like natural teeth, while also preventing bone loss and improving the health of adjacent gums and teeth. Implants restore chewing ability, improve facial appearance and confidence levels, help correct misaligned bite patterns, strengthen speech articulation, allow better saliva flow in the mouth promoting tongue comfort and health overall.

Dental Implants Services

Are you eligible for dental implants?

A good candidate for dental implants is someone with healthy gums and enough bone in their jaw to support the implant. They should also have a strong commitment to oral hygiene and regular professional care, along with good overall health. Additionally, having the ability to follow pre- and post-treatment instructions from your dentist is important for successful implant placement.

Dental Implants Services

How much do dental implants cost in La Grange?

At our La Grange dental implant center, we offer affordable dental implant options. The total price of dental implants includes various factors such as the type of implant, the number of teeth being replaced, the need for additional procedures, and more. We encourage patients to contact us for more information on pricing and available financing options. Let us help you achieve a confident, functional smile.

Dental Implants Services

Dental implant surgery

A dental implant procedure involves the placement of a small titanium post in the jawbone. An incision is made to insert it, and then the post is secured by covering it with gum tissue or with a crown. Over time, bone will grow around the post to secure it firmly within your jawbone. Finally, an artificial tooth is attached above your gums which looks and functions like natural teeth.

Dental Implants Services

How to look after your dental implants?

To care for your dental implants, brush twice a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Use an interdental brush or floss tape to clean between the teeth around the implant. Additionally, use an antibacterial mouthwash containing chlorhexidine once daily before going to bed. Regular visits to your dentist are essential in order to monitor and maintain your dental implant health.


What are the different types of dental implants?

Dental implants are available in three main forms: single, multiple and full mouth. Single dental implants involve placing one titanium post into the jawbone, with a crown/bridge mounted on top. Multiple dental implants use multiple posts to help support full-arch bridges or dentures; while full mouth implant supported options enable replacing an entire arch of teethsupported by a series of strategically placed implant posts correlating with each missing tooth.

Why do dental implants cost so much?

Dental implants are expensive due to several factors, including the high cost of materials such as titanium, which is both strong and biocompatible. Additionally, the expertise of dental specialists, who undergo extensive training to perform these procedures, contributes to the overall cost. Furthermore, the required dental laboratory work, advanced imaging techniques, and the multiple visits needed for successful implant placement all add to the price.

Are there any financing options available for dental implants?

To make dental implants more accessible, we can implement several strategies. First, offering flexible payment plans and financing options will ease the financial burden for patients. Second, providing educational resources and consultations can help demystify the process and alleviate concerns. Third, by collaborating with insurance providers to cover a larger portion of implant costs, we can further reduce barriers to treatment.

Are dental implants painful?

Dental implants are generally a pain-free procedure; however, the area may be numbed with a local anesthetic throughout the process. While you may feel some pressure or vibration during implant placement, most patients report little to no discomfort. After the procedure, there can sometimes be mild soreness or sensitivity in the gums and face near where treatment was done; but this should subside quickly. For more severe cases of pain management medications like ibuprofen can help ease inflammation and reduce any potential discomfort.

Dental implant alternatives

Alternatives to dental implants include bridges, dentures, or partial dentures. Bridges are artificial teeth connected between two healthy teeth while dentures and partials replace your entire set of teeth. All these solutions aim to help you regain the fullness of your smile but with different functioning and duration.

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